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Scholar Advisory Board
2013-14 Board

The ENF is proud to present the 2013-14 Elks Scholar Advisory Board. The outstanding Elks scholar board members are listed below. Click here for more information on the Elks Scholar Advisory Board. To send comments or suggestions to the Scholar Advisory Board, email

Maryann Slater, President, Junior Representative

2011 Legacy
Rutgers University
Sponsored by South Plainfield, N.J., Lodge No. 2298

Maryann is a campus tour guide at Rutgers, where she is also involved in many theatrical productions and teaches dance lessons. Maryann remains active in her hometown Elks Lodge and can often be found volunteering there. “I basically grew up with the Elks, but I never understood just how much the Elks do,” says Maryann. “When I became an active volunteer, I got to see just how generous and caring the Elks are to so many different people.”

Click here to watch a video of Maryann explaining why she stays involved with the Elks even though she is busy on campus.

Karsten Coates, Vice-President, Sophomore Representative

2012 MVS
University of Virginia
Sponsored by Northern Neck, Va., Lodge No. 2666

In high school, Karsten was an active Eagle Scout, 4H counselor, and member of the Student Government. Now a sophomore at the University of Virginia, he is active with Student Council and serves on the Entrepreneurship Innovations Committee. In his free time, Karsten can be found studying for his major—commerce with a minor in psychology.

Click here to watch a video of Karsten encouraging Elks to connect with local scholars and form lasting relationships.

Sean Pringle, Senior Representative

2010 MVS
California Polytechnic State University
Sponsored by Oceano/Five Cities, Calif., Lodge No. 2504

Since joining the Elks Scholar Advisory Board, Sean has established a very active Elks scholar group on the California Polytechnic State University Campus, where he is studying civil engineering. Each year, Sean brings together other Elks scholars to volunteer with the local Elks Lodge—Oceano/Five Cities, Calif., Lodge No. 2504. “It’s exciting to see how helping the Lodge with events throughout the year means so much,” says Sean. “And it promotes great fellowship within our Elks scholar group.”

Click here to watch a video of Sean sharing why he's returned several times to his hometown Elks Lodge to share his story and give thanks to members.

Nathan Baker, Freshman Representative

2013 MVS
Cornell University
Sponsored by Tyrone, Pa., Lodge No. 212

In high school, Nathan was active in Student Council, Mock Trial and National Honor Society, in addition to playing volleyball, hockey and golf. This fall, he will study Government and International Relations at Cornell University. Nathan is looking forward to working with other Elks scholars and Elks members on the Scholar Advisory Board during the next four years.

Click here to watch a video of Nate explaining why he was excited to become a member of the Elks family.

Devin Noonan, At Large Representative

2008 Legacy
Rutgers UniversityAlum
Sponsored by Asbury Park-Wall, N.J., Lodge No. 128

A recent graduate of Rutgers University, Devin now works full-time as a charity fundraising specialist at A.S. Charity Fundraising in New York. In college, Devin was very active in the Greek community and recently founded his fraternity’s graduate chapter, where he serves as Alumni Advisor, Social Media Coordinator, and Scholarship Manager. After watching family members join the Elks, Devin says, “I’ve witnessed first-hand how supportive and productive the Elks can be, and this is something I will cherish forever.”

Click here to watch a video of Devin explaining why he wants to serve with his local Elks Lodge.

Olivia Valdes, At Large Representative

2012 MVS
Yale University
Sponsored by Boca Raton, Fla., Lodge No. 2166

Currently a sophomore studying Literature at Yale, Olivia volunteers much of her time to literary programs. In high school, she founded Hope Through Literature, a reading enrichment and book sharing program for elementary school students. She also writes for the Yale Literary Magazine and DJs for Yale’s radio station. “I believe that as an Elks scholar it is now my responsibility to become even more of a positive force in my community,” says Olivia.

Macy Warburton, At Large Representative

2010 MVS
Kansas State University
Sponsored by Winfield, Kan., Lodge No. 732

Macy attends Kansas State University where is involved in glee club, serves on the student government, and belongs to the Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority. Every year, Macy takes part in the Elks Scholar Month of Service and volunteers at the Kansas State Hoop Shoot Contest. After seeing these Elks programs, Macy said, “Once I started hearing everything that the Elks do, I realized that I was part of a wonderful organization. I have had a great experience getting involved as an Elks scholar.”

Click here to watch a video of Macy discussing how much personal connections with Elks members mean to her.

Jesse LeBeau, Alum of the Year Representative

2005 MVS
San Diego Christian College Alum
Sponsored by Ketchikan, Alaska, Lodge No. 1429

Jesse’s ENF scholarship took him to San Diego Christian College, where he earned a degree in Business and Communications. He now resides in Los Angeles where he is a motivational speaker, aspiring actor, and soon-to-be author. Jesse strives to be an example for others, and uses his own story to teach others that anything is possible. “My goal is to empower today's youth to believe in themselves, pursue their dreams, and have access to positive role models they can look up to,” says Jesse.

Click here to watch a video of Jesse sharing why he is grateful for his ENF scholarship.

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