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"I feel incredibly privileged to be among a collection of such gifted and hardworking students that made up the pool of national applicants. I have great faith that all the applicants will help bring the world into a bright new future with all the help the Elks Foundation has provided them… I have found a new family in the Elks association that will be cheering me on through both college and the future I decide to create for myself after college. I could not have asked for a better opportunity to help me thorugh college and will never be able to show my appreciation enough."
Graeme Jacobson, Scholar

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The Elks National Foundation's Community Investments Program invests $8.68 million in Elks communities through Lodge grants that help Elks meet local needs. In 2013-14, Elks across the country volunteered more than 336,500 hours using CIP grants.

"The Elks National Foundation will unite the forces of the order into a mighty army for the service of mankind."
- John F. Malley

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