A Golden Get-together
Elks scholars in the Denver area were looking for fun and they struck gold. Eight Elks scholars from the Colorado School of Mines, University of Colorado-Boulder, and the University of Denver met up with Elks members at Golden, Colo., Lodge No. 2740. They got to see an Elks Lodge in action while also getting to know one another better.

“I met a bunch of Elks scholars, including a few people that I knew, but didn’t know were also Elks scholars,” says Nicholas Anderson, an Elks scholar attending the University of Colorado. “Plus, it was great to meet distinguished Colorado Elks, and learn a bit more about the Order.”

An Education in Elkdom

Wayne Rogers, Golden Lodge’s Secretary, organized the event and asked several Elks to speak about what the Lodge does in the community. They told the scholars about the Colorado State Major Project, Laradon Hall; spoke about the Elks National Foundation and the programs it funds; and discussed the activities the Elks offer its members.

“It was great to learn about the Golden Lodge and about the many ways the Elks make a difference in communities,” says Danika Tibbetts, an Elks scholar at the University of Denver.

A Warm Welcome

Even though they had just met, Elks members immediately welcomed the Elks scholars. They are part of the Elks family, after all.

“The Elks spoke a lot about how they provide each of us with an extended family, and I really felt like I was included in that group,” says Brittany Earle, an Elks scholar at the University of Colorado.

While the Elks scholars learned more about what the Elks do, Elks members heard about the Elks scholars’ many college achievements, thanks to their ENF scholarships.

“Seeing this great group of kids and what they’re accomplishing is a great morale booster for faith in our programs,” says Rogers. “They are some very impressive students.”

Both the Elks scholars and Elks members had a great time sharing stories and chatting over the taco dinner, and they’re planning another golden get-together soon!

For more information about Elks scholars and Elks scholar opportunities, please visit www.elks.org/enf/elksscholars.

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