• Listen to <i>Midday</i>!

    Listen to Midday!

    Debbie has spent a lot of the time in the field lately. In our latest episode of the Midday podcast, she tells us all about her recent trips to Albuquerque for the National Scholarship Providers Association's annual conference and to Oshkosh (with a side trip to Milwaukee) for an Impact Grant site visit. Plus, Jim gives an insider's look at Elks headquarters' annual Halloween party. Click here to catch up!

  • 2019 MVS Contest Application

    2019 MVS Contest Application

    Do you know high school seniors who are U.S. citizens? Encourage them to apply for the Most Valuable Student scholarship for a chance of up to $50,000 toward their college education!

    The 2019 MVS contest application deadline is November 15, 2018. Click here to learn more.

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