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CIP 2023-24 Survey Results May 30, 2024

We surveyed Lodges to get feedback on the Lodge experience when using CIP grants to help Elks build stronger communities. 529 Lodges weighed in on the 2024 CIP year—see their responses here!

A CIP Celebration of Veterans May 23, 2024

This Memorial Day, take a look at how each CIP grant can be used to support veterans.

Elks Provide for Patients May 14, 2024

Elks Lodges recognize the difficulties vulnerable populations face when getting hospital treatment. Check out this feature to learn how a few Lodges use Beacon Grants to make sure their neighbors recover in comfort.

The CIP Spotlights Local Libraries Apr 5, 2024

For National Library Week, check out a few Lodges that use CIP grants to make their local library a place for more than just finding a good book.

A Final Salute to the Three Gratitude Grant Bonus Era Mar 12, 2024

Here are some projects that Lodges put on with full $3,500 Gratitude Grants in the 2024 grant year.

Back to Nature with CIP Grants Feb 29, 2024

For World Wildlife Day, check out a few Lodges that use CIP grants to protect the environment and educate their communities about the wonders of the natural world.

Elks Care for Caregivers Feb 15, 2024

The third Friday of February is National Caregivers Day, a perfect time to recognize Elks Lodges that use CIP grants to support caregivers or act as caregivers themselves.

Bringing Scholars and Lodges Together: Introducing ScholarCIP Feb 5, 2024

There is a nationwide network of ENF scholarship recipients that are potential volunteers for your Lodge's CIP grant projects. To find out how to make ScholarCIP a reality, read on!

2023-24 Final Numbers Jan 22, 2024

As CIP grant applications close for the 2023-24 fiscal year, we can tell it is going to be one for the books. Here's how things stand as the CIP staff work hard to review the grant applications submitted in the final days before the deadline.

A CIP Trip to the Grand Canyon State Jan 18, 2024

As part of the Winter Scholar Service Trip to Phoenix, ENF staff visited Gilbert, Ariz., Lodge No. 2848 and Casa Grande Valley, Ariz., Lodge No. 1957, two Lodges doing impressive work with CIP grants.

A Holiday Home at the Elks Lodge Dec 20, 2023

Each Holiday season, many Elks Lodges welcome those who are without company or who cannot afford a celebration of their own. Read about two Lodges using CIP grants to make this time of year meaningful for all.

2024 New Impact Grant Announced Dec 15, 2023

The CIP approved nine new Impact Grant projects for the class of 2024. See them here!

Giving Thanks with CIP Grants Nov 14, 2023

This Thanksgiving, many Elks Lodges are using CIP grants to serve those in need in their communities. Take a bite out of our latest feature!

Veterans Day and Beyond: Serving Those who Served Nov 6, 2023

For Veterans Remembrance Month, learn about the multitude of ways that Lodges use CIP grants to support military servicepeople.

Tracking the Impact: Redlands, Calif., Lodge No. 583 Nov 2, 2023

The Elks National Foundation supports 60 Lodges with 2023 Impact Grants. Here's one of their stories!

Celebrating Red Ribbon Week Oct 20, 2023

For this year's Red Ribbon Week, running from October 23-31, check out this visual to see what your Lodge should keep in mind when putting together a drug awareness project.

Healthy Aging with CIP Grants Sep 25, 2023

September is Healthy Aging Month. Read on to learn how Elks Lodges are using grants to help seniors and all those in their communities age with dignity.

Towson Elks Create Cozy Classrooms Aug 22, 2023

With its My Cozy Corners project, Towson, Md., Lodge No. 469 helps students feel more comfortable at school and develop the skills they will need outside the classroom.

Elks Convention in Minneapolis: CIP Grant Seminar Jul 19, 2023

Review the CIP seminar presented at the Elks Convention in Minneapolis!

