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The Helping Hands of Chula Vista Lodge

Read about how Chula Vista, Calif., Lodge No. 2011 makes the most of its resources to serve so many veterans in the community.

Elks Launch Campaign to Support Pearl Harbor

At the 2019 Elks National Convention in St. Louis, outgoing Grand Exalted Ruler Mike Luhr issued a challenge to the Elks members to raise funds for the Pearl Harbor National Memorial in Hawaii. Will you help?

2018-19 Voluntary Service Outcomes!

Elks Volunteers provide ongoing, vital support to veterans in more than 300 hospitals and facilities across the country through our long-standing Voluntary Service Program. Read about our volunteers' accomplishments here!

4 Years, $4 Million, Thousands of Veterans Housed

Read our recap of the first four years of the Welcome Home program.

2019 Elks National Convention Recap

We're back in Chicago after a great trip to St. Louis! For those who weren't able to attend, check out our recap.

2019-20 Freedom Grant Recipients!

This year the Elks National Veterans Service Commission awarded 325 Freedom Grants, more than ever before!

Bigger and Better ENVSC Programs in 2019-20!

We’re gearing up for a new fiscal year and we’re excited to announce program expansions! Read about all the exciting changes coming up.

12 Things Your Lodge Can Do for Veterans This Winter!

Grant applications are due December 31. Don't miss out on the chance to to use these grant funds to serve your community.

Need project ideas? Read our list of 12 things you can do for veterans this winter.

We're Halfway There!

It's halfway through 2018-19. Check out all that our volunteers have accomplished already this year!

Freedom Grants in Action

In 2018-19, we awarded a record 300 Freedom Grants. Read about how a few of these projects have gone so far!

2018-19 Freedom Grant Recipients!

It was another competitive year for Freedom Grants, and this year we awarded grants to 300 Lodges! Read about a few of the projects here, and view a list of all 300 Lodges.

2018 Convention Recap: 150 Years of Service!

We're back in Chicago after a successful convention. Read all about the action here!

2018 Elks Veterans Service National Volunteer of the Year

Every year, we award two Volunteer of the Year awards to volunteers from each state who go above and beyond in service to veterans. This year, for the first time, we chose a national winner from all the state level-winners.

We’re proud to name Earl T. Bouchard of Sunland-Tujunga, Calif., Lodge No. 2098, the 2018 Elks Veterans Service National Volunteer of the Year!

Supporting Rural Veterans

If you're a Voluntary Service Representative at an outpatient clinic or you want to help veterans living in rural areas, you may be wondering what you can do. Here are a few possibilities to get you started.

Join us in San Antonio for Convention!

Will you be in San Antonio for the Elks 150th Celebration? Make sure to put these Elks Veterans Service events on your calendar!

2018-19 ENVSC Budget

The 2018-19 fiscal year starts next week and the Elks National Veterans Service Commission is excited to kick off another year of serving our nation’s veterans. Thanks to a generous grant from the ENF of nearly $2.9 million, our programs continue to grow!

Our Impact in 2017-18: The Voluntary Service Program

Read about all that Elks accomplished in 2017-18 through the Voluntary Service Program. This facility based-program reached more than 650,000 veterans last fiscal year!

Elks Serve: The 2017-18 ENVSC Annual Report

We're proud to report on this past year, and we hope you enjoy reading about what Elks accomplished together, in service to veterans.

2017-18 ENVSC Annual Report

Welcome Home Kit Participation By State

The Welcome Home Kit program allocates funding for Elks lodges to provide newly housed veterans with household items to help them become established in their new homes. Check out this interactive map that summarizes each states participation in the program.

Make a Difference in 2018

Is your New Years Resolution to volunteer more? You’re in luck! Check out these 10 ways to do more for veterans and military members in 2018.

Welcome Home Progress : Three Years In

In September 2015, the Elks launched the Welcome Home program, pledging to help end veteran homelessness. Thanks to a generous 4 year, $4 million grant from the ENF, the program has been able to make a big impact, giving some of our most vulnerable veterans the care, attention and recognition they deserve.

Learn about what we've accomplished so far!

Veteran-focused InstaGrants!

Looking to do more for veterans? Need ideas? You’re in luck!

Check out these veterans-focused InstaGrants!

Perfect for an Anniversary or Gratitude Grant, these ideas are taken from successful projects held by other Lodges.

