Culver City, CA 1917

Culver City, CA Lodge News


Altar, where proudly repose The Three Precious Symbols that every Elk knows. Brother, a word that we love; it makes us all kin, does the term from above. Charity, noblest of deeds; it carries a blessing in each of its seeds. Discord, we never have known and Duty that bids us to take care of our own. Eleven, the hour of prayer when "Our Absent Brothers" our loving thoughts share. Fidelity, never does it lag; just now it bids us to stand up for our Flag. God, the Omnipotent King, whose children we are and whose praises we sing. Home, where a welcome awaits, The "Wandering Elk" who has come to our gates. Initiate, waiting the words that makes him an Elk, with a place in the herds. Justice, impartial and free, yet tempered with Mercy, as Justice should be. Knowledge, that thrills you and me that all the world honors the "B.P.O.E." Lodges, all over the land, about fifteen hundred and many more planned. Memory, of each bygone prince who helped found our Order, just fifty years since. Nation, of which we're a part and love for it burns bright in every Elk's heart. Order, and likewise our Oath, as long as life last, we'll be faithful to both. Pockets, that we reach in and quick to help the distressed poor and the sick. Queens, of our hearts and our lives, Our Mothers, Sisters, Sweethearts and Wives. Religion, we know only ONE: To do good to all and do evil to none. Star, that looks down from above and sheds on our Altar the radiance of love. Time, with his scythe and his glass; He bids us remember, "Do good as ye pass." Unknown, where are Brothers of old, found rest when the story of life was all told. Vision, that sometimes seems plain of that Other World where we'll meet them again. Widows, who call not in vain; we've helped them before and we'll help them again. Xample, we set to the world, wherever the standard of Elkdom's unfurled. Youngsters, for someone has told how Elks are all children who never grow old. Zeal, that we have for the Right; The Alphabet's ended; I thank you - Good Night!