CIP: Putting Elks in the Field Jun 21, 2023

In 2022-23, the CIP granted more than $12.1 million to Elks Lodges to build stronger communities. Our grants put Elks volunteers to work in the community, helping their neighbors. Every time an Elk goes into the field for a CIP project, they spread a core tenant of the Order: charity. In 2022-23, volunteer time added $8.5 million in value toward building stronger communities.

Elks Bring Warmth to the Library Jun 5, 2023

Two Elks Lodges adapted Warm Welcome to the Library projects under the Spotlight Grant to meet two crucial needs in their communities: literacy and winter warmth.

Youth Resources Mar 14, 2023

CIP grants offer Lodges the ability to reach local youth and address their unique needs. View this visual to get started serving the youth in your community!

2022-23 CIP Immediate Reactions Feb 17, 2023

In 2022-23, the Elks worked hard to serve Lodge communities with Community Investments Program grants. Take a look to see how!

2023 Impact Grant Renewals Announced Feb 13, 2023

We approved 48 Impact Grant Renewal projects to join our class of 12 new Impact Grants. See how your state is making an impact!

Elks, Vets and Pets: A Paw-erful Combination Feb 1, 2023

The Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Lodge used its CIP grants to bring dogs and veterans together for the benefit of everyone involved.

Recipe for a Great CIP Holiday Project Dec 16, 2022

Does the holiday season hold a special place in your Lodge's heart? Here are the main ingredients for a perfect holiday project!

2022's New Impact Grants Dec 12, 2022

In 2022, we approved 14 new Impact Grant projects. See how the Lodges that received our most competitive grant made an impact on their communities in their first year!

Hillsboro Elks Persevere to Serve their Community Nov 16, 2022

The members of Hillsboro, Ore., Lodge No. 1862 have shown their commitment to using CIP grants to better their community, even through the challenges of the last few years.

Honoring our Veterans with CIP Grants Nov 10, 2022

Take a look at how Lodges around the country are using CIP Grants to serve veterans in their community!

Making the Most of Red Ribbon Week Oct 20, 2022

To celebrate Red Ribbon Week, read about Elks Lodges that are using CIP grants to promote drug awareness and healthy living in their communities.

Elks and their Communities Eat Better, Together Oct 18, 2022

October is National Eat Better, Eat Together Month. Feast on this visual to learn how eating with others benefits us, and how Elks Lodges are using CIP grants to fill more than just the bellies of their community members.

A Recipe for Success in Redlands Sep 13, 2022

Redlands, Calif., Lodge No. 583 is using its CIP Grants to share their culinary skills with the surrounding community.

Lodges Experiment with Science Projects Aug 26, 2022

Some Elks Lodges are using CIP grants to help students see the fun in science and technology.

A CIP Field Trip Aug 11, 2022

CIP staffers recently spent a day with Kankakee, Ill., Lodge No. 627, lending extra hands to its long-running community beautification project.

Tips to make Back to School One for the Books Aug 11, 2022

With students getting ready to return to school, consider using CIP grants to provide school supplies and other needed items. Don't know where to start? Read on!

6 Tips and Tricks for Grants Coordinators Aug 1, 2022

Being a Lodge Grants Coordinator is a big, but rewarding, responsibility. Look inside for tips and tricks to make the experience a success!

Elks Lodge Cultivating Community in South Orange Jul 18, 2022

South Orange, N.J., Lodge No. 1154 has been reaping the benefits of its community garden for 11 years—10 of which have been funded by CIP grants. Get inspired to start your own community garden by reading about the Elks Rent Party Pantry Community Garden!

2021-22 CIP Year in Review Jun 15, 2022

Throughout the 2021-22 grant year, the CIP granted more than $11.1 million to Elks Lodges. Take a look to see how Lodges served their communities!

A Small Island with a Big Heart Jun 9, 2022

One of the newest Elks Lodges, in Beaver Island, Michigan, has wasted no time using CIP grants to serve its community.

CIPerstars of the Week Apr 13, 2022

Each week, the Community Investments Program staff shares stories about Lodges and their exceptional grant projects. Take a look to see how Lodges around the country are using CIP grants!

