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Centralia, IL Lodge News

"Operation We Care"

Beau’s Crew, whom have been onboard helping since day one, announced their retirement this month. “Operation We Care” and I would like to express many, many thanks to Beau & Polly Dersch, Perri Debernardi, Paulette Goodchild, Mike & Judy Sutherland, Roger Sutherland, and Arland Spiedel for their long term of service as members of this Crew. Each and every one of you truly fit the bill … Elks Care & Elks Share … Thank You!
“OWC” has been busy again this past month. A $500 donation was given to the L.O.T.E. to help them raise their Relay For Life goal of $6,000. Other donations went out to the Salvation Army, Lighthouse Ministries, Manuel Manny Dominguez, and B. John McCoy. We will also be making contributions to the individuals or families of the Troops from our area recently in the news. Our Prayers go out to Staff Sergeant Joshua Melton, Corporal Casey Hills, Staff Sergeant Alex Pracht, and their Families at this time.