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Lodge #1917 Home

"So long as there are Veterans, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks will never forget them."

Welcome to Culver City Elks Lodge #1917
located in the Heart of Screenland at
11160 Washington Place, Culver City, CA 90232-3995

Paul Casillas - Exalted Ruler

the Proud Home of
Robert L. Duitsman, California-Hawaii Elks Association Past State President
Robert L. Duitsman, Grand Exalted Ruler
Robert L. Duitsman, Honorary Chief Justice of the Grand Lodge Forum
Noe Saenz, California Hawaii Elks Association Past Trustee

C. Michael Melton, South Central Coast District Past DDGER & CHEA Chairman for Membership/Lapsation

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Any member who needs help getting through this, whether shopping for food, picking up medicine or whatever is encouraged to contact Lance Hudson at or by Text or phone call at #310-694-7252 and someone will assist you as needed, don't be shy.


The Grand Lodge Office
in Chicago has been closed down by the State Order there, thru at least April 7.
Like many, they are continuing to work remotely to the extent possible. A message about that can be found


A Message from Grand Exalted Ruler Robert L. Duitsman is here


CORONAVIRUS GUIDELINES FOR THE B.P.O.E. are here. I will summarize in saying that these guidelines state that we must follow our Statutes and By-Laws and also Local, State and Federal Laws. It has been determined that if our government has decided to close Bars and or Kitchens then that includes us. We are allowed to work on the property as long as Social Distancing Guidlines are followed. Accordingly our Porters have been cleaning and disinfecting the Lodge as well as painting and making other improvements as possible. When we are allowed to return the Lodge will look a little nicer than before! Our office also remains open although they may close a little early if nothing is going on so it may be best to Call before if you need to go to the Office.


It may also interest you to know that the new Officers are being installed, effective April 1, using a unique procedure just authorized by Grand Lodge. The Officers are to sign and turn in to the Office the "Obligation for Incoming Officers". We expect to follow up with the Installation Ritual later in the year. The authorization for this comes to use via "Jim" Grillo, our Area 7 Sponser (leader) and is also signed by our own Grand Exalted Ruler Roberet L. Duitsman. The authorization and Obligation can be found here for those interested.


It is my sad duty to report to you that Red Hardy passed away on 3/20/2020. Many of us remember him as a member and as the Club Manager for many years.


Just a reminder that the Emblem Club #254 Brunch and Easter Egg hunt is cancelled, it is in the Call because this didn't become apparent until after the Call went to print. I presume this may be rescheduled when things clear up.


As you may have heard on the news, there is a severe Blood shortage right now. If you can give, please click on the image above and give.



Through at least Sunday April 19, per Public Health Orders of the State and Local Governments today March 19, 2020, due to concerns about the Corona Virus
The Board of Directors wants to let you know what has been going on, for those interested, see below:

Check back to this page for updates


The Information below has been updated on 3/24/20 to avoid confusion with the above information:

On or about Sunday March 15th the Board of Directors (hereinafter referred to as BOD) held an emergency meeting electronically (via text messages) to discuss the developing Corona Virus issue as news was spreading that protective measures were being called for. BOD decided at that time to Close the Lodge effective immediately thru March 19 as a precautionary measure. We (the Board) eventually scheduled a meeting for Wednesday, March 18, 7PM at the Lodge. In contradiction to our Statutes, the members were not given 5 days notice due to edicts from the Government to not have meetings of over 10 people. Bear in mind that the Statutes (of the Order) do require us to follow the Law so we presumed that this was appropriate. By the time of that meeting it had already been announced that we must close down thru March 31st. I was preparing to tell you about that today when the latest order came down from State and Local authorities. Here is a link to the minutes of the March 18 meeting for those who care to read it.

Now we must close down thru at least April 19th. This obviously applies to all Lodges so basically all Elk events are cancelled until at least then. Here is a link to the County Health order for those that care to read it.

There has been no counter offer from the Builder across the alley but of course they are dealing with the same situation. It is possible that they may be delaying the project and might not get back to us for a while.

The BOD has scheduled a virtual meeting, via Zoom, for march 31st. The bills are being paid. For those interested I can report that so far we have only had 1 rental cancel, the others so far have been just pushing them back so that is hopeful.

We may have some members who need assistance at this time if you can donate, food, toilet paper or whatever, or if you are available to help distribute same, or if you need help of some kind please email Lance, be aware that I may not be able to respond during the day as I am working most of the time but I will get back to you and we will do what we can to be of assistance. To those who know Bub and Shug, I can report that I talked to them a few days ago and they have 3 or 4 neighbors shopping for them and 2 friends picking up their meds so they are in good shape and doing well.

If you have any questions you have my email, don't hesitate, I'll get back to you as quick as I can.



The Lounge is Now Open until 10PM on Saturdays!
As soon as we are open again



Elk and German shepherd caught on camera frolicking in Colorado



All Events that require Lodge Space or Advertising:
Must be submitted ASAP to Davina Antico

For posting on our Google Calendar to avoid double booking.
This includes Rentals, meetings, Cubs Scouts, any event

All Events that are to go into the Call need to be sent to the Lodge Secretary
All events that are to be on the website &/or Facebook
should be sent to the High and Mighty Webmaster


Thursday March 26
4PM at the Lodge or 5PM at US Vets in Inglewood
Event Canceled
by US Vets


Saturday March 28
1PM Committeemen's Appreciation Lunch
Event Cancelled, will be re-scheduled when appropriate


Sunday March 29
12-4PM First Vice Presidents District Fundraiser
Event Cancelled


Sunday April 12
Event Cancelled, may be rescheduled when appropriate
10:30-2PM Emblem Club #254 Easter Brunch

$10, Children under 12 $5-



This Weeks Highlights


No Dinner
No Meeting

Lodge Closed until at least 4/19/20


We'd like to encourage Tipping our wonderful Cooks!
Lodge Closed until at least 4/19/20

the Queen will return once things are back to normal



Club Hours

The Club is Currently Closed thru at leaste April 19

Monday 3PM-9PM
Tuesday 12PM-9PM
Wednesday 12PM-11PM
Thursday 10AM-9PM
Friday 12PM-1AM
Saturday 12PM-10PM
Sunday 12PM-10PM

Club Manager and Facilities Rental MGR: Davina Antico, assistant Jacob Fassnacht
Club Phone 1-310-839-1917

Office Hours

Monday-Tuesday & Thursday 9AM-4PM
1st & 3rd Wednesday - 9AM-4PM & 5:30-7:30PM
Other Wednesdays 9AM-4PM
Friday, Saturday & Sunday CLOSED

Office Phone: 310-839-8891
Fax: 310-839-5093
Lodge Secretary: Caspar de Jong, PER
Office Manager: Bonnie Naruo

Your High & Mighty Webmaster, PER & Trustee
Lance Hudson



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