New 2022 Impact Grant Recipients Announced! Jan 14, 2022

This year, the Community Investments Program announced 14 new Impact Grant recipients.

Christmas and Beyond! Dec 15, 2021

'Tis the season for holiday grant projects! Read how three Lodges are providing assistance to their communities this holiday season and beyond.

Two Lakewood Lodges, One Warm Winter Dec 8, 2021

Elks Lodges in Lakewood, Colorado, and Lakewood, New Jersey, used grants to give coats to children in need in their communities this fall.

One Million Pounds of Food Oct 20, 2021

The Santa Maria Elks partnered with a local food bank to distribute literal tons of food to people in need.

Elks Stand Up to Ida Sep 21, 2021

Lodges in the path of Hurricane Ida responded immediately to the damage in their communities.

Back to School with the Beacon Grant Sep 8, 2021

Many Lodges use their Beacon Grant to provide school supplies to children in need.

Gratitude Grant Funds Kids Safety in Gardner, Mass. Aug 25, 2021

With funding from the Gratitude Grant, the Gardner Lodge held its annual Kids Safety Day in June 2021. The free event featured bicycle helmet giveaways to nearly 200 children in need and bike safety demonstrations.

What is an Impact Intent? Jun 21, 2021

Impact Intents are the first step in the Impact Grant application process. Take a look at this helpful infographic explaining what you need to know prior to submitting the Impact Intent!

Little Library with the Lodge Jun 11, 2021

Literacy projects are an Elks staple, but Milwaukee, Wis., Lodge No. 46 is doing something new and exciting: a Little Library project in their community. Read about their project and get some tips from their Leading Knight.

CIP Phase 2! Jun 3, 2021

On Tuesday, June 1, the applications for the $3,500 Beacon Grant and the $2,000 Spotlight Grant opened. The Beacon and Spotlight grants are available to every Lodge, and

Gratitude Grants: The 2022 Grant Year is Off to a Great Start! May 14, 2021

Take a look at the first month of the 2021-22 Grant Year, and how Lodges are using their Gratitude Grants. Plus, some tips and tricks for using your Lodge's Gratitude Grant.

Impact Grant Highlight: Beaumont, Texas, Lodge No. 311 May 3, 2021

The Beaumont Lodge is one of 60 Lodges with an Impact Grant!

Engaging Volunteers in the Digital Age Apr 22, 2021

Here are some tips to help engage volunteers in this digital age!

Homeless Shelter at Sapulpa, Okla., Lodge No. 1118 Apr 8, 2021

In February, 2021, Lodge members at the Sapulpa Lodge created a temporary homeless shelter at the Lodge for people in need during record cold temperatures.

2020 Impact Grant Highlight: Red Wing, Minn., Lodge No. 845 Mar 26, 2021

In 2020, 64 Lodges were approved for an Impact Grant, including Red Wing, Minn., Lodge No. 845's HeART project!

CIP Year-End Survey Results Mar 25, 2021

During a year like no other, we wanted to hear from Lodges how CIP grants helped Elks build stronger communities. Take a look at the results of the survey sent to Exalted Rulers, Grants Coordinators, and Secretaries!

Elks Always Care: Looking Back on the CIP Grant Year Feb 9, 2021

The 2020-21 grant year was full of changes and heightened needs in communities across the country. As always, the Elks stepped up and did what they do best, care.

CIP End of Year Review Feb 2, 2021

A breakdown of the 2020-21 grant year.

Elks Always Care: Consider Donating a Lodge Grant Nov 20, 2020

Due to COVID-19, in person events are not advised. In response, our office has opened up the possibilty for grants to be donated. Here are some ideas on places to donate.

Adapting Annual Projects Oct 19, 2020

Lodges across the country are adapting their annual grant projects to keep their communities safe during COVID-19. Read how two Lodges adapted their back-to-school projects during the pandemic!

