ENF Scholarship Winner Testimonials

Adam Tucker
Posted 10/13/2021
Adam is a 2021 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient.

Lydia Smeltz
Posted 10/13/2021
Lydia is a 2021 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient.

Derek Riffert
Posted 10/13/2021
Derek is a 2021 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient.

Marlena Pigliacampi
Posted 10/13/2021
Marlena is a 2021 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient.

Jessica Phan
Posted 10/13/2021
Jessica is a 2021 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient.

Shiv Patel
Posted 10/13/2021
Shiv is a 2021 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient.

Lindsey Kroboth
Posted 10/13/2021
Lindsey is a 2021 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient.

Marjorie Fitzsimmons
Posted 10/13/2021
Marjorie is a 2021 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient.

Jacky Chu
Posted 10/13/2021
Jacky is a 2021 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient.

Jyotsna Bitra
Posted 10/13/2021
Jyotsna is a 2021 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient.

Afeera Chaudhry
Posted 10/12/2020
Afeera is a 2020 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient.

Dennis Youngs
Posted 10/12/2020
Dennis is a 2020 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient.

Eric Xia
Posted 10/12/2020
Eric is a 2020 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient.

Iemaan Rana
Posted 10/12/2020
Iemaan is a 2020 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient.

Perfectly Intertwined
Posted 9/29/2020
Victoria is a 2020 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient.

Olivia Fuson
Posted 9/29/2020
Olivia is a 2020 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient.

Nicholas Balardi
Posted 9/29/2020
Nicholas is a 2020 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient.

Kevin Glover
Posted 9/29/2020
Kevin is a 2020 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient.

Service to the Core
Posted 6/5/2020
Ganeev is a 2019 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient.

Cherishing Differences
Posted 6/5/2020
Christina is a 2019 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient.

Generosity begets Generosity
Posted 6/5/2020
Keoni is a 2019 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient.

The Guiding Light of Service
Posted 6/5/2020
Ryan Elliott is a 2019 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient.

Meet Safa Khawaja
Posted 6/5/2020
Safa is a 2019 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient.

Meet the Class of 2019 – Michelle Qin
Posted 9/4/2019
In her first year of high school, Michelle started a nonprofit to help impoverished families from thousands of miles away. Read the rest of her incredible story here.

150 for 150 - 2018 Most Valuable Student Contest Testimonial (PDF)
Posted 7/27/2018
These stories were featured at the 2018 Elks National Convention. Read more here.

Meet the Class of 2017 - Kimberly Hadaway
Posted 1/8/2018
Kimberly Hadaway is an MVS scholar who looks forward to showing other girls they can be passionate about and succeed in a STEM-related career, just like she plans to do after she graduates from Williams College with degrees in both mathematics and chemistry. Read her inspiring story here.

Meet the Class of 2017 - Alexander Ewing
Posted 1/2/2018
2017 MVS scholar Alexander Ewing plans to “improve the health of all mankind by discovering alternative methods to detect cancer that are easier to utilize and less expensive to use.” He got a jump-start on his goal after participating in the 2016 Summer Biomedical Research Internship Program at the UCSF Fresno Center. Read Alexander's story here.

Meet the Class of 2017 - Alyssa Condie
Posted 12/27/2017
Alyssa Condie is a 2017 Most Valuable Student scholar who is dedicating her life to helping others. She has already impacted her community through her volunteer efforts; next, she wants to help the world.

Meet the Class of 2017 - Zachary Yeager
Posted 12/11/2017
Zachary Yeager is going to use his passion for mechanical and aerospace engineering to solve humanity’s "most pressing problems." Read his story here.

Meet the Class of 2017 - Dante Sylvester
Posted 12/4/2017
2017 Legacy Award Recipient Dante Sylvester has always understood the importance of a strong work and leadership ethic. He hopes to use his Marketing degree and Business minor from Montana State University to couple his interests and dedicate his life to being a mentor to children. Read his story here.

Meet the Class of 2017 - Carmen Duran
Posted 11/27/2017
Carmen Duran is the first in her family to attend a four-year university, and she plans to continue her schooling after she graduates from the University of Pennsylvania to attend law school. One day, she hopes to become a politician who changes the world.

Meet the Class of 2017 - Arvin Sarkissian
Posted 11/20/2017
Read more about 2017 MVS scholar Arvin Sarkissian. He plans to revolutionize the public education system using his Cognitive Neuroscience degree from Washington University in St. Louis.

Meet the Class of 2017 - Catherine Liang
Posted 11/13/2017
2017 Most Valuable Student scholar Catherine Liang hopes to become a voice for the voiceless through her photography and degree in International Relations, Global Business and Economics from the University of Southern California.

Meet the Class of 2016 - Megan Palm
Posted 10/21/2016
Read more about 2016 Most Valuable Student scholar Megan Palm who is heading off to campus with plans to study engineering to help change the world.

Meet the Class of 2016 - Peyton Blair
Posted 10/6/2016
2016 Legacy scholar Peyton Blair understands the meaning of high achievement, as she excelled in multiple fields in high school and is continuing to stay involved in college.

Meet the Class of 2016 - Austin Marchwinski
Posted 9/30/2016
Learn more about 2016 Legacy scholar Austin Marchwinski, whose love of volunteering and the environment will continue during his time at Montana State University, where he is studying engineering.