Reno Recap: The 2017 Elks National Convention

Did you miss the 2017 convention? Never fear! You can read all about what happened here.

Helping Veterans Get Back on the Move

For some veterans and others with disabilities, just getting up and on the move can be a daily struggle. Busted sidewalks, buildings without elevators, and rough terrain can make using a wheelchair difficult.

For some veterans, that struggle continues at home. Building wheelchair ramps can help veterans and others greatly increase their independence.

Sound like something your Lodge could tackle? Check out our new user's guide to building a wheelchair ramp.

2017-18 ENVSC Budget

The 2017-18 fiscal year is officially here, and the Elks National Veterans Service Commission is excited to kick off another year of serving our nation’s veterans. Thanks to a generous grant from the ENF of nearly $2.6 million, this year we are able to keep our programs going strong, and even expand a few.

We Are the Elks: Read our 2016-17 Annual Report!

The final numbers are in, and we're proud to report on another successful year of serving veterans! Thanks to volunteers like you, the value of Elks' contributions to veterans and military members last year totaled more than $40 million.

2016-17 ENVSC Annual Report

Want a paper copy? Email, or call us at 773-755-4810.

Meet your 2016-17 Veteran Volunteers of the Year!

Each year, State Veterans Chairs send us the names of volunteers in their state who’ve gone above and beyond in their service to veterans. This year was no different.

Read about these outstanding volunteers here!

2016-17 Lodge Veterans Chair Survey Results!

We know our volunteers put in a lot of time. So this year, we reached out to our 2016-17 Lodge Veterans Chairs to get their feedback on how the year went, and how the ENVSC can continue to do its best to serve veterans. Now, the results of that survey are in!

History of the Elks National Veterans Service Commission

How long have the Elks been serving veterans? Pretty much since we began!

The Elks' Turn to Serve Monthly E-newsletter

Read past issues of the ENVSC's monthly email newsletter!

Elks and City of Chicago Partner to Serve Homeless Veterans

The Elks are partnering with the city of Chicago to create an emergency fund for homeless veterans. This fund will help support at least 50 currently homeless veterans secure stable housing.

“The Elks are one of many partners who are stepping up to make sure every Veteran in the City of Chicago has a place to call home,” said City of Chicago Veterans’ Affairs Director Victor Lagroon. Read more about the partnership here!

“One of the Most Rewarding Things We’ve Done as Elks Members”

Learn about the Welcome Home Kit program from experts at Hopkins Lodge No. 2221 in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota. An interview with members of the lodge shed light on some of the great work they’re doing!

Welcome Home Kits How To

Check out this step-by-step guide on how your lodge can get started on the Welcome Home Kit project. You can help newly housed veterans settle in with all they need to succeed!

One Hide at a Time: The Man Behind the Veterans Leather Program

Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer. For the past ten years, Dennis McAleese has been the Veterans Leather Program Chair. In that time, he's helped thousands of hospitalized and recovering veterans with leather therapy kits, distributed thousands of wheelchair gloves, and recruited volunteers from across the country to donate hides and get involved. Read more about his accomplishments below.

A Lifetime of Dedication

As far as volunteers go, Elks are more dedicated than most. Stewart G. Israel has gone above and beyond what even most Elks do. Read more about his 40 years of serving veterans, which includes 2,700 of serving at the VA.

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A Colonie of Support

For the past 22 years, Lou Minion, member of Colonie, N.Y., Lodge No. 2192, has made it a personal mission to reach out to homeless veterans in his community. Along the way, he’s helped hundreds of veterans and built a tradition that involves the whole community.

With the help of the Lodge and community, Minion has held a Stand Down for homeless veterans each year since 1993. Read more about the tradition here.

New Elks National Veterans Service Commission Logo!

In 2015-16, the Elks National Veterans Service Commission debuted a new logo! This updated logo is designed to better reflect all of the programs that the Elks have to serve veterans and military members.

Click here to download the new logo (in jpg format) and be sure to use it in your communication about veterans projects!

New Policy for Re-Creation Housing

In an effort to streamline our support of the Re-Creation touring group, all housing costs for the group will be billed directly to the ENVSC offices in Chicago. Lodges no longer need to provide any housing support to Re-Creation at the local level.

Lodges are encouraged to use all funds previously earmarked for this cause to support veterans in other ways. For ideas, please visit the Veterans Resources webpage, or visit the Veterans Guidelines webpage.

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