Speaking From the Heart
On a recent spring night, Elks scholars Vicky Chen and Megan Spencer attended the Provo, Utah, Lodge No. 849 Youth Awards Night to express their gratitude to Elks for the scholarships they received in 2008. The Provo Lodge sponsored Vicky and Lodi, Calif., Lodge No. 1900 sponsored Megan, the 2008 top female MVS winner. Both Vicky and Megan are now juniors at Brigham Young University. They enjoyed speaking to Elks members and a few 2011 Elks scholars.

Afterwards, Vicky and Megan shared their experience with the ENF.

“The Elks were very gracious in serving us. We got to hear about some of the great programs the Provo lodge is involved in, such as Camp Wapiti. Afterward, I talked to Jim Fuqua, the Utah State Scholarship Chair, and he told me how much it means to the Lodge that scholars are willing to come back and speak as a way of saying thank you. He said that members of the Elks don't expect anything in return but gratitude, and I believe as Elks scholars, we owe at least that. I could see how much the Elks care, and I was surprised that one of them even remembered my application from three years ago! I'm really glad I got to speak at the Lodge, and I look forward to getting more involved. It was an awesome experience!”

Vicky Chen
2008 Most Valuable Student scholar

“We were honoring the students who were received scholarships in the area. It was so wonderful to see them all—it reminded me of when I was in their shoes. I got emotional in my speech because I had the opportunity to thank the Elks for their support, and I was not expecting that everyone in the room would understand how much the Elks have helped me. I especially liked connecting with the Lodge and letting the Elks know that I’m available to help them with anything they need. I am excited to work with them in the future. This experience meant as much to me as it did to all of those new Elks Scholars.”

Megan Spencer
2008 Most Valuable Student scholar

We’re glad Megan and Vicky had a chance to visit the Lodge and share their gratitude with the Elks!

If you are interested in becoming an Elks Scholar Speaker, or would like your Lodge to host a Scholar Speaker, visit www.elks.org/enf/scholars/speaker.cfm for all the details.

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