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Summer with the CIP Jun 19, 2024

It's officially summer, and we're celebrating by highlighting some of the ways that Elks Lodges use CIP grants to serve their communities during the hotter months.

CIP: A Year in Review Jun 18, 2024

In 2023-24, we started to realize the long-term effects of the pandemic, and the Elks worked hard to serve Lodge communities with Community Investments Program grants. Through the 2023-24 grant year, the CIP granted nearly $12.5 million in Beacon, Gratitude and Spotlight Grants to Elks Lodges. Review the highlights here!

CIP 2023-24 Survey Results May 30, 2024

We surveyed Lodges to get feedback on the Lodge experience when using CIP grants to help Elks build stronger communities. 529 Lodges weighed in on the 2024 CIP year—see their responses here!

A CIP Celebration of Veterans May 23, 2024

This Memorial Day, take a look at how each CIP grant can be used to support veterans.

Elks Provide for Patients May 14, 2024

Elks Lodges recognize the difficulties vulnerable populations face when getting hospital treatment. Check out this feature to learn how a few Lodges use Beacon Grants to make sure their neighbors recover in comfort.

The CIP Spotlights Local Libraries Apr 5, 2024

View More News For National Library Week, check out a few Lodges that use CIP grants to make their local library a place for more than just finding a good book.