District No. 6280

Lodge Directory

Lodge Officers & Committee Chairmen

2017 - 2018

Exalted Ruler

Robert Becker (Michele Richens)
Email: ExaltedRuler@cliftonparkelks.org

Esteemed Leading Knight

Audrey Osterlitz (Ron), PER
Email: LeadingKnight@cliftonparkelks.org

Esteemed Loyal Knight

William Tierney (Lynda)
Email: LoyalKnight@cliftonparkelks.org

Esteemed Lecturing Knight

No Assignment
Email: LecturingKnight@cliftonparkelks.org


Daniel J. Mathias (Joan)
Home: 518-877-4944
Office: 518-877-5200
Email: Secretary@cliftonparkelks.org


Thomas E. Nealon, PER
Office: 518-877-5200
Email: Treasurer@cliftonparkelks.org


Joseph Dombrosky

5 Year Trustee

John Buchanan
Email: Trustees@cliftonparkelks.org

4 year Trustee

Denis Ryder
Email: Trustees@cliftonparkelks.org

3 Year Trustee

Daniel Drescher PER (Susan)
Email: Trustees@cliftonparkelks.org

2 Year Trustee

Stephen J. Gregor (Barbara)
Email: Trustees@cliftonparkelks.org

1 Year Trustee

Robert E. Lumpkins (Cathy), PER
Email: Trustees@cliftonparkelks.org


Michele Richens (Robert Becker ER)


Kathleen Whimple (Kevin Granger)
Email: chaplain@cliftonparkelks.org

Inner Guard

David Alexander (Debbie)

Officer of the Year 2016-2017

Keith Hobbs
Email: khobbs@redneck-trailer.com

Elk of The Year 2016-2017

Thomas E. Nealon (Carole), PER

Committee Chairmen

2017 - 2018

100 Audit & Accounting

Jim Malloy
Email: Auditing@cliftonparkelks.org

200 Activities

Robert Lumpkins (Cathy), PER
54 Werner Rd
Clifton Park, NY 12065
Home: 518-664-7045
Office: 518-395-6306
Email: Activities@cliftonparkelks.org

201 Community Project & Activities

Michael J. Bloss (Pat), PSP
Email: mbloss.cp2466@gmail.com

Public Relations

Dan Mathias
Email: PublicRelations@cliftonparkelks.org

203 Youth Activities

Robert E. Lumpkins (Cathy), PER
Email: YouthActivities@cliftonparkelks.org

204 Hoop Shoot

Craig Masterson (Ronald)
Email: HoopShoot@cliftonparkelks.org

205 Drug Awareness

Craig Masterson
Email: DrugAwareness@cliftonparkelks.org

300 Fraternal

Michael J. Bloss (Pat), PSP
Email: Fraternal@cliftonparkelks.org

301 Americanism

James E. Malloy (Judy)
Email: Americanism@cliftonparkelks.org

302 Elks National Foundation

Robert Lumpkins, PER
54 Werner Rd
Clifton Park, NY 12065
Home: 5186647045
Cell: 5186647045
Email: ENF@cliftonparkelks.org

303 Flag Day

Michael T. Murphy (Carole)
Email: FlagDay@cliftonparkelks.org

304 Elks Memorial Day

Michael Murphy
Email: MemorialService@cliftonparkelks.org

305 Membership

James G. Farnan, PER
Email: Membership@cliftonparkelks.org

306 Lodge Activites

Robert Lumpkins (Cathy), PER
Email: LodgeActivities@cliftonparkelks.org

307 Veterans Services

Faron Flinton, PER
Email: VeteransServices@cliftonparkelks.org

400 Accident Prevention

Robert Lumpkins (Cathy), PER
Email: AccidentPrevention@cliftonparkelks.org

500 PER Association

Audrey Osterlitz (Ron), PER
Email: PERAssociation@cliftonparkelks.org

600 Standing Relief

Robert Becker

900 Ritualistic

Michael J. Bloss (Pat), PSP
Email: Ritual@cliftonparkelks.org

902 Soccer Shoot

Steven L. Bianconi
Email: SoccerShoot@cliftonparkelks.org

903 Government Relations

Sandy Roth
Email: GovernmentRelations@cliftonparkelks.org

904 State Major Projects

Stephen Gregor
Email: MajorProjects@cliftonparkelks.org

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