Arizona Elks Lodges Assist the Navajo Nation Oct 13, 2020

Read about how three Arizona Elks Lodges notice a need in their community and use CIP grants to assist the Navajo reservation.

600 Beacon Grants Approved Oct 5, 2020

See how more than 600 Lodges are using their 2020-21 Beacon Grants.

Final Reports: Required Receipts Sep 25, 2020

Learn about the documentation required by the CIP office for grant final reports.

Grant Project Photography Tips Sep 14, 2020

Do you struggle to get good photos of grant projects that your Lodge does? Take a look at this infographic for some tips.

Beyond the Basket Aug 18, 2020

Learn how we are encouraging Lodges to focus on immediate needs in their communities - and how that is not "Grinchy" at all!

2020-21 Beacon Grant Updates Jul 27, 2020

See the updates to the 2020-21 Beacon Grant as a response to COVID.

Community Investments Program—Phase III Explained Jul 26, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage on throughout the country, uncertainty remains for the foreseeable future. Project planning continues to be difficult, but not impossible. By following state and local mandates, along with C.D.C guidelines, we believe Lodges can plan for COVID-sensitive Community Investments Program grant projects.

Here’s what’s on deck for Phase III.

CIP Goes Back to School Jul 14, 2020

Read how a Lodge is using their Gratitude Grant to help students prepare to go back to school during COVID-19, and how you can help too.

Active Grant Project Safety Guidelines Jun 22, 2020

Learn what Lodges can do to keep themselves and their communities safe when holding active projects.

Serving with Porpoise May 22, 2020

Boca Raton, Fla., Lodge No. 2166 uses their Beacon Grant to support dolphin therapy for veterans in need.

Spotlight on the Spotlight Grant: New Grant Year Comes with Increased Flexibility May 15, 2020

Shelter-in-place mandates. Social distancing. New normal. Since the COVID-19 pandemic became reality in March 2020, we’ve seen our lives change in unfathomable ways. Project planning continues to be difficult, if not impossible.

2020 Impact Grants: First Quarter by the Numbers May 15, 2020

Check out stats and stories from our Impact Grants in January, February, and March!

First Month of Gratitude Grants May 11, 2020

See how over 500 Lodges are helping their communities through the use of the Gratitude Grant!

Lodge Grants: Adapting in Response to COVID-19 Mar 30, 2020

Gratitude Grants can be used as donations to assist COVID-19 relief in your community. Here are a few causes that could benefit from a Gratitude Grant donation.

Spotlight on the Spotlight Grant: Welcoming the Warm Welcome Dec 20, 2019

Homer, N.Y., Lodge No. 2506 uses the Warm Welcome to the Library project to provide kids with coats and a love for literacy.

Spotlight on the Spotlight Grant: Slice of Haven Dec 11, 2019

Lebanon, N.H., Lodge No. 2099 used the Adopt-a-Haven project through the Spotlight Grant to provide cooking classes to homeless veterans.

Holiday Giving and Beyond Dec 5, 2019

Holiday giving is a wonderful way to give back to your community, but Raton, N.M., Lodge No. 865 would like to tell you about how they are widening their impact beyond the holidays this year!

Spotlight on the Spotlight Grant: Check Out the Imagination Library! Nov 25, 2019

Sitka, Alaska, Lodge No. 1662 sponsors children in their community for the Imagination Library.

Spotlight on the Spotlight Grant: Stand Up for the Stand Down Nov 18, 2019

Middletown, N.Y., Lodge No. 1097 uses their Spotlight Grant to host a Stand Down.

Bremerton, Wash., Lodge No. 1181 Teaches Scouts How to Zom-Bie Prepared! Oct 31, 2019

Lodge No. 1181 Provides Disaster Preparedness Education to Girl Scouts.

Spotlight on the Spotlight Grant: Delivering a Literacy-Based Community Baby Shower Oct 21, 2019

Toccoa, Ga., Lodge No. 1820 uses their Spotlight Grant to host a literacy-based Community Baby Shower.

