Centralia, IL 493

Memorial Tribute

Memorial Monument Tribute

In April 2013 this Memorial Tribute was erected on the north side of the lodge in honor of and to recognize all Elks who have passed through these doors and will come no more. As our motto reads "The faults of our members we write upon the sands, their virtues upon the tablets of love and memory" what better way to love and remember our departed members? On Memorial Day, Flag Day, and upon the death of a member in good standing the tribute will also display flags in honor of our departed.

The Tribute was the idea of several members and a committee was formed and led by PER Pat Norrenberns. All monies used to re-landscape and erect the tribute were donated by members at no expense to the lodge. The Lodge recognizes and thanks each of the donors listed; Dale Aussieker, Henry & Sandy Beguelin, Pat Cleary, Ron & Helen Donoho, Aggie Edwards, Cindi Fulton, Bob & Patti Hahn, Gilbert & Joan Hayes, Mark & Nicky Hayes, Kenny Hill, David & Sue Koelling, Tony & Lisa Korzenewski, Clint Knox, Patrick & Barb Kyker, V. Ray & Helen Landers, Bill & Becky Luebben, Mick & Marla McDaneld, Ralph & Leora McTall, Carl & Sandy Mecum, Joe Neiderhoffer, Pat & Esther Norrenberns, Dave & Rosanna Perkins, Red & Sally Schwartz, Joe & Shelly Ray, Don Shanafelt, Tom & Karla Simpson, Ed Sprehe, Betty Taylor, Roland & Sandy Telford, Tiny Terry & Family, Gary & Ann Toedte, Dick Travis, Eric & Ashley Wilkinson, Sam Wilkinson & Harold Womble.

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