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Fan Antonio (posted 7/27/2018)
Recap the 2018 Elks National Convention with some of the stories from the Hoop Shoot in San Antonio!
Randy Gragg Celebrates Final Quarter of the Hoop Shoot (posted 7/13/2018)
Randy Gragg is hanging up his red jacket after volunteering the Hoop Shoot for 36 years, serving as Regional Director for 16 of them. Read what's next for Gragg here.
Another Slam Dunk (posted 4/25/2018)
The stars aligned for the 2018 Hoop Shoot National Finals! It was another unforgettable experience for all 72 Finalists, families and fans alike. Check out our recap from the weekend here.
2018 National Finals—Recap (posted 4/23/2018)
Recap the 2018 Hoop Shoot National Finals with some of the stories from the weekend in Chicago!
Snelling Creates Her Own Fairytale Ending (posted 4/17/2018)
When Bailey Snelling competed in the 2003 Hoop Shoot National Finals, she was ready to bring back a championship to her small town in Montana. Although it didn't go as planned, she earned more than a trophy through the experience.
2018 Elks Hoop Shoot National Finals Shooting Order (posted 4/17/2018)
Check out who's shooting when on Saturday, April 21, at Loyola University Chicago's Gentile Arena. The first contest starts at 7:30 a.m.
Sullivan Learns to Believe in Hoop Shoot Process (posted 4/12/2018)
Before he could become a Hoop Shoot National Champion, Jeremiah Sullivan had to learn perseverance, patience and how to believe in the process.
Hoop Shooting with Grace (posted 4/6/2018)
Grace Geffre is a Hoop Shoot National Champion who competed in six seasons of the Hoop Shoot. Each year brought new memories, new experiences, and, especially, new lessons to be learned. Check them out here!
Jordan Doesn't Dodge Hoop Shoot Lessons (posted 3/29/2018)
When Jordan Dodge started practicing to become a Hoop Shoot National Finalist, he realized he was going to have to make some sacrifices. As a coach, he tries to instill that same mindset in his players who want to win. Read his story here.
Loyola Ramblers Ramble On (posted 3/29/2018)
The Hoop Shoot takes place at Gentile Arena next month, which could possibly be the home court of the next NCAA Tournament Champions. Cheer on the Ramblers this weekend!

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