Impact Grants Making An Impact In The Second Quarter Sep 16, 2019

Check out stats and stories from our Impact Grants in April, May, and June!

Stepping Into Elgin for a Day Aug 21, 2019

Back to school season inspires Elgin, Ill., Lodge No. 737 to use their Promise and Beacon grants to help students start the year with their best foot forward.

The First 100 Spotlight Grants Jun 14, 2019

Check out how our new Spotlight Grant is going and growing!

Keep Prom and Carry On May 8, 2019

Prom season has Lodges using their Beacon and Gratitude Grants to put on dances for students with disabilities.

Early Bird Gets the Promise Grant! May 1, 2019

For the fourth year in a row, the Community Investments Program has received a record number of Promise Grant applications.

Step into the Spotlight Mar 14, 2019

Learn more about the new grant opportunity coming in 2019-20. This $2,000 grant will be available to every Lodge. Applications open April 1.

Gratitude Grant Applications Open April 1 … Maybe Feb 5, 2019

The 2019-20 grant year will be the first time in CIP history that grants will open on April 1. If your Lodge intends to apply for a Gratitude Grant, read on to see if changes will affect your Lodge.

Applications Close 12/31. Apply Early! Dec 4, 2018

The holidays are a busy time for everyone. Waiting until the December 31 deadline to apply for grants will result in a longer application processing time. Apply today, and save your Lodge the headache!

2019 Impact Grant Announcement on Midday Nov 14, 2018

The 2019 Impact Grant class will be announced during Midday, the ENF's monthly podcast. Find out how to listen!

Uploading Receipts for Online Final Reports Oct 30, 2018

This year, and all years beyond, Final Reports will be submitted online. Here are some tips for those of you who may not have a scanner.

A Numbers Game Oct 24, 2018

A quick check in with where the CIP stands with grants awarded this year.

Give the Gift of Warmth this Holiday Season! Oct 22, 2018

The Elks National Foundation is excited to announce our new partnership with Operation Warm. Read on to learn how your Lodge can use grants to provide coats to children in need.

Summer Fun Sep 13, 2018

Read all about Kewanee, Ill., Lodge No. 724's summer Beacon Grant project!

History Repeats Itself: Another Record Breaking Year Aug 30, 2018

The CIP is wrapping up another record-breaking Promise Grant year! Click here to learn more about some of the exciting projects taking place.

Enjoying a Day of Fun in the Sun Aug 29, 2018

Hundreds of people gathered to celebrate the annual Elks' Kids Day, which promotes unity and social cohesion. Read on to learn how the Lodge uses its Promise Grant to recruit and engage new members.

Important Date Change Reminder Aug 24, 2018

CIP grant deadlines have changed! Read through this flyer for a quick refresher on important grant date updates.

Where's My Check? Aug 23, 2018

Are you wondering, “where's my grant check”? If so, read on to learn how we've simplified our processes to better serve your Lodge.

Celebrate 150 Years with 1,500 Gratitude Grants! Jun 14, 2018

Thanks to hardworking Lodges across the country, the ENF surpassed its all-time record this year, awarding 1,508 Gratitude Grants!

2018 Impact Grant First Quarter May 21, 2018

There are 77 Lodges across the country busy running Impact Grant projects this year. Take a look at some of their accomplishments in the first quarter of 2018.

Anniversary Celebration May 1, 2018

Check out some fast facts on the hugely popular Anniversary Grant!

Record Year For Beacon Grants May 1, 2018

This year was another record breaking year for Beacon Grants! Take a look as we break it down by the numbers.

Orange Elks Deliver on Reading Promise Mar 21, 2018

Orange, Calif., Lodge No. 1475 started The Reading Promise! to encourage kids to read. Their most recent event became one of the most widely attended programs at their local library. Read how here.

Chivalry is Not Dead for the Elks Mar 7, 2018

Tampa, Fla., Lodge No. 708 made it their mission to bring the number of high school dropouts as close to zero as possible in their community. Read how they're doing it here.

