Out of Compliance?

As of September 16, all Lodges who are missing or have pending 2015-16 Final Report Forms are listed as out of compliance. You can check your Lodge’s compliance status and grant progress under the CIP Participation report. Most compliance issues can be easily resolved, and your Lodge will be immediately eligible to apply for additional grants once the CIP office receives the missing 2015-16 Final Report Form Information. Outlined below are a few reasons your Lodge may be marked as out of compliance:

Reason: Your Lodge's 2015-16 Final Report Form was received after August 31, 2016.

Solution: Forms received after the deadline will be reviewed by the end of next week and your Lodge will show as back in compliance at that time. To expedite this process, feel free to email or call.

Reason: Your Lodge's 2015-16 Final Report Form was sent before the deadline but is marked as pending.

Solution: The CIP office will contact your Lodge within the next two weeks regarding the exact issue with your Lodge's Final Report Form(s).

Reason: Your Lodge has not sent in one or more 2015-16 Final Report Forms.

Solution: Please send in all 2015-16 Final Report Forms as soon as possible. If you have misplaced the forms, you can find them under the Final Report Form resource page.

If your question was not answered here, please contact us at LodgeGrants@elks.org or 773/755-4730.

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