ENF Scholarship Winner Testimonials

Meet the Class of 2016 - Sarah Wells
Read about 2016 Legacy scholar Sarah Wells, who used her journalism skills to help fellow students in need and hopes to continue helping others in the future through a career in cancer research.

Meet the Class of 2016 - Grace Wickerson
Read about 2016 MVS scholar Grace Wickerson, whose passion for martial arts led her to found her own nonprofit dedicated to eradicating violence.

Meet the Class of 2016 - Brandon Dawson
Read about Freshman Scholar Advisory Board member Brandon Dawson, who was active throughout high school in environmental causes and plans to continue his interests at Duke University.

ENF Volunteer Testimonials
True Grit Elks: Tom 'Tex' Tracy
Tex is an ENF Chair and is also involved with the Hoop Shoot, Drug Awareness, Veterans Service Committees and the Soccer Shoot. A recipient of the Purple Heart, Tex exemplifies grit, read on to learn how.

True Grit Elks: Danniele McKnight
Danniele McKnight—a member of Frederick, Md., Lodge No. 684 for 13 years—has served Elkdom in various capacities, including as the ENF Fundraising Chair for her Lodge. Danniele exemplifies grit. To read how, check out her True Grit Elks bio below.

True Grit Elks: Bill Oakley
Elks know they can make a difference in their communities and that they can influence the next generation in a positive way. The Elks National Foundation has the privilege and responsibility to help Elks do that by developing programs and providing grants. Bill Oakley is an Elk making a difference in his community. Read more about his story here.

ENF Donor Testimonials
What's in a Name?
Read how the MVS Named Scholarship Program enhances Elks scholars' experiences within the Elks family.

eBay and the ENF
Damon Lenk, a member of Bristol, Conn., Lodge No. 1010, sells American flags online to support the ENF. Read more to find out how!

Motivate, Move, Match
See how Cynthiana, Ky., Lodge No. 438 used a volunteer-hour matching program to raise more than $9,000 for the ENF.

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