Show You Care with Character Feb 26, 2018

Vero Beach, Fla., Lodge No. 1774 discovers their Elks Love Kids of Character Stores is not only fun for the students, but improves their grades and behavior too!

BIG NEWS - Changes Coming to the CIP Feb 20, 2018

Big things are happening in the Community Investments Program next grant year. The Elks National Foundation Board of Trustees met in Long Beach, California February 14 and approved some exciting changes. Here’s a sneak peek!

Dover Elks Dive Headfirst to Help Local Shelters Feb 12, 2018

Dover, Del., Lodge No. 1903 used an Impact Grant to start their very own Dover Elks Pantry. Read how their work is helping their community here.

Piloting toward the Possible Jan 31, 2018

Tawas Area, Mich., Lodge No. 2525, is helping students at the Alternative Education Academy (AEA) of Iosco County a charter school reach their potential using an Impact Grant. Read how here.

Gone (Fly) Fishing Jan 25, 2018

To help veterans experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, Moscow, Idaho, Lodge No. 249 used an Impact Grant to teach a lifelong skill that will help curb the symptoms of PTSD. Can you guess what it is?

Gratitude Grants Galore! Jan 15, 2018

Is your Lodge interested in applying for a Gratitude Grant but unsure where to start? Watch this webinar for a step-by-step walk-through of a real application along with a few examples of great projects. Don't delay, applications are due May 31!

Fulfilling the Need to Read Jan 2, 2018

Laughlin, Nev., Lodge No. 2872 is one of only 77 Lodges to receive a 2018 Impact Grant. The Lodge's children's literacy project, in year three, is thriving—read to find out why!

Spreading Cipmas Cheer! Dec 13, 2017

Click along this interactive map to see how 35 Lodges across Elkdom are celebrating through service this holiday season.

An Elkmas Surprise Dec 5, 2017

We're kicking off the Christmas season, with a poem from one of our very own CIPsters. Read on to learn more about the Lodge’s project to support veterans experiencing homelessness.

Remembering to Give Thanks: An Interview with Lewiston Nov 20, 2017

We thought we’d check in with a Lodge Grants Coordinator to see how they celebrated the holiday last year. Click the link to see our conversation.

Celebrate Veterans Remembrance Month Nov 9, 2017

November is Veterans Remembrance Month. Read this story for more stories and resources on serving the needs of today's veterans.

#ScholarCIPMegaTrip Journal Sep 28, 2017

Peak into a recap of our barn-storming trip to North and South Carolina!

Promise Grants are going, going, GONE! Sep 12, 2017

Elks are knocking 2017 out of the park! From supporting teens experiencing homelessness, organizing youth art exhibits, and promoting literacy, see how Lodges across the country are strengthening communities.

#ReliveReno Jul 26, 2017

Relive all of the Reno convention fun! See photos, download seminar slides and watch all of the ENF convention films.

Beyond the Basket Jul 11, 2017

Does your Lodge already host a successful holiday project? Consider these tips for spreading holiday cheer throughout the entire year instead! Or, use an Anniversary Grant to support the expansion.

2018 CIP Grants Kick-Off Webinars! Jun 23, 2017

Interested in a quick recap of all the CIP has to offer? Watch one or all of these short webinars.

Letter to Exalted Rulers Jun 15, 2017

Are you the Exalted Ruler at your Lodge? This letter is for you! Read on to learn all about the CIP grants available to your Lodge in 2017-18, including the one-time-only Anniversary Grant!

Announcing the 2017 CIP Volunteer of the Year! Jun 2, 2017

We’re happy to announce that the 2017 CIP Volunteer of the Year is Hopkins, Minn., Lodge No. 2221's very own Gretchen Peterson! Read more about Gretchen's tireless dedication to making her community a better place through CIP grants.

Batting a Thousand Apr 28, 2017

We broke a new record for number of Beacon Grants approved!

