Scholar Advisory Board Spotlight: Clara Ritger
My name is Clara Ritger and I am a senior at the University of Notre Dame. I received a 2009 Most Valuable Student scholarship sponsored by Tahoe/Douglas, Nev., Lodge No. 2670, and I have served on the Elks Scholar Advisory Board since my freshman year. In that time, I've watched the Elks scholar community grow. Each year, we welcome a new class of Elks scholars into the Elks family, and each year young Elks scholars are meeting lifelong friends through ENF scholarship programs.

At Notre Dame I engage with my Elks community by participating in Elks scholar meet-ups and the Month of Service every April. One year we participated in Rebuilding Together, a local event for volunteers to help those in need within our community by repairing and beautifying their homes.

When I'm not busy working with Elks scholars, I am taking in all life has to offer at Notre Dame. I enjoy attending football games with friends, supporting student art at our performing arts center, and drinking lots of coffee at our one and only Starbucks on campus.

When I graduate, I will have a double degree in political science and theatre with a minor in journalism. I hope to pursue a career as a reporter and would love to travel. I also plan to become an Elk. Part of the reason I want to be an Elk is because I’m already a part of the family; I joined when the Elks welcomed me with my scholarship. But being a reporter is all about serving the community and staying committed to the betterment of society—being a part of the Elks complements and enhances my commitment to volunteerism.

Now that you know more about me, take some time to learn more about the Elks and all the opportunities available to Elks scholars. Visit the Elks Scholar website for all the ways you can get involved.

To enhance scholar relations and communication, the Elks Scholar Advisory Board was founded in 2009. For more information about the Elks Scholar Advisory Board, please visit Stay tuned—every month we’ll feature one of the eight SAB members in their own words.

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