Scholar Advisory Board Spotlight: Maryann Slater
Hello Elks Scholars! My name is Maryann Slater and I’m currently a sophomore at Rutgers University in New Jersey (and New Jersey is actually nothing like what you see on “The Jersey Shore,” contrary to popular belief). I’m currently pursuing an English major and a minor in Spanish. I plan to become an English or Spanish teacher—but my mind pretty much changes every semester!

On the weekends you can find me teaching dance to kids ages 6-13 at a local studio, attending Rutgers football games, watching New York Giants games, and catching up on homework! During the week you can find me giving tours on campus as a Scarlet Ambassador and staying involved with the Livingston Theatre Company. Oh, and of course I attend classes, as well! I’m currently the Assistant Artistic Director of the Livingston Theatre Company and I’m also assistant directing our current musical “How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.” I also love performing and going to local high schools as a part of our outreach program.

I basically grew up with the Elks, as my parents each belong to Lodges in our area. I always went to Lodge holiday parties and picnics over the years, but I never understood just how much the Elks do until I got to high school. When I became an active volunteer in my parents’ Lodges for various events I got to see just how generous and caring the Elks are to so many different people. Then, when I received my ENF scholarship I was honored to experience their charity first hand!

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to learn more about the members of the Scholar Advisory Board, and I also want to challenge you to try new things this year at school! While I view academics as the most important part of college, I also think it’s extremely important to branch out and get involved. Finding an organization and group of people that makes school feel like your second home can keep you even more motivated to keep up with work. To get involved with Elks scholars, visit

I hope you all have a successful semester and an awesome year!

To enhance scholar relations and communication, the Elks Scholar Advisory Board was founded in 2009. For more information about the Elks Scholar Advisory Board, please visit

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