John F. Malley Society

John F. Malley, PGER In 1928, Elks National Foundation founder John F. Malley charged the delegates of the Grand Lodge Convention with laying "the foundation of a more stately mansion—a temple of philanthropy with a dome so vast that it will cover the entire nation." Malley dreamed of a permanent endowment fund that would support the Order’s philanthropic works.

Like Malley, many of our donors are visionaries. They can see the wonderful possibilities of the Elks National Foundation and want the influence of their good deeds to continue forever. They want to leave their legacy to the future.

The John F. Malley Society recognizes those individuals who plan gifts to the Foundation. A planned gift can include a bequest, gift of appreciated stock, gift of life insurance, or other life income gifts. Membership benefits include:

  • The Malley Society pin. (Click for image.)
  • The Malley Society medallion.
  • Name listed in Heartbeat, the ENF donor newsletter.
  • Invitation to a special event each year at the Elks National Convention.

To enroll in the John F. Malley society, you simply need to fill out a one-page application and provide us with a brief testimonial explaining why you chose to include the Foundation in your plans. We do not need to see a copy of your will.

Click here to enroll in the John F. Malley Society. If you prefer to download a printable version of the enrollment form, click here. If you have any other questions about the John F. Malley Society, please contact us.

John F. Malley Society Members

The Foundation sincerely thanks these members of the John F. Malley Society, updated as of March 1, 2016. For more information about planned giving, visit the ENF Planned Giving Website, or contact the Foundation at 773/755-4728.

  • Mr. Roy E. Ahrens
  • Mr. Raymond G. Beers
  • Mr. Edward C. Black Jr.
  • Ms. Joy A. Booth
  • Mr. Gary W. Brown
  • Ms. Deborah K. Brunner
  • Mr. John W. Buza
  • Mr. William W. Carpenter
  • Mr. Clarence 'Ed' Carter
  • Mr. Donald R. Checchi
  • Mr. William J. Chinn Jr.
  • Mr. Nels Christianson
  • Mr. David P. Cioe
  • Mrs. Betty L. Cook
  • Mr. Leroy E. Cook
  • Mr. Brett M. Davis
  • Mr. David G. Dean
  • Mrs. Vickie Dean
  • Mr. Cullen S. Downing
  • Mr. Edward G. Downs
  • Mr. Robert L. Duitsman
  • Mr. Robert D. Fisette
  • Mr. Frank H. Frazier
  • Mr. Michael E. Fredrickson
  • Mr. Frank O. Garland PGER
  • Mrs. Susan Good
  • Mr. Daniel W. Gowan
  • Mrs. Sandra N. Gowan
  • Mr. N. Todd Graves
  • Ms. Beverly A. Hamby
  • Mr. Carroll S. Hamilton
  • Mr. Donald L. Hamilton
  • Mr. Arlie C. Hammons III
  • Ms. Carolyn Horton
  • Mr. Willis J. Jamieson Jr.
  • Mr. David B. Juppe
  • Mr. John J. Kempel
  • Mr. James R. Kevil
  • Mr. David S. King
  • Mr. John A. Landry
  • Mrs. Karen Landry
  • Mr. Charles W. Lester
  • Mr. Jackson C. Link
  • Mr. Dennis London
  • Mr. John E. Markee
  • Mr. John E. Markiewicz
  • Ms. Patricia McCauley
  • Mr. Geffrey K. McDaniel
  • Mr. Joel L. Mills
  • Mr. George M. Minichiello
  • Ms. Lysa M. Molnar
  • Ms. Linda Mounts
  • Mr. E. Lance Nelson
  • Mr. James W. O'Kelley III
  • Mr. Scott Paine
  • Mr. Jeffrey E. Patterson
  • Mr. Christopher L. Perera
  • Mr. Phillip C. Petrie
  • Mr. Thomas M. Petro
  • Mrs. Margaret Pickett
  • Mr. R. A. Pickett
  • Mr. Maxime A. Pilon
  • Mr. Randall D. Pray
  • Ms. Reyne Rocha
  • Mr. Jon-Paul Roden
  • Mr. Robert J. Rolewicz
  • Mr. Robert J. Sabin PGER
  • Ms. Alyssa M. Santos
  • Mr. William M. Sisco
  • Dr. Aaron D. Smith
  • Dr. Robert R. Stevens
  • Mr. Nester W. Tan
  • Mr. Daniel G. Taylor
  • Mr. Robert E. Taylor
  • Mr. William C. Tennis
  • Mr. Robert L. Thomas
  • Ms. Pat Tracey
  • Mr. John T. Traynor PGER
  • Mr. Roger R. True PGER
  • Louis and Marilyn Vits
  • Mrs. E. Jeanne Walker
  • Mr. Matthew Whisman
  • Mrs. Marge Whitworth
  • Mrs. Cynthia Wyszynski
  • Howard and Violet Ziebell

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