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Fellowship, Free Throws, and the 2019 Hoop Shoot National Finals (posted 6/13/2019)
The 2019 Hoop Shoot National Finals were full of ups and downs, but no matter the outcome, a lesson was learned by all 72 National Finalists. Read what the lesson is and a recap of the weekend here.
2019 Hoop Shoto National Finals Recap (posted 5/14/2019)
Recap the 2019 Hoop Shoot National Finals with some of the stories from the weekend in Chicago!
Missed the 2019 Hoop Shoot National Finals? (posted 4/29/2019)
We've got you covered! Click here to see where you can watch, or rewatch, the 2019 Hoop Shoot National Finals contests.
2019 Elks Hoop Shoot National Finals Shooting Order (posted 4/24/2019)
Check out the shooting order for the 2019 Hoop Shoot National Finals here.
2019 National Finals Livestreams (posted 4/22/2019)
Here's everything you need to know to stay up-to-date during the contests on April 27, 2019.
Monday Madness–Shooting Order Announcement (posted 4/22/2019)
Monday Madness is today, April 22! Starting at 5 p.m. CST, we'll be sharing the #HoopShoot National Finals shooting order. First up is the 8-9 boys. We'll alternate from there, spending 5 to 10 minutes on each group, with short breaks in between. Tune in right on Facebook or YouTube to watch the live stream! See you at 5 p.m. Central Standard Time!
Here Come the 2019 Hoop Shoot Champs (posted 3/29/2019)
Meet the 72 Hoop Shoot National Finalists stepping up to the line for a chance to become National Champions on April 27 in Chicago.
Oh, Say Can You See (posted 3/26/2019)
Jim Cornelison will open the 2019 Hoop Shoot National Finals awards ceremony with his renowned rendition of the national anthem. Learn more about him here!
A Family Affair (posted 3/26/2019)
The Hoop Shoot didn't skip a generation in the Besonen family; it's just getting started! Check out how the program has become a family affair here.
Hard Work and Humility, Two Sides of the Same Coyne (posted 1/9/2019)
Kendall Coyne, US ice hockey player and Olympic Gold Medalists, will address the 2019 Hoop Shoot National Finalists at the Awards Banquet in Chicago on April 27, 2019.

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