Culver City, CA 1917

Culver City, CA Lodge News

Veteran's Hospital-Patients Carnival

The Culver City Elks and the Culver City Emblem Club participated in a Patients Carnival / Block Party for the patients from the Veteran's Hospital. The carnival was held on Grant Ave; there was food, games, prizes and live entertainment. The third Thursday of each month the Culver City Emblem Club and members of the Culver City Elks holds a bingo for some of the patients at the hospital. They play bingo, treat the patients to a beverage, cookies and ice cream or yogurt. Throughout your travels, even if you don't use the soap and shampoo in the hotel you stay at, the Emblem Club has a great use for them. Each Christmas they deliver the veterans filled Christmas stockings. Save your hotel soaps, shampoo, toothbrushes, socks and playing cards. These items save the club from excessive expenditures. For anyone who would like to help out or more information about the program, contact Luisa Saenz at 310-397-8923. To view more pictures from the Carnival, click on the Photos tab Remember, these men and women risked their lives for our freedom...