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"On behalf of my family and myself I would like to thank you very much for the Elks Scholarship. It will be a tremendous help to furthering my education at the University of Iowa. My dad was a member of the Elks foundation, and he also attended the University of Iowa, which makes this scholarship so much more special that it is helping me follow in his footsteps."
Brittany Best, Scholar

Jim O'Kelley
Marcee Northey
Assistant Director
Deborah Kahler Doles
Twitter: @ElksDebbie
Development Coordinator
Donor Services Associate
Jon Flaherty
Twitter: @ElksJonF
Associate, Youth Programs
Billy Donnelly
Twitter: @ElksBilly
Database Marketing Associate
Dylan Fahey
Twitter: @ElksDylan
Donor Services Assistant
Lauren Barnes
Senior Associate, Lodge Grants
Colleen Muszynski
Twitter: @ElksColleen
Communications Associate
Christine Robinson
Twitter: @ElksChristine
Donor Services Coordinator
Paula Lukos
Programs Relationship Associate
Anne Stretz
Twitter: @ElksAnne
Donor Services Coordinator
Henri Pruger
Programs Associate, Lodge Grants
Sarah Louderman
Twitter: @ElksSarah
Office Assistant
Sandy Supancic
Programs Assistant, Lodge Grants
Jocelyn Moya
Twitter: @ElksJocelyn
Programs Assistant
Ashley Brown
Twitter: @ElksAshleyB
Elks Scholar Fellow
Maryann Slater
Twitter: @Maryannslaterr
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