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Below you will find all of the DAP's educational resource materials. Select a tab below to find relevant information from the DAP.


Alcohol and Crime Download .mp3

Alcohol and Sexual Assault Download .mp3

Alcohol and Suicide Download .mp3

Binge Drinking Download .mp3

Underage Drinking Download .mp3


Drugs and Work Download .mp3

Dangers of Methamphetamine Download .mp3

Marijuana and Driving Download .mp3

Other Important Information

Parenting Download .mp3

Bullying Download .mp3

Stopping Teen Smoking Download .mp3

Fight the Good Fight Download .mp3


Downloadable videos may become available over time. All video content currently resides in the DAP Media Gallery.

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What Heroes Do

What Heroes Do Comic Book Cover

What Heroes Do: Teacher's Guide

The Avengers – Never Alone #1