Meet the Class of 2016 - Sarah Wells
Posted 9/22/2016
Read about 2016 Legacy scholar Sarah Wells, who used her journalism skills to help fellow students in need and hopes to continue helping others in the future through a career in cancer research.

Meet the Class of 2016 - Grace Wickerson
Posted 9/15/2016
Read about 2016 MVS scholar Grace Wickerson, whose passion for martial arts led her to found her own nonprofit dedicated to eradicating violence.

Meet the Class of 2016 - Brandon Dawson
Posted 9/1/2016
Read about Freshman Scholar Advisory Board member Brandon Dawson, who was active throughout high school in environmental causes and plans to continue his interests at Duke University.

Meet the Class of 2015 - Joy Custer
Posted 8/25/2016
Read more about Joy Custer, a 2015 Legacy scholar, who is thankful for the Elks' presence in both her past and future.

Meet the Class of 2015 - Ellen Zhang
Posted 2/19/2016
Read about 2015 MVS scholar Ellen Zhang who pursued multiple interests from science to creative writing and plans to continue pursing her passions in college.

Scholarship Party of Five
Posted 12/15/2015
The Elks family truly lives up to its name through the Zufall family. The close knit family, whose father is an Elks member, includes five siblings, all of whom are Elks scholars attending UC-Davis.

Meet the Class of 2015 - Alexander Santilli
Posted 11/18/2015
Read about 2015 MVS scholar Alexander, who is continuing his love for the environment and helping others during his time at Colorado School of Mines.

Nowhere to Go but Up
Posted 11/12/2015
Read about Rachel Updike, an Emergency Educational Grant recipient who was able to achieve her dreams at Princeton University with the help of her Elks family.

Meet the Class of 2015 - Rebecca Rohac
Posted 11/10/2015
Meet Rebecca, who plans to use her leadership and commitment to community to continue helping others in college and beyond.

Meet the Class of 2015 - Alexandra Appel
Posted 10/28/2015
Read about 2015 Legacy Awards scholar Alexandra Appel, who is pursuing her interests in dance and mathematics at California State University-Long Beach.

Meet the Class of 2015 - Rachel Ley
Posted 10/13/2015
Read about Rachel Ley, a 2015 MVS scholar who is helping others and inspiring activism through her nonprofit Literacy for Little Ones.

Meet the Class of 2015 - Timothy Lann
Posted 10/6/2015
Read about Timothy Lann, a 2015 MVS scholar who is on a mission to decrease the amount of people living in poverty worldwide through the nonprofit he founded.

Meet the Class of 2015 - Jessica Phan
Posted 9/29/2015
Read more about Jessica, a neuroscience major at Pomona College, whose dedication to excellence in high school and beyond is taking her places.

Meet the Class of 2015 - Jerry Fung
Posted 9/22/2015
Read about Jerry Fung, a 2015 MVS scholar who is studying finance and hopes to become an angel investor to combine his love for business and helping others.

Meet the Class of 2015 - Kelsey Lantz
Posted 9/15/2015
When 2015 MVS scholar Kelsey sustained a concussion during a soccer match, she turned her pain into action.

Meet the New Scholar Advisory Board President
Posted 8/19/2015
Meet 2008 Legacy scholar Devin Noonan, the 2015-16 Elks Scholar Advisory Board President.

We'll Always Have St. Louis
Posted 5/28/2015
Watch 2003 top Most Valuable Student scholarship winners Bryce Caswell and Sean Loosli talk about all they've accomplished since receiving their Elks National Foundation scholarships.

Director's Cut
Posted 5/28/2015
2009 MVS scholar Clara Ritger was the film director during the 2015 Most Valuable Student Leadership Weekend. Watch her take on the weekend and hear what exciting new projects she's working on.

Serving from Coast to Coast
Posted 5/11/2015
We are proud to announce Meagan Fuller as the 2015 Elks Scholar Alum of the Year! Read more about her.

2014 ENF Cornerstone Grants
Posted 5/1/2015
In 2014-15, the Elks National Foundation awarded four $500 Cornerstone Grants to partner with Legacy scholars in service to their Lodge communities. Read how Legacy scholar Krystyna Farrell used her Cornerstone Grant to help build stronger communities.

Elks Scholars Hit Nothing But Net
Posted 4/22/2015
Elks scholars recently attended the 2015 Elks Hoop Shoot National Finals. Read all about it!

Lending a Hand
Posted 3/20/2015
Elks scholars are volunteering with Regional Hoop Shoot Contests across the country. Read what they had to say!

Building Stronger Communities, Building Brighter Futures
Posted 3/17/2015
Jessica Houghton, an Emergency Educational Grant recipient, is achieving her dream of becoming an architect with the help of her Elks family.

The Great Heart of Elkdom
Posted 2/5/2015
Read why these Elks scholars love being a part of the Elks family.

A Winning Smile
Posted 1/23/2015
We’re happy to announce that 2009 Legacy scholar Lauren Kuhn will be sharing her positive message with the 72 finalists and their families as the keynote speaker at the 2015 Hoop Shoot National Finals in Springfield, Massachusetts, this April.

Legacy Scholars Love Serving with their #ElksFamily
Posted 1/14/2015
Check out this infographic of what Legacy scholars are saying about serving with the Elks.

Catching Up with the 2014 MVS Top Winners
Posted 12/15/2014
We checked in with Eric Kim and Autumn Pack, the 2014 MVS Top Winners, to hear how their first semester at college went!

Stand Down
Posted 11/25/2014
On November 21, six Chicago-area Elks scholars joined Foundation and Grand Lodge staff in serving homeless veterans at the Chicago Stand Down.

