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"Operation We Care"

Originally this program was started as a way to support our Local National Guard Troops as they were to be deployed to Iraq. Eventually those Troops returned safely and the program was such a success that the Elks knew they needed to keep it going. They redirected the charitable funds raised to the Local Community until the time would arise to support our Troops once again.
Every Thursday Evening starting at 6:00 pm Volunteers serve a meal they have prepared for $6.00, while the Lady Elks prepare and serve a dessert for $1.00. The Volunteers work in "Crews" of 5 or 6 members with currently 7 "Crews".
All Elks are invited to help, and all Elks are urged to attend and buy dinner. Over the past six years we have donated over $55,000 to the Troops & the Local Charities. While the Troops were deployed overseas, we sent packages of various items (phone cards, toiletries, snacks, stationary supplies, and cameras) and helped some of their families back here at home.
If your in our area on a Thursday Evening, be sure to stop in and have a bite to eat and say Thank You to a wonderful group of Elks!