Gratitude Grants Galore! Apr 26, 2017

Is your Lodge interested in applying for a Gratitude Grant but unsure where to start? Watch this webinar for a step-by-step walk-through of a real application along with a few examples of great projects. Don't delay, applications are due May 31!

Coming in 2017-18: The Anniversary Grant Apr 4, 2017

Learn more about our brand-new grant opportunity, coming in 2017-18. This one-time $1,500 grant will be available to every Lodge. Applications open July 1.

Is Your Lodge Out of Grant Compliance? Feb 22, 2017

Watch this short presentation or view the slides for more information on being out of grant compliance and how to resolve the issue.

200 Freedom Grants in 2017-18 Feb 22, 2017

Great news! In 2017-18, the Elks National Veterans Service Commission will award $2,000 Freedom Grants to 200 Lodges to hold projects that serve veterans and active-duty military members. This is up from 180 in 2016-17.

Beacon Grant Breakdown Feb 13, 2017

Is your Lodge interested in applying for a Beacon Grant but unsure where to start? Read through these slides of our presentation breaking down the Beacon Grant. And then, apply today!

Beacon Grant Instagrants Feb 13, 2017

The Beacon Grant deadline is March 31. Check out these easily replicable project ideas and submit an application today!

New Gratitude Grant InstaGrants Feb 9, 2017

Need some ideas for a stellar Gratitude Grant project? Look no further than our Gratitude Grant InstaGrants feature!

Evaluate and Promote Success Feb 9, 2017

The fourth and final step in our CIP Toolkit talks about evaluating your project and promoting successes to the Lodge, the community and beyond!

Archived Final Report Forms Feb 7, 2017

Still missing past year Final Report Forms? They're posted here.

Harness Lodge Support Feb 7, 2017

It's the third step in our CIP Toolkit—all about energizing current and prospective members to serve.

The 2017 CIP Volunteer of the Year Application is Now Open Feb 6, 2017

Do you know an Elk volunteer who uses ENF Community Investments Program grants to do great things? Are you that person? Complete an application for the 2017 CIP Volunteer of the Year!

Assess a Community Need Feb 2, 2017

The first step in our CIP Toolkit, it's imperative to understand community needs before you jump in to help.

Plan a Charitable Project Feb 2, 2017

The second step in our CIP Toolkit, it's time to start planning your project. Read on for tips and project ideas.

Impact Grant Class of 2017 Nov 22, 2016

Learn more about the Impact Grant class of 2017!

Any Leftover Candy? Nov 1, 2016

Did your Lodge host a Halloween event and have a ton of leftover candy? Put it to good use! Read the story to learn how.

Out of Compliance? Sep 16, 2016

As of September 16, all Lodges who are missing or have pending 2015-16 Final Report Forms are listed as out of compliance.

Record Time for Promise Grants! Sep 8, 2016

As the summer comes to an end, so does the Promise Grant application cycle. Learn more about our record-breaking year!

2016 Impact Grants: Second Quarter Review Aug 9, 2016

The class of 2016 Impact Grants are off and running! Check out how far these 63 projects have come through half of the year.

Announcing the 2016 CIP Volunteer of the Year May 20, 2016

Good News! The results are in, and the 2016 CIP Volunteer of the Year is Fresno, Calif., Lodge No. 439's very own, Susan Good!

2016 Impact Grants: First Quarter Update May 11, 2016

The class of 2016 Impact Grants are off and running! Check out how far these 63 projects have come in only four short months.

Beacon Grant Greatness May 10, 2016

2015-16 was a record year for the Beacon Grant—974 grants were issued to Lodges across the country for ongoing charitable activities. Take a look at this infographic to see how far the Beacon Grants have come, and how your Lodge can get in on the action this coming July!

10 Steps to a Better Beacon Grant Mar 7, 2016

Step up to the plate! Beacon Grant applications are due March 31, don't leave this $2,000 on the table! Read for 10 tips to get you ready to apply.

10 Reasons to Love the CIP Feb 8, 2016

Love is in the air this Valentines Day! To celebrate, here are ten reasons to love CIP grants!