A Salute to Scholars
Posted 11/13/2014
The Elks have a long and impressive history of serving veterans, and so do Elks scholars. Read about a few Elks scholars who have dedicated their lives to serving their country, with their Elks family by their side.

New Year, New Opportunities
Posted 8/20/2014
Maryann Slater, Senior Representative and President of the Elks Scholar Advisory Board, has some advice about how Elks scholars can get involved this academic year!

Performance for a Lifetime
Posted 7/15/2014
Eric Ferring, a 2010 Most Valuable Student scholar, has a lifelong passion for music, which has led him to pursue a career as an opera singer.

Head and Heart
Posted 6/30/2014
Anna Vande Velde, a 2013 Emergency Educational Grant recipient, is using her talents, and her ENF scholarship, to help those with cognitive disabilities.

A Life of Service
Posted 5/28/2014
Join us in welcoming the 2014 Elks Alum of the Year—Kelly Ryan Murphy, who has dedicated her life to service through medicine. Read her story.

Posted 5/1/2014
The top 20 Most Valuable Student scholars descended on Chicago on Friday, April 25, and embarked on a weekend filled with joy, laughter and fun. Read about the inaugural Most Valuable Student Leadership Weekend.

Stepping Up to the Line
Posted 4/17/2014
Read about the Elks Scholar Advisory Board members' time at the 2014 Hoop Shoot National Finals!

2013 ENF Cornerstone Grants
Posted 4/17/2014
In 2013, the Elks National Foundation awarded four $500 Cornerstone Grants to partner with Legacy scholars in service to their Lodge communities. Read how two Elks scholars used these grants to help build stronger communities.

Having a Ball
Posted 3/19/2014
When the Denver-area Elks scholars discovered an Elks National Foundation Regional Hoop Shoot contest was being held in their backyard, they were eager to lend a hand and volunteer with their Elks family. Read the full story.

SAB Spotlight: Jesse LeBeau
Posted 3/11/2014
Read more about Jesse LeBeau, the 2013 Elks Alum of the Year and Scholar Advisory Board Member.

A Zeal for Wheels
Posted 2/19/2014
Elks scholars have a knack for knowing how to strengthen their communities. Read about Emergency Educational Grant recipient Bryce Davis and how he shares his passion for bikes with others.

SAB Spotlight: Sean Pringle
Posted 2/12/2014
Read about Sean Pringle, the senior representative on the Elks Scholar Advisory Board and a student at Cal Poly.

A Lifetime Bond
Posted 1/29/2014
This fall, Legacy Awards recipient Devin Noonan became a member of the Herkimer, N.Y., Lodge No. 1439. Read what this experience meant to him.

Apps for Good: How One Elks Scholar is Using His Talents to Help Others
Posted 1/15/2014
Thanks to the work of young people such as Elks scholar Cory Brzycki, there are apps being developed to help nonprofits raise money, raise awareness, and help students with disabilities. Read his full story.

Who's Engaged?
Posted 1/14/2014
Elks scholars, that’s who! Elks scholars gave back to their communities when home for the holidays by volunteering with their local Lodges. Read about three scholars who volunteered with their Elks family this winter.

SAB Spotlight: Olivia Valdes
Posted 12/11/2013
Read all about Olivia Valdes, a sophomore at Yale University at the At Large representative on the Elks Scholar Advisory Board.

Meeting the Family
Posted 11/21/2013
Family gatherings are full of laughter, food and good conversation. The same is true for Elks family gatherings! Elks scholars are getting together with their Elks family across the country and learning how Elks help build stronger communities. Read about two successful get-togethers.

It Is Easy Being Green
Posted 11/19/2013
Would you grow algae under your bed in the name of science? 2013 MVS scholar Sara Volz wouldn't think twice about it! Read how she is conducting groundbreaking research in the hopes of using algae as an alternative fuel source.

SAB Spotlight: Devin Noonan
Posted 11/14/2013
This month read about recent Rutgers alum and at-large member on the Elks Scholar Advisory Board, Devin Noonan.

The Family that Serves Together
Posted 10/29/2013
Joel Hagenburg, a 2013 Emergency Educational Grant recipient inherited his mother’s love of the Elks and commitment to service. Now, he is a proud Elks member himself. Read his full story.

SAB Spotlight: Nate Baker
Posted 10/22/2013
Read about the freshmen representative of the Elks Scholar Advisory Board: Nathan Baker. Nathan is a freshmen at Cornell University and wasted no time getting involved!

A Legacy of Helping Others
Posted 10/7/2013
Read how 2010 Legacy scholar Blaire Sambdman spent her summer helping veterans and how she plans to serve her community after graduation.

SAB Spotlight: Maryann Slater
Posted 9/23/2013
The 2013-14 Elks Scholar Advisory Board president, Maryann Slater, tells all about her life at Rutgers in the first installment of the SAB spotlights. Each month, we’ll feature a member of the Elks Scholar Advisory Board in their own words. Read all about Maryann.

All in the Elks
Posted 9/19/2013
Elks scholars know they belong to the Elks family and that their family will be there for them wherever they go in the country. Justin Erdman knows this especially well. Read his full story.

Growing Up Elk—Elks Scholars Give Back
Posted 8/13/2013
New Jersey twins and 2013 Legacy Awards recipients Michael and Joseph Mandes love to serve their community, and love to serve with the Elks! Read on more more about how they are building stronger communities.

