10 Steps to a Better Beacon Grant

1. Review the Guidelines: Five requirements govern the Beacon Grant. Learn them by clicking here and you’ll be well on your way to submitting an application for a qualifying project.

2. Know Your History: Has your Lodge received a grant in the past? If so, applying for the Beacon Grant couldn’t be easier! Ideally, Beacon Grants are to be used for the same ongoing, Elks-led charitable activity, so you should apply for what you were approved for last year! Click here to check out a copy of your Lodge’s prior year application.

3. Get Your FAQs Answered: Before you dive into the application, get your Beacon Grant questions answered by reading our Beacon Grant FAQ page.

4. Use InstaGrants: Need some ready-made Beacon Grant project ideas? We’ve got you covered with five in our InstaGrants feature. Simply add details about your Lodge and run with it!

5. Reach Out to Lodge Members: Poll your membership at the next Lodge meeting to get their input on a proposed Beacon Grant project. Or, provide paper and pencils to everyone in attendance to write down ideas.

6. Contact Scholars: With 750 new Elks scholars joining our #ElksFamily every year, there’s no better place to look for volunteers or inspiration. Reach out to your local Elks scholars to collaborate on a project idea.

7. Loop in Like-Minded Organizations: If you have a population in need you’d like to serve with the Beacon Grant, contact organizations in your community that already serve this population for ideas and collaboration opportunities.

8. Get Inspired by Recent Successes: Check out our CIPSational Beacon Grant series for even more Beacon Grant ideas.

9. Contact Us: Ask questions, discuss project ideas and more by calling the friendly CIP staff at 773/755-4730 or emailing lodgegrants@elks.org.

10. Apply by March 31: Don’t leave this $2,000 on the table. Submit an application by the deadline on March 31!

The Elks National Foundation allocated $9.77 million this year to fund the Community Investments Program. Lodges meet local needs in Elks communities through Beacon, Gratitude, Promise and Impact Grants. These grants offer Lodges opportunities to serve the community in ways that will raise the Lodge’s profile, energize the membership, encourage former members to return to the fold, and gain the notice of people who want to be part of an organization that’s doing great things. To learn more about the Community Investments Program, please visit www.elks.org/enf/community.

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