Shoot for the Stars—Finalist Fest

Meet the 2019 BackBoard!

We're delighted to announce the 2019 Hoop Shoot Alumni Advisory Board, a.k.a. the BackBoard! These six past National Finalists will join us for the Hoop Shoot National Finals where they will serve as volunteers, leaders, and role models to this year’s 72 National Finalists. Get to know these incredible Hoop Shoot alumni below.

Fox Maikovich

College: University of Colorado

Sponsoring Lodge: Boulder, Colo., Lodge No. 566

National Finals Appearance: 2010, 12-13 Boys

National Finals Score: 6th place, 21/25

About: There isn’t anything rocky about this native Coloradoan. His experience with the BackBoard has helped him learn the importance of giving back. But that doesn’t stop him from having fun in Chicago, especially trading cards with the National Finalists.

Advice for 2019 National Finalsts:

“Shoot with confidence; try not to worry about the outcome.”

Katie Hoisington

College: University of Oregon

Sponsoring Lodge: Placerville, Calif., Lodge No. 1712

National Finals Appearance: 2004, 8-9 Girls

National Finals Score: 8th place, 17/25

About: Laughter follows this Californian around. A ray of sunshine in Chicago, she was a welcomed addition to the BackBoard last year. Now, she wants to take what she learned and do it all “bigger and better” in 2018. She helps the National Finalists relax and is a constant reminder to have fun.

Advice for 2019 National Finalsts:

“It’s not each individual shot you took but the excitement, honor and connections made throughout this incredible journey that you will remember.”

TJ Cahill

College: Springfield College

Sponsoring Lodge: Woonsocket, R.I., Lodge No. 850

National Finals Appearance: 2012, 12-13 Boys

National Finals Score: 5th place, 22/25

About: A college freshman from Rhode Island, one of the newest additions to the BackBoard is out to prove that size doesn’t matter. He may be from the smallest state but is looking to make the biggest impact. Last year, as a high school senior, he was featured on the Hoop Shoot website for hosting a free-show shooting clinic for kids in his community. This year, he will be giving advice on the biggest stage, the Hoop Shoot National Finals.

Advice for 2019 National Finalsts:

“Even if you don’t win the National Finals, you’re one of the 12 best free-throw shooters your age in the whole country.”

Maci Coffey

College: Doane University

Sponsoring Lodge: Hastings, Neb., Lodge No. 159

National Finals Appearances: 2006, 8-9 Girls; 2009, 12-13 Girls; 2010, 12-13 Girls

National Finals Score: 5th place, 20/25; 5th place, 22/25; 10th place, 16/25

About: A Cornhusker with family ties, she was a three-time National Finalist herself. Her sister, Madison, was a three-time National Finalist, as well. She learned about confidence, sportsmanship, and “the opportunity for self-growth through hard work and dedication” through the Hoop Shoot. These skills have allowed her to play college volleyball where she is majoring in elementary and special education. This BackBoard rookie wants to give the Finalists the same unforgettable experiences she and her sister shared when they competed.

Advice for 2019 National Finalsts:

“No matter the outcome, you are a champion; hold your head high and enjoy the opportunity.”

Jon Cloud

College: Washburn University

Sponsoring Lodge: Topeka, Kan., Lodge No. 204

National Finals Appearance: 2010, 10-11 Boys

National Finals Score: 5th place, 19/25

About: Gritty to the core, this Kansan has overcome a lot in his life. His first Hoop Shoot, he took last place in his Lodge contest. With discipline and hard work, he bounced back and made it all the way to the National Finals. In 2015, he battled mycoplasma pneumonia, which left him in a coma for 10 days. He had to relearn how to walk and talk. This took a lot of discipline and hard work, skills he had been developing since his time with the Hoop Shoot.

Advice for 2019 National Finalsts:

“Be proud of what you’ve accomplished and soak up every last drop of this experience because this is a moment you will never forget.”

Madigan Moore

College: Augustana University

Sponsoring Lodge: Rapid City, S.D., Lodge No. 1187

National Finals Appearance: 2006, 8-9 Girls

National Finals Score: 20/25

About: Madigan is the newest member of the BackBoard! She might have traded the gym for the library and basketballs for books on her pursuit to doctorhood, but the Hoop Shoot still holds a dear place in Madigan’s heart. She says it’s the reason she has the courage to fail as well as the discipline to focus and put in the long hours. She’s excited to pay the gift of the Hoop Shoot forward by serving as a role model to this year’s Finalists. She’s ready to share her words of wisdom and we’re sure the Finalists will be all ears.

Advice for 2019 National Finalsts:

“Enjoy the journey!,” Madigan says. “The National Finals may seem daunting, but it’s exhilarating! The most beautiful part of this opportunity is sharing the game of basketball.”

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