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The Elks are a committed partner with VA hospitals and facilities across the nation. We have more than 140 Elks stationed in VA facilities as VAVS Representatives, and 279 Elks certified as Deputy VAVS Representatives in those facilities.

These volunteers give their time and energy each month to serve these veterans, and each month we provide them with the funds they need to plan social activities, buy needed supplies, hold recreational outings, host meals and offer their time and talents to the more than 6 million veterans who visit VA facilities each year. 

We also have 188 Elks stationed in State Veterans Homes, Veterans Nursing Homes, Community Resource and Referral Centers, USOs, and Fisher Houses throughout the country.

In 2015-16, more than 14,000 Elks volunteered at veterans facilities, serving 278,262 veterans.

VA staff have come to learn that when they need help, they can count on the Elks. 

Thanks to our strong number of dedicated volunteers, the Elks are part of the National Advisory Committee for the VA Voluntary Service program, working together with other service organizations to constantly improve the VA's service to veterans. 

The VAVS program is the Elks' most longstanding program for veterans, and the reason so many veterans, VA employees and their family and friends know about the Elks' commitment to serving veterans. 

“The support they provide in terms of coordination of Elks activities, volunteer manpower and donations is unparalleled. They are extremely important members of the VAVS committee and the overall volunteer program. We are extremely appreciative of their dedicated service to veterans.”
– Bay Pines VA Voluntary Service Chief

That's not all. Though most of our volunteers are stationed at VA facilities, volunteers may also serve at state veterans homes and even a few USOs and Fisher Homes through this program. Wherever veterans and military members need help, Elks serve.

Want to get involved?

With your help, this program can continue to grow and more veterans will receive the care they need and deserve.

If you have a few spare hours a week, you can make a difference. View this video from the VA for inspiration.

To get started, contact the Chief of Voluntary Services at your local VA for information about how you can become a certified VA volunteer. Click here to locate your nearest VA facility.

We are always in need of VAVS Deputy Representatives to assist our Representatives. Contact us and we'll put you in touch with VAVS volunteers in your area to help get the process started.

How it Works: Once you contact the facility, fill out the volunteer application. Be prepared to discuss the capacity in which you'd like to serve. After a quick TB test, you'll attend orientation and learn about safety and procedures. Then, you're off! It's that easy.

Are you an existing VAVS Representative or Deputy Representative? Visit the Elks Volunteer Center to check out the list of activity ideas put together by our Veterans Program Chair Stewart Israel, gleaned from his years of experience serving veterans. 

Check out other Elks Veterans Programs! Learn about the Adopt-a-Veteran, Veterans Leather and Welcome Home Programs, and Freedom Grants.

Questions? Email or call 773/755-4736.

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