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"I will be attending the The University of Oklahoma this fall and I am most looking forward to the new experiences! I want to make new friends, set new goals, and learn about my dream career, biomedical engineering. This scholarship will help me by paying for my tuition and enabling me to not have to work during college so I can focus on studying. Thank you so much for this scholarship!"
Anna Rowell, Scholar

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How is the Elks National Foundation Helping YOUR State?

Each year, the Elks National Foundation strives to grant more money back to each state than it received from that state in donations. These grants help fund the state Elks associations' major charitable projects, which include aid for people with disabilities, cancer research, children's hospitals, youth camps, and safe havens for abused families. The state associations also use these grants to fund their "Hoop Shoot," Soccer Shoot, Drug Awareness and scholarship programs, as well as other charitable and philanthropic projects.

This year, the Elks National Foundation will grant $8.72 million to the state Elks associations. To learn how ENF is helping your state, check the stats:

Also, be sure to check your State Major Project.

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