Harness Lodge Support

Get the Entire Lodge Involved!

Now that you have a charitable project planned and ready to go, it's time to recruit some volunteers! Get your Lodge membership energized about the project and engage current and prospective members in service.

  • Establish a Lodge Grant Committee, including Lodge members and other stakeholders, like those who helped identify the need. Keep the Lodge and community informed throughout the project, and encourage involvement from those not on the grant committee. There are many ways to get involved!

      • Be visible. Assign a volunteer to take photos and videos. Click here for grant photography tips. To print a photo release form, click here.

      • Be loud. Talk about the Elks. Click here for an elevator speech you can use when talking about the Elks.

      • Be proud. Show the community all the great things that the Lodge does. Think about your audience and encourage them to participate in other Elks programs. For example, if you’re holding a youth back to school fair, be sure to talk about ENF scholarships and the Elks Hoop Shoot.

  • Invite Elks scholars! Today's scholars can be tomorrow's Elks. Head on over to the ENF Scholarships website for more information, or use the ENF Scholar Database to find scholars in your area.

  • If the Lodge is partnering with another organization—e.g., the food bank—it is equally as important for them to promote the information through their channels, with the Elks logo clearly visible, so their constituents know the Elks are a driving force in the cause.

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