Taking Over the Biggest Little City
Posted 7/23/2013
The Elks Scholar Advisory Board had some big ideas while visiting the biggest little city in the world. From July 12 to 15, the SAB convened in Reno during the Elks National Convention. Read about their weekend.

The Gift of Education
Posted 7/1/2013
2013 MVS Top Winner Anish Athalye loves to study computer science, and is looking forward to learning more at MIT this fall. Read on for more about Anish.

The DNA of a Scholar
Posted 7/1/2013
2013 MVS Top Winner Grace Young will take her intellect and passion for service with her to Harvard this fall to study biology. Read on for more about Grace's story.

Using Education for the Greater Good
Posted 6/27/2013
Read how 2010 Most Valuable Student scholarship recipient Jared Leventhal is using his education to improve the standard of living for people along the Peruvian Amazon.

Shooting Hoops with Scholars
Posted 5/13/2013
2012 Most Valuable Student Scholar and Student Advisory Board Member Karsten Coates can now add Hoop Shoot volunteer to his resume! Read about his experience at the 2013 National Finals.

Elks Scholar Strong
Posted 5/7/2013
Read how the Northeastern University Elks scholars came together to support the city they call home after the Boston Marathon bombings.

2012 ENF Cornerstone Grants
Posted 4/9/2013
In 2012, the Elks National Foundation awarded four $500 Cornerstone Grants to partner with Elks scholars in service to their communities. Read how two Elks scholars used these grants to help build stronger communities!

Serving Up Some Hoops
Posted 3/22/2013
Read about Elks Scholar Advisory Board member Macy Warburton's experience serving at the 2013 Region 8 Hoop Shoot Contest.

A Wonderful Rendezvous
Posted 3/11/2013
Earlier this month, Eraj Din and Lindsay Poston had the chance to meet the woman who made their dream come true—Mrs. Lee Weigel. Mrs. Weigel established the Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School scholarship to help Elks scholars pursue a career in medicine. Two recipients of this scholarship had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Weigel when she came to visit the Windy City.

Like Father, Like Son
Posted 2/13/2013
2010 Legacy Awards scholar Alex Pickard, sponsored by Escanaba, Mich., Lodge No. 354, inherited his charitable spirit from his father, John, an active member of the Escanaba Lodge. Click here to read more about the Pickards.

Scholar Advisory Board Spotlight: Macy Warburton
Posted 2/8/2013
This month, read about Macy Warburton, a junior at Kansas State and an at-large member on the Elks Scholar Advisory Board.

Researching for Some Answers
Posted 2/7/2013
Having seen drugs and alcohol take over people she loved, 1998 MVS scholar Jamie Toalston dedicated her life to researching addiction.

Elks Scholar at the Capitol
Posted 2/5/2013
Elks Scholar Brandon DeBot interned for the White House National Economic Council last fall. Read about his experience in Washington, D.C.

Elks Scholars Feel the Love
Posted 2/4/2013
When you’re part of the Elks family, you don’t need chocolate or flowers to have a first-rate Valentine’s Day. Instead, you’ll get the gift of extra time to study or explore extracurricular activities—and the lifelong gift of a network of friends and supporters. Read on.

Most Valuable Elk
Posted 1/15/2013
Elks scholar Benjamin Waugh comes from a long line of extraordinary Elks, so it’s no surprise that he kept the tradition going by joining Goodland, Kan., Lodge No. 1528. Read all about Benjamin's experience.

SAB Spotlight: R.J. Barthelmes
Posted 1/10/2013
This month, read about R.J. Barthelmes, a recent graduate of Georgetown University and an at-large member on the Elks Scholar Advisory board.

Leaving A Legacy
Posted 1/4/2013
The 2013 Legacy Awards deadline is February 1, 2013. Every Friday leading up to the deadline, we’ll feature a current Legacy Awards recipient and hear how the Elks National Foundation helps him or her achieve the dream of attending college. Check back each week for a new story.

Scholar Advisory Board Spotlight: Erika Barger
Posted 12/12/2012
Currently in her third year of law school, Legacy scholar Erika Barger is constantly busy. But she always finds time to give back to the Elks. Read more about Erika, an at large member on the Elks Scholar Advisory Board.

Scholar Advisory Board Spotlight: Karsten Coates
Posted 11/14/2012
This month, read more about the newest member of the ELks Scholar Advisory Board, Karsten Coates.

Let's Get Together
Posted 11/8/2012
Elks National Foundation scholarships offer much more than financial help—they provide a family. Elks scholars across the country are getting to know their Elks family by meeting up at Lodges near their college campuses. Read about two recent meet-ups.

Scholar Advisory Board Spotlight: Maryann Slater
Posted 10/22/2012
This month, read more about Maryann Slater, a sophomore at Rutgers University and the Vice-President of the Elks Scholar Advisory Board.

Come Rain or Shine
Posted 10/22/2012
After a hurricane destroyed his home, 1996 MVS scholar Anthony Arguez decided to study meteorology. He's gone on to do much more with the help of the Elks. Read on for Anthony's full story.

2002 MVS Top Winner: Alexis Saba
Posted 9/20/2012
Read a full interview with 2002 MVS top female winner Alexis Saba, sponsored by Canajoharie-Fort Plain, N.Y., Lodge No. 2621.

1998 MVS Top Winner: Ellen Mueller
Posted 9/19/2012
Read a full interview with 1998 MVS top female winner Ellen Mueller, sponsored by St. George ‘Dixie,’ Utah, Lodge No. 1743.

