Eric Xia
We are proud to announce Eric Xia as one of our 2020 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipients!

Eric's application showed immense dedication to helping veterans and vulnerable and homeless populations. Eric expressed both a deeply personal and intellectual dedication to pursuing his studies in the field of Oncology.

The following passage is one of our favorites from Eric's application.

"Unlike many other service events I’ve attended, where volunteers are often kept at a distance and taught sympathy for those less fortunate, the Elks service trip showed me that genuine service is one also filled with both perceptive reflection and mutual understanding... By being self-aware of the assumptions I unconsciously make, I was able to foster deeper emotional bonds with those I served, bringing a moment of warmth they will remember for the rest of their lives... Instead of merely handing out the hygiene kits we packed at the San Diego Rescue Mission, we took the time to converse with people living on the streets, many of whom were scared, vulnerable, and unused to people showing them kindness."

Eric sat down with Cathleen Draper from the ENF to talk about medical school and being an Elks scholar on 20 for 20.

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