Letter to Exalted Rulers

Dear Exalted Ruler,

As an Exalted Ruler, you want what’s best for your Lodge. What could be better than helping local people in need and raising your Lodge’s community profile? You can do both through CIP grants!

July 1 marks the opening of 2017-18 Community Investments Program grant applications. With $12.3 million allocated to the CIP this year, the ENF is committed to helping Lodges build stronger communities.

Not sure where to start? Flip through our CIP Field Guide for an overview of all grants. When you’re ready, visit elks.org/cip for even more information.

Pay special attention to the new $1,500 Anniversary Grant, offered in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the BPOE. All Lodges are eligible for this one-time-only grant. Anniversary Grants are available for use only during the 2017-18 CIP grant cycle.

Your Lodge can choose one of two options:

Supersize another grant project. Your Lodge will have the option to add on the $1,500 Anniversary Grant to your Beacon, Promise or Gratitude Grant budget when you apply.


Fill out an Anniversary Grant application for a new and/or separate charitable project. This option comes with its own Final Report Form requirements.

Talk with your members and come to a consensus about how to use this new, exciting grant—this is your Lodge’s chance to do even more charitable work. More information can be found at enf.elks.org/AnniversaryGrant.

We are here to answer questions or discuss project ideas. Send us an email at LodgeGrants@elks.org or call 773/755-4730.


Elks National Foundation
Community Investments Program

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