A Note from Erika Barger
Since receiving a 2006 Elks National Foundation Legacy Scholarship, I have enjoyed pursuing a varied array of activities and experiences at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, which, otherwise, would have been impossible. Without the Elks scholarship, my participation in an arduous work-study program would have been mandatory. This program not only would have detracted from my academic studies, but would have denied me the opportunity to mature as an individual and to apply recently acquired skills through various leadership and volunteer roles, both on and off campus.

I have also gained a greater appreciation for the mission of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, as well as for those of my family members, who, for nearly a century, have been committed to the Elks fraternity and its successes. I am truly grateful for the opportunities that the scholarship has provided me, especially the ability to attend an institution of higher learning like Georgetown University. In December 2008, my appreciation and deep gratitude for my scholarship and all it has offered me led me to become a member at my hometown Elks Lodge in Ormond Beach, Florida. I have since been honored, once again, in having been asked to serve as a committee chairman at my Lodge this year.

During my three years at Georgetown, I've met other ENF Scholars on numerous occasions throughout my university campus. It is, indeed, unique to be able to share the common connection of Elkdom with these students, whether they are recipients of a Most Valuable Student or Legacy Award. Amazingly, Max Rerucha, a 2005 Legacy Award winner, and I both serve on the board of a student group on campus at Georgetown.

Thus, I am completely honored to have been a recipient of an Elks National Foundation Scholarship, and now, as a member, I am looking forward to assisting the ENF in this wonderful endeavor of providing scholarships to deserving students in the future. I earnestly and wholeheartedly encourage my ENF Most Valuable Student and Legacy peers, when time permits, to give serious consideration to becoming members of this outstanding American fraternity.

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