When John F. Malley founded the Elks National Foundation in 1928, he envisioned

that it would "unite the forces of the Order into a mighty army for the service of mankind."

The Community Investments Program is that army.

Since the Community Investments Program began in 2005, we've funded more than 27,000 grants to help Lodges build stronger communities. Elks use grants to combat food insecurity, support people experiencing homelessness, serve veterans and military members in need, and to promote youth community service.

When the program began in 2005 with a budget of $350,000,
we never imagined that budget would nearly quadruple in just over a decade. Now, as our largest program, the ENF invests nearly $15 million in the Community Investments Program to help Elks build stronger communities.

The Power of Volunteers

From 2011-12 through 2016-17, we awarded a Community Investments Program Volunteer of the Year Award to acknowledge all our volunteers by recognizing one outstanding Elk volunteer.

2016-17: Gretchen Peterson, Hopkins, Minn., Lodge No. 2221

2015-16: Susan Good, Fresno, Calif., Lodge No. 439

2014-15: Jeff Mitchell, Bradenton, Fla., Lodge No. 1511

2013-14: Rick Shipley, Hillsboro, Ore., Lodge No. 1862

2012-13: Carolyn Shupe, Santa Barbara, Calif., Lodge No. 613

2011-12: Betty Archambault, St. George 'Dixie,' Utah, Lodge No. 1743

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