2002 Top MVS Winner: Philip Burrows
Posted 9/18/2012
Read a full interview with 2002 MVS top male winner Philip Burrows, sponsored by Winfield, Kan., Lodge No. 732.

Scholar Advisory Board Spotlight: Sean Pringle
Posted 9/17/2012
This month, learn more about Sean Pringle, the junior representative on the Elks Scholar Advisory Board and a student at Call Poly.

2003 MVS Top Winner: Bryce Caswell
Posted 9/17/2012
Read a full interview with 2003 MVS top female winner Bryce Caswell, sponsored by Calpine, Calif., Lodge No. 2432.

2005 MVS Top Winner: Haiwen Chen
Posted 9/14/2012
Read a full interview with 2005 MVS top female winner Haiwen Chen, sponsored by Essex, Md., Lodge No. 1866.

2004 MVS Top Winner: Stephanie Smith
Posted 9/13/2012
Read a full interview with 2004 MVS top female winner Stephanie Smith, sponsored by Kokomo, Ind., Lodge No. 190.

2006 MVS Top Winner: Robert Ryan
Posted 9/12/2012
Read a full interview with 2006 MVS top male winner Robert Ryan, sponsored by Mesa-Buckhorn, Ariz., Lodge No. 2656.

2007 MVS Top Winner: Alice Chuang
Posted 9/11/2012
Read a full interview with 2007 MVS top female winner Alice Chuang, sponsored by Orange, Calif., Lodge No. 1475.

2001 MVS Top Winner: Cole Ruby
Posted 9/10/2012
Read a full interview with 2001 MVS top male winner Cole Ruby, sponsored by Oshkosh, Wis., Lodge No. 292.

2006 MVS Top Winner: Tracy Meng
Posted 9/7/2012
Read a full interview with 2006 MVS top female winner Tracy Meng, sponsored by Cuyahoga Falls-Akron-Barberton, Ohio, Lodge No. 1923.

2003 MVS Top Winner: Sean Loosli
Posted 9/6/2012
Read a full interview with 2003 MVS top male winner Sean Loosli, sponsored by Provo, Utah, Lodge No. 849.

1995 MVS Top Winner: Philip Goering
Posted 9/5/2012
Read a full interview with 1995 MVS top male winner Philip Goering, sponsored by Ottumwa, Iowa, Lodge No. 347.

1994 MVS Top Winner: Belinda Kong
Posted 9/4/2012
Read a full interview with 1994 MVS top female winner Belinda Kong, sponsored by Virginia Beach, Va., Lodge No. 2268.

MVS Top Winners: Where Are They Now?
Posted 9/4/2012
Ever wonder what the top Most Valuable Student scholarship winners go on to do after college? The Elks National Foundation caught up with 13 Most Valuable Student top winners to find out. Stay tuned—every day through September 20, we'll post a new story.

Scholar Advisory Board Spotlight: Clara Ritger
Posted 8/14/2012
Every month we will feature one of the eight Scholar Advisory Board members in their own words. This month, learn more about Clara Ritger, a senior at Notre Dame and President of the Scholar Advisory Board.

Like Mother, Like Daughter
Posted 7/20/2012
2012 Legacy Awards recipient Christina Cockrell watched her mother head off to the local Elks Lodge. She decided to see what the Elks are all about, too.

Kicking for a Cause
Posted 7/11/2012
Read how EEG recipient Christine Haddox honored her father's memory by starting a scholarship fund and soccer tournament in his name.

Lone Star Scholars
Posted 7/11/2012
The Elks Scholar Advisory Board discussed some big ideas at its annual meeting during the Elks National Convention in Austin. Read on for details about the weekend.

An Elks Scholar Fairytale
Posted 6/15/2012
Read about Lei'La' Bryant, 2007 MVS 2nd place winner, and her adventures in storytelling.

Things to do: Become the Elks Alum of the Year
Posted 6/8/2012
The ENF is proud to announce the 2012 Elks Scholar Alum of the Year: Zach Vruwink, a 2006 Legacy Awards recipient sponsored by Wisconsin Rapids, Wisc., Lodge No. 693. Read on for his full story.

Sharing an American Tale
Posted 5/30/2012
Congratulations to the 2012 top Most Valuable Student scholars! Joanne Dynak and David Lim will each receive $60,000 scholarships from the Elks National Foundation. Click here to read their stories.

Shooting Hoops with the Elks Scholar Advisory Board
Posted 5/8/2012
On April 28, three members of the Elks Scholar Advisory Board attended the Elks National Hoop Shoot Finals in Springfield, Mass. Read on to learn more about the weekend!

Listen Up!
Posted 4/13/2012
Read about three Elks Scholars who are using their scholarship to expand their musical talents. Listen to samples of their work!

Starting off on the Right Foot
Posted 3/26/2012
Read how 2006 MVS scholar Rory Nicolaides used her 2011 ENF Cornerstone Grant to give girls a strong, smart and bold start.

Elks Scholars Leap into Elkdom
Posted 3/8/2012
As Elks scholars learn about all the good work the Elks do for communities, many want to be more involved. Read why these three Elks scholars took the leap into Elkdom.

Paying it Forward
Posted 2/9/2012
Read how Elks scholar Jessica Biekert is using her ENF Cornerstone Grant to help children who have lost a parent—something she can identify with.

A Golden Get-together
Posted 1/26/2012
Elks scholars in the Denver area met up at Golden, Colo., Lodge No. 2740. They got to see an Elks Lodge in action while also getting to know one another better.

