Early Bird Gets the Promise Grant!

For the fourth year in a row, a record-breaking number of Lodges have applied for a Promise Grant. This year was truly the most competitive thus far. Within the first week of the grant opening, more than 300 Lodges had submitted applications. All were awarded by the third week of April.

If your Lodge missed out on the Promise Grant, never fear! The Lodge still has an opportunity to serve youth using other CIP grants. Consider using a $2,500 Beacon Grant to serve youth in need.

Also, be sure to check out our newest grant opportunity—the Spotlight Grant! Every Lodge will have the opportunity to use this $2,000 grant to shine a light on two issues facing nearly every American community—family literacy and homelessness among our nation’s veterans. The CIP will provide seven project plans. Lodges must select one project, demonstrate the need specific to the community, and implement the project.

All Lodges are encouraged to apply. The Lodge does not need to meet the GER’s per-member-giving goal to receive either grant. Together, that's $4,500 available to your Lodge right now.

Applications for 2019-20 Beacon and Spotlight Grants close December 31, 2019. Grant projects must be complete by March 31, 2020. Please visit elks.org/cip for even more information.

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