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"I am so excited to say that I will be attending the University of Miami this fall. I am most looking forward to all of the classes I can take, the experiences that in which I can take part while at Miami, and the new friendships and connections I will make. It is my intention to join numerous clubs and volunteer groups out of the hundreds that are offered at the school. Additionally, there are several other Elks Scholars attending my school that I intend to get in touch with, and in later years it is my desire to join an Elks Lodge and do for others what the Elks have done for me. Already, my MVS scholarship has helped me to fulfill my goals by making it possible to go away to school, to learn about myself in a new setting. It will continue to help me as it aids in my attainment of a degree, a degree that will afford me the tools I need to pursue whatever life I choose for myself."
Riley Clafton, Scholar

Marysville, OH Lodge #1130
Exalted Ruler: Tom Padovano
Secretary: Deb Bingham
Lodge Location:

Marysville, OH No. 1130
125 E 5th St
Marysville OH 43040-1258

Mailing Address:

Marysville, OH No. 1130
PO Box 424
Marysville OH 43040-0424


     Telephone: (937)642-4631 (Lodge)
     Telephone: (937)642-4631 (Office)
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