A Bright Future
Posted 1/11/2012
Despite hardships in their past, Elks scholars Lindsay and Lucas Raiche are now excelling in college with the help of their Emergency Educational Grants and looking forward to a bright future. Read their story, and watch a video of their full interview.

The Music Man
Posted 12/15/2011
Read how Elks scholar Robert Rossman is using his musical talents to record and release a full lenth album.

The Elks Scholar Experience
Posted 12/12/2011
Jeanie Nguyen received a 2010 Most Valuable Student scholarship and headed east to study at Harvard University where she helped form an Elks scholar community. Read about her Elks scholar experience so far.

Going for the Gold(en Snitch)
Posted 11/29/2011
Read how Elks scholar Rob Rankin turned his love of the magical Harry Potter book series into a real hobby by founding the Florida Quidditch Association.

The Elks Run Deep
Posted 11/28/2011
Read how 2002 Legacy Award recipient Jacqueline Patterson is giving back to her community through service as an Elks member.

Elks Scholars Give Thanks
Posted 11/15/2011
This Thanksgiving season, Elks scholars are giving thanks for their ENF scholarships.

Running for a Reason
Posted 10/10/2011
Read how 2009 MVS scholar Susan Gogniat uses her passion for running to benefit children.

A Poignant Memory
Posted 10/10/2011
2007 top MVS winner Cort Van Ostran accomplished a lot in his four years at Harvard, but his recent graduation provided him with the most poignant memory of all. Read Cort’s reflection about how his graduation week was a time of both sadness and celebration—and how the Elks were there to help.

Elks Scholar Walks the Talk
Posted 9/28/2011
Read how 2010 Elks scholar Sean Pringle is making the most of Elks scholar opportunities by connecting with other Elks scholars and his local Elks Lodge.

From a Freshman to a Senior
Posted 9/14/2011
Read how 2007 top MVS winner Cort Van Ostran spent his final weeks as a student at Harvard University. Then, read how 2011 top MVS winner Christina Lulich spent her first week of college at the University of Tennessee.

Building Communities
Posted 9/9/2011
Read how 2008 MVS scholar Josh Singsank is living out his motto that a successful contractor must give back to the community.

Spreading the Word
Posted 8/11/2011
Read how 2006 Legacy scholar Erika Barger is spreading the word about ENF scholarships in her community as her Lodge's Scholarship Chair.

Riding into a Greener Future
Posted 7/27/2011
Read how 2007 MVS scholar Michael Dickerson is making a difference in the world through one of his own passions: biking.

Fun in the Desert Sun
Posted 7/26/2011
The 2011 Elks Scholar Advisory Board held its annual meeting in Phoenix, Ariz. this July. Read on for all the details.

Snowmobile Challenge: Accepted
Posted 6/24/2011
Read how 2008 MVS scholar Neil Miller is using his talents as an engineer to make the best 'clean' snowmobile.

Putting His Best Foot Forward
Posted 6/16/2011
2011 Alum of the Year Jimmy Tomczak is using his entrepreneurial talents for good. Read how he promotes sustainable decisions while also bringing hope to a city he loves.

Speaking From the Heart
Posted 6/6/2011
Recently, Elks scholars Vicky Chen and Megan Spencer attended the Provo, Utah, Lodge No. 849 to express their gratitude to Elks for the scholarships they received in 2008. Read on to hear what they had to say.

Picture Perfect
Posted 6/2/2011
2011 top MVS winner Dean Shu is pursuing his passion for photography and service as he heads to Harvard. Read on for his story.

Home is Where the Heart is
Posted 6/2/2011
Read how 2011 top MVS winner Christina Lulich devotes her life to her family and her studies.

The Spirit of Giving Back
Posted 6/1/2011
We are pleased to announce the 2011 Gunther & Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipient, 2006 MVS scholar Rory Nicolaides. Read on for her story.

At the Hoop Shoot with the Elks Scholar Advisory Board
Posted 5/24/2011
Read about these Elks scholars' experience at the 2011 National Hoop Shoot Finals in Springfield, Mass.

A Note of Thanks
Posted 5/16/2011
Read this wonderful thank you note we received that stood out because of the special link this mother and daughter have to the Most Valuable Student scholarship.

Climbing the Mountain
Posted 4/18/2011
Living in California’s High Sierra mountains may not be the conventional idea of studying abroad. But this is exactly what 2010 MVS scholar Abbi Mleziva is doing this semester. Read on for her story.

Smile for the Camera
Posted 4/12/2011
Read how Olivia Blinn, a 2010 MVS scholar at Biola University, created a stop-motion video about her journey to college.

Fire Fighting Scholar
Posted 3/10/2011
Bessie Harp, a 2007 MVS Scholar, juggles school, family, hobbies and even finds time to fight fires in her community!

Caring For All
Posted 3/3/2011
With her 2010 Cornerstone Grant, 2009 MVS scholar Ashlee Kephart made a difference in the Twin Cities area.

Here She Comes, Miss Seattle
Posted 2/22/2011
Lauren Kuhn, a 2009 Legacy Award recipient, won the title of Miss Seattle in 2010. Since then she has been busy raising awareness of local causes.

A One-Way Ticket to Success
Posted 12/29/2010
After graduating from college, 2003 MVS scholar Hilary Corna packed her belongings and moved to Singapore to work at Toyota, where she gained important cultural and work experiences that she now shares with young professionals throughout the U.S.

