ENF Month Trivia
Happy ENF Month! Celebrate stronger communities by showing us what you know about the ENF. Each day throughout the month, we posted a trivia question on our Facebook page about ENF history, programs and news. Those who answered correctly were entered a weekly drawing to win great ENF gear! Congratulations to our five winners!

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ENF Trivia: Day 23

Q: How much will the ENF invest in 2013-14 to help Elks build stronger communities?
A: A record $26 million

ENF Trivia: Day 22

Q: To highlight current ENF news and activities, the ENF sends a monthly e-newsletter. What is the name of this e-newsletter?
A: Pulse

ENF Trivia: Day 21

Q: Fill in the blank: Community Investments Program Impact Grants of up to $_____ help Lodges make a visible, significant difference in their communities.
A: $10,000

ENF Trivia: Day 20

Q: Which ENF scholarship helps college students of deceased or totally disabled Elks?
A: Emergency Educational Grants

ENF Trivia: Day 19

Q: Name three different methods of giving to the ENF.
A: Annual donation, online donation, recurring gift, workplace giving, tribute gift, MVS Named Scholarship, planned gifts, while shopping or selling online.

ENF Trivia: Day 18

Q: In which city are the Hoop Shoot National Finals held?
A: Springfield, Mass.

ENF Trivia: Day 17

Q: Fill in the blanks: The ENF awards 250 $4,000 Legacy Awards to high school seniors who are the ____________ and ____________ of dues-paying Elks.
A: Children and grandchildren

ENF Trivia: Day 16

Q: What is the name of the ENF’s individual annual recognition program?
A: Foundation Fellowship

ENF Trivia: Day 15

Q: How many Lodges receive Community Investments Program Promise Grants each year to hold a qualifying youth event?
A: 500

ENF Trivia: Day 14

Q: Which grant offered by the ENF-funded Elks National Veterans Service Commission provides care and comfort for our nation’s veterans in need?
A: Freedom Grant

ENF Trivia: Day 13

Q: What is the name of the Elks Drug Awareness Program and Marvel custom comic, which features Elroy the Elk, Spiderman and the Fantastic Four in a battle against underage drinking?
A: Hard Choices

ENF Trivia: Day 12

Q: What is the award presented to the highest-scoring male and female Hoop Shoot National Champions?
A: Getty Powell Award

ENF Trivia: Day 11

Q: Which ENF Community Investments Program grant is available to Lodges that meet the National President’s per-member goal for giving to the ENF?
A: Gratitude Grant

ENF Trivia: Day 10

Q: The Elks Scholar Advisory Board helps shape the future of Elks scholar opportunities. How many Elks scholars serve on the Board?
A: 8

ENF Trivia: Day 9

Q: What is the newest Community Investments Program grant?
A: Beacon Grant

ENF Trivia: Day 8

Q: The Elks National Veterans Service Commission fulfills the Elks’ pledge and serves our nation’s heroes in need. What is the pledge?
A: “So long as there are veterans, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks will never forget them.”

ENF Trivia: Day 7

Q: What is the name of the Elks Drug Awareness Program representative?
A: Milton “Bigg Milt” Creagh

ENF Trivia: Day 6

Q: How many Most Valuable Student scholarships are awarded to high school seniors each year?
A: 500

ENF Trivia: Day 5

Q: The Elks Hoop Shoot began on a playground in what city in Oregon?
A: Corvallis, Ore.

ENF Trivia: Day 4

Q: The ENF's quarterly newsletter includes program, donor and volunteer features, as well as donor honor rolls. What is the name of this newsletter?
A: Heartbeat

ENF Trivia: Day 3

Q: What percent of our funding does the ENF invest in state grants?
A: 30.8 percent

ENF Trivia: Day 2

Q: What is the ENF's mission?
A: To help Elks build stronger communities

ENF Trivia: Day 1

Q: In what year was the Elks National Foundation founded?
A: 1928

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