10 Resources for Engaging Elks Scholars Dec 17, 2015

It's the season of giving, and the season of long winter breaks for college students. With both coinciding, it's also the perfect time to engage Elks scholars in service! Today’s Elks scholars can be tomorrow’s Elks—get the ball rolling with these ten resources.

10 Tips for Meeting the Needs of Today's Veterans Nov 12, 2015

November is Veterans Remembrance Month—a month to reflect on the Elks’ year-round promise that “so long as there are Veterans, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks will never forget them.” Turn your Lodge’s passion of serving veterans into action using these ten tips.

10 Ways to Show Grit in Grants Oct 26, 2015

G for guts or growth, R for resilience, I for integrity, and T for tenacity.

10 Tips for Promoting Grant Projects Through Social Media Sep 21, 2015

Spread the word! These days, the simplest way to promote your successful grant project to a wide, engaged audience isn’t a newspaper ad or a radio spot—it’s social media. Read on for 10 ways to harness the power of social media to promote your CIP grant project!

10 Common Final Report Form Questions Aug 3, 2015

Not sure what to write down on your Lodge's Final Report Form? Take a look at these 10 FAQs for some helpful advice for wrapping up your Lodge's grant project.

CIP Turns 10 Jul 1, 2015

This year, the Community Investments Program turns 10 years old! Click here to read about the program's incredible growth.

10 Ways to Stretch your Grant Dollars Mar 26, 2015

Read these tips on how to make the most of your grant funds.

Youth Resources Feb 11, 2015

Each community is different. Community Investments Program grants offer Lodges opportunities to reach local youth and address their unique needs. This list of organizations offers a few examples of youth organizations that could make good Elks partners. There may be similar groups in your community.

Veterans Organizations Nov 24, 2014

We know Elks have a strong passion for serving veterans. We also know each community is different. To help your Lodge effectively serve veterans and military members in need, we’ve compiled a short list of organizations that serve military members and veterans in need. This list is a great place to start, but it is by no means exhaustive. Research your own community and find out how your Lodge can serve veterans and military members in need.

Join the Club! Jun 24, 2014

CIP Club is the monthly e-newsletter sent to ENF Grant Coordinators, Lodge Secretaries, ENF Grant Project Managers and any Elks interested in Community Investments Program grants. Sign up today to stay informed, and make sure your Lodge doesn't miss any grant opportunities.

We also have a Facebook CIP Club group online. Click here to become a member, and join in the conversation.

May 8, 2012

With all their other responsibilities, we know Lodge Secretaries don’t always have time to complete grant applications. To help Lodges complete online grant applications, we’ve created a new position in CLMS called an ENF Grants Coordinator. Click here to read more about this position and how your Lodge can appoint a grants coordinator.

News Release Generator Nov 3, 2011

Write your own news release to share your Lodge’s good work with your community! Click here to use our online News Release Generator to create a news release or view and edit saved releases.
For tips on creating a release that will get your story in the news, click here.

Spotlight Grant Drive Raffle Winners Announced! Jul 17, 2019

We asked Convention attendees to bring a pack of new socks for veterans in need or a new or gently used children’s book to promote literacy. Lodges were entered into a raffle to double the value of its Spotlight Grant to $4,000. We ended up with more than 900 entries by Elks and guests who donated thousands of new socks for veterans and hundreds of books for children in the area.

2018-19 CIP Wrap-Up! Feb 13, 2019

2018-19 was another year for the books! Click here to see what we accomplished, thanks to you!

Hickory Lodge Feeds Hungry Students Jan 25, 2019

Hickory, N.C., Lodge No. 1654 came together to help serve more than 422,000 meals to kids in their community. Read how they did it here.

Warm Jackets, Warmer Hearts Jan 17, 2019

Knowing that temperatures dip below freezing during the winter in their state, members from Staunton, Va., Lodge No. 351 used a Promise Grant to keep 20 students warm this winter. Read how their community reacted here.