Breaking Through to a Cure
Posted 12/22/2010
Read how Elks scholar Chandlar Smith has turned her family's hardship into an opportunity for growth.

Living in the Moment
Posted 12/7/2010
Brody Leven, a 2006 Most Valuable Student scholarship recipient sponsored by Willoughby-Cleveland, Ohio, Lodge No. 18, recently graduated from Westminster College. Read about his adventures in college and beyond!

Dinner with the Elks Family
Posted 11/12/2010
Nothing says family like a shared meal! In late October, ENF staff members had the privilege of joining nine Elks scholars and six ENF supporters for a delicious dinner.

If it’s newsworthy, he’s there
Posted 11/8/2010
It’s been one year since 2002 MVS scholar Peter Daut, a TV reporter on the Fox station in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, filmed his Emmy winning report on the shootings on the military base in Fort Hood.

Building the Future
Posted 10/13/2010
Read how these three Elks scholars are using their architecture majors to make a difference.

A Magical Meeting
Posted 9/10/2010
For Jim Vecchio of La Habra, Calif., Lodge No. 2095 and 2009 MVS scholarship recipient Clara Ritger, the Grand Lodge Convention in Orlando was an especially magical place.

Creating an Elks Legacy
Posted 8/23/2010
2004 Legacy Awards recipient David Mullins always knew he would become an Elk. Read how David balances medical school with volunteering with his Lodge.

A Guiding Light
Posted 7/27/2010
When Blake Michaels and his University of Pennsylvania peer advisor Stefan Sabo met, they learned they had more in common than their major. Both are also Most Valuable Student scholars!

He Writes the Songs That Make the Whole World Sing
Posted 7/19/2010
Just like Barry Manilow, 2009 MVS scholar Barry Harris is going far with his song-writing and piano-playing abilities. Read Barry's story, and watch a video of him performing!

Going the Distance
Posted 7/12/2010
What started out as marathon training in South Africa, turned into much more for 2005 MVS scholar Grace Lim. Read on for Grace's inspirational story.

Saving Soles, One Shoe at a Time
Posted 6/18/2010
Read how 2006 MVS scholar Jimmy Tomczak’s invention, Paper Feet, is saving both your soles and the environment!

Advocating for All
Posted 6/8/2010
2010 Elks Alum of the Year Katie Chambers makes each day meaningful by serving others. Read how having a child with disabilities led her to dedicate her life to advocating for children with special needs.

A Long Way from Home
Posted 6/8/2010
2010 MVS top winner Jenny Van can’t wait to broaden her horizons at MIT. Read on for Jenny’s inspirational story.

The Invention of Service
Posted 6/8/2010
Read how 2010 MVS top winner Bryan Dongre is dedicating his life to service.

Cooking Up Healthy Habits
Posted 5/26/2010
Read how Sean DeMartino, a 2010 MVS scholar, has made it his mission to educate teens on how to eat right and cook for themselves. Be sure to watch the videos of Sean on the Rachel Ray Show!

Helping others follow in her path
Posted 5/11/2010
Most Valuable Student scholar Lin Yang has spent four years using her talents to help others. Now that it’s time to graduate, she isn’t stopping. Read on for details on Lin's accomplishments!

Ready, Set….Serve!
Posted 4/5/2010
Elks Scholars across the country are gearing up to clean up their communities and participate in the 2010 Elks Scholar Week of Service from April 18-24, 2010. Read about what some campus leaders are planning.

Most Valuable Roommates
Posted 3/24/2010
Georgetown sophomores Kevin Baird and R.J. Barthelmes share more than a room. They are both 2008 Most Valuable Student scholars! Read on for their story.

An Ounce of Prevention
Posted 3/11/2010
Read how 2009 ENF Cornerstone Grant recipient, Angela Suen, used her grant to promote dental health in rural El Salvador.

Heave Ho!
Posted 2/3/2010
Read about ENF Legacy Award winner Frank Vita’s life on board the Liberty Star.

Elks Scholar Speakers Kick-Off 2010
Posted 11/19/2009
With 2010 under way, Elks scholar speakers are showing gratitude for their scholarships by visiting Lodges to share their college stories. Make it your New Year’s resolution to speak at the Lodge near you.

Kari Cares
Posted 11/10/2009
Read how Emergency Educational Grant recipient Kari Massar has dedicated her life to caring for others.

A Winning Team
Posted 11/2/2009
Homecoming takes on a new meaning for 2009 MVS scholar Craig Tripp and his Elks National Foundation Named Scholarship Sponsor Richard Harris.

ENF Scholars in the Game
Posted 9/24/2009
The ENF Scholar Advisory Board met in Chicago for their first annual Board meeting over the weekend of September 11, 2009. To kickoff the meeting, the Scholar Advisory Board and ENF staff participated in the September 11 National Day of Service.

West Virginia’s Whiz Kid
Posted 7/31/2009
2007 Most Valuable Student Kelydra Welcker was destined for scientific greatness. Read on to learn more about this whiz kid!

Of Service and Statutes
Posted 7/13/2009
2009 Top Male Most Valuable Student Scholar John Steinbach is off to Stanford to study history and continue serving his community.

Oh the Places She'll Go
Posted 7/13/2009
2009 Top Female Most Valuable Student Gergana Kostadinova will one day help solve the world's problems.

ENF Alumnus of the Year: Christina Vuocolo
Posted 6/18/2009
Read how Christina Vuocolo's commitment to volunteering led her to become the 2009-10 ENF Alumnus of the Year!

