Meeting the Family
Family gatherings are full of laughter, food and good conversation. The same is true for Elks family gatherings! Elks scholars are getting together with their Elks family across the country and learning how Elks help build stronger communities. Read about two successful get-togethers.

Portland Pals

alternate textOn October 16, members of Portland, Ore., Lodge No. 142 treated three freshmen Elks scholars studying in the Portland area to a lasagna dinner. The Elks scholars shared stories about life in college and learned about what the Elks do in the community.

“Everyone was so nice and welcoming—with iced tea at the ready,” says Nakaia Macomber-Millman, a 2013 MVS scholar sponsored by Port Townsend, Wash., Lodge No. 317. “I was as excited to be there as I felt they were to see the three of us.”

During the dinner, the scholars mentioned they would enjoy seeing the other side of the scholarship contest, so the Lodge invited them to help judge scholarship applications. The Elks scholars look forward to volunteering with their extended family, and know they always have a place to stop by for a home-cooked meal.

“I felt really welcomed into their community,” says Leila Pyle, a 2013 MVS scholar sponsored by Kodiak, Alaska, Lodge No. 1772. “It made me feel more at home in Portland to connect with a service group like the Elks.”

A Golden Spark

alternate textIt’s becoming an annual tradition that the Golden, Colo., Lodge No. 2740 hosts Elks scholars for a taco dinner. With several universities near Golden, there is no shortage of Elks scholars in the area. On October 19, they gathered together to learn more about each other.

“We certainly enjoyed our time with these young people and hearing about their accomplishments,” says Lodge Secretary Wayne Rogers. “We hope that they enjoyed learning a little more about the Elks.”

If you would like to invite Elks scholars to your Lodge, email to get started!

The Elks National Foundation provides $3.74 million in college scholarships each year. Today’s Elks scholars are tomorrow’s Elks. Be sure to include Elks scholars from your Lodge in Lodge events and service projects. For more information about our scholarship programs, and for ways Lodges can get involved with Elks scholars, visit

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