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Hoop Shoot: The Journey to National Finals (posted 7/8/2022)
Hoop Shoot volunteers stood in two lines, hands extended for high fives, at the edge of the same court where the WNBA’s Chicago Sky won their 2021 championship game. A rumbling voice echoed through the Wintrust Arena as images of the Hoop Shoot National Finalists scrolled on the jumbotron and spotlights danced across the floor.
2022 Hoop Shoot National Finals (posted 5/3/2022)
Monday Madness : 2022 Hoop Shoot Shooting Order (posted 4/20/2022)
The 2022 Hoop Shoot National Finals are coming up! On Monday, April 25 at 6:00 p.m. CST, ENF Director Jim O'Kelley and Youth Programs Manager Makenna Cannon will announce the shooting order for the 50th anniversary of the Elks Hoop Shoot National Finals. Tune in here to meet the 72 National Finalists.
Livestream the 2022 Hoop Shoot National Finals (posted 3/31/2022)
The 2022 Hoop Shoot National Finals are coming up! On Saturday, April 30, 72 National Finalists will vie for a National Championship at Wintrust Arena in Chicago. We know not everyone can make it to the National Finals, so we'll livestream the contest from two of our social channels.
Park 'N Ride to the National Finals! (posted 3/31/2022)
Love the Elks Hoop Shoot but hate the city traffic? We have a solution for you!
Registration for the 2022 National Finals Closes Soon! (posted 3/24/2022)
Registration for the 2022 Hoop Shoot National Finals closes soon! The Hoop Shoot is celebrating 50 years as a national program, and the Elks will deliver a gold-medal finals for a golden anniversary. Registration is required for all the weekend's events, including the contest on Saturday, April 30. Registration closes on April 4. Click here to register. We’re offering an additional opportunity for individuals to register for the contest only up until April 25.
Elks Hall of Fame Class of 2022 Members (posted 3/7/2022)

A lot has changed since the Hoop Shoot began in 1946, but one thing has stayed the same—the people who come through the program. Participants continue to take the lessons they learned while competing and go on to succeed. Volunteers continue to dedicate their time to the kids, their families, the Elks and the program.

In celebration of the Hoop Shoot’s 50th anniversary as a national program, the Elks Hoop Shoot established the Elks Hoop Shoot Hall of Fame.

City of Chicago Covid-19 Public Health Order Update (posted 2/24/2022)
2020 Wootten Award Winners Recognized at Long Last (posted 1/20/2022)
The Elks Hoop Shoot is the proud sponsor of the Morgan Wootten Lifetime Achievement Award. The sponsorship is the latest collaboration between the Hoop Shoot and the Hall of Fame, a partnership that has endured for more than 35 years.
City of Chicago Public Health Order: COVID-19 Vaccination (posted 1/13/2022)

The City of Chicago lifted its proof of vaccine and mask mandates on Monday, February 28. Masks are no longer required to enter restaurants, grocery stores or other indoor spaces. Proof of full vaccination is lifted for relevant businesses.

The Elks Hoop Shoot National Finals weekend is not a vaccinated-only event.