Stanford Tran a Stanford Grad
Posted 4/30/2009
Stan Tran, the 2005 Most Valuable Student runner-up, recently returned to his sponsoring Lodge, Santa Clara Lodge No. 2347, to express his gratitude.

The Buzz on Buzzy
Posted 4/16/2009
1998 Most Valuable Student, Buzzy Nielsen, devotes each day to bettering his community.

A Note from Erika Barger
Posted 4/16/2009
Read this note from 2006 Legacy Award winner, Erika Barger.

ENF Scholar Speaker: Vanessa Seals
Posted 4/9/2009
Vanessa Seals talks about how her Most Valuable Student Scholarship is helping her fulfill her dream of a college degree.

Good Morning, Alaska!
Posted 3/31/2009
Start your day with 2004 Most Valuable Student Danielle Sylvester, the morning show DJ for KNOM radio in western Alaska.

ENF Scholar Speaker: Jayme Mattson
Posted 3/20/2009
2008 Legacy Award winner, Jayme Mattson, spoke to the Clinton, Mo., Elks Lodge about life as an ENF scholar.

Paging the Future Dr. Dempsey
Posted 3/9/2009
After spending ten weeks volunteering in a Nicaraguan hospital, no task is too daunting for 2007 Legacy Award winner, Kyle Dempsey.

Life as a Fourth Generation Elk
Posted 2/10/2009
Read how Erika Barger, a 2006 Legacy Award recipient, became a proud member of her hometown Elks Lodge in Ormond Beach, Fla.

A Legacy of Service
Posted 1/30/2009
Read how 2008 Legacy Award recipient Erin Seivley has taken on her grandfather's commitment to service.

ENF Scholar Speaker: Prano Hiremath
Posted 1/27/2009
Read more about Prano's speech to attendees of the Washington State Elks Winter Convention about life as a Most Valuable Student scholar.

Leading by Example
Posted 1/27/2009
Read how EEG recipient Kari Renzelman follows in her father's footsteps by serving her community.

Reporting on Lamothe
Posted 1/20/2009
Journalist and 2000 Most Valuable Student Dan Lamothe always has a story to tell.

Hiking for Lung Health
Posted 12/31/2008
After her father's death, 2006 Most Valuable Student Amanda Nigro has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of sarcoidosis.

Born to Teach
Posted 12/17/2008
ENF Scholar Meghan Taggart's dreams of teaching are coming true.

Finding a Cure
Posted 12/9/2008
2007 Most Valuable Student Anthony Schuller's research brings us one step closer to finding a cure for cancer.

Touch Down!
Posted 11/18/2008
2007 Most Valuable Student Michael McMahon meets his named scholar sponsor, Jim McQuillan, a past national president of the Elks, at a Notre Dame football game.

A New Chapter
Posted 10/23/2008
Read how 2008 Most Valuable Student Kyle Baldwin spreads the joy of reading to less fortunate children.

The Gift that Gives Back
Posted 10/13/2008
2004 Most Valuable Student Scholar Alma Moedano recently became the first in her family to earn a college degree. Read about Alma's road to graduation, and find out where she is today!

A Peek at Zeke
Posted 7/16/2007
Despite growing up in poverty and the loss of his father, EEG recipient Matthew "Zeke" Hughes has an amazing outlook on life. Read on to learn about the many accomplishments of this Boston College alum.

Scholar Feels at Home while Teaching Abroad
Posted 12/14/2006
2001 MVS winner Jeremy Staley taught sixth grade in the Marshall Islands for a year. In this Q&A he shares with us his experience and how the ENF helped him get there.

MVS Recipient Makes Musical Mark
Posted 7/14/2006
Liz Carlisle released a major studio album and spoke at Harvard's spring commencement ceremony. What will this top scholar accomplish next?!

A Heart to Heart with Most Valuable Student Alum
Posted 6/9/2006
In January of 1987, Kelsey Holec's younger brother Ben was born with transposition of the great arteries. This cardiac defect required an inundation of doctors' visits, cardiac procedures, and ultimately surgery. Almost 20 years later, Kelsey graduated from St. Olaf College with a major in biology and one goal in mind: to become a pediatric cardiologist.

Scholar Sets Sights on Sydney
Posted 5/10/2006
Who is receiving top honors from the University of Miami, traveling the world and participating in numerous volunteer programs? Matthew Gill, of course! Read all about this extraordinary Most Valuable Student scholarship recipient and his plans after graduation this May.

Leah's Life Lessons
Posted 4/6/2006
When you think of the typical college student, what comes to mind? Traveling the world; visiting orphanages; changing children's lives each day? We didn't think so. Read all about Leah Schrader, an exceptional Most Valuable Student scholarship recipient, and how she makes a difference each and every day.

DeVoe On-the-Go
Posted 2/8/2006
With her jam-packed schedule of school, music, volunteering and pageants; Christina DeVoe does not lead the typical college life. Read all about this Most Valuable Student recipient's newest endeavors as a sophomore at Loyola University Chicago.

A Check-Up with Jacob Schaff
Posted 11/22/2005
Most Valuable Student recipient and doctor-to-be, Jacob Schaff, makes the most of his junior year at Vanderbilt University by volunteering, interning and studying abroad.

MVS Recipient Scores a Hole-In-One
Posted 10/17/2005
Kristin Lynch, a 2001 Most Valuable Student recipient from Santa Margarita, Calif., gives an update on where her Princeton education has taken her since graduation.