Prescott, AZ 330

The History of the Elk Horn Chair

"Said chair was made in Colorado during the term of Presidency of Grover Cleveland, by Cleveland admirers, and presented to him, but for some reason it was not brought to Washington by Cleveland, remaining in Colorado in storage until Henry Lantry, then in railroad work in Colorado, paid the storage and became the owner by that reason. Later Henry Lantry obtained the contract for building the Santa Fe, Prescott and Phoenix railroad in 1893, and brought said chair with him to Prescott and used same in his office on the ground floor in rear of the old Bank of Arizona building. When Henry Lantry left here after completion of the building of said railroad he presented said chair to John Lawler. John Lawler used said chair in his living quarters over the Bank of Arizona for a term of years, and after Mr. Lawler moved his office to the quarters now used by the Western Union Telegraph Office, he stored said chair in the storage room in the rear of said building, it being in need of repairs at that time. Dr. Hartzell, Dentist, with offices just North of Mr. Lawler's build ing, saw said chair in the storage room, and in need of repairs, and asking who owned same, was told by some one who did not know, that it HAD belonged to some one who had left Prescott. Dr. Hartzell then had said chair repaired and kept it in his office there until he moved to his last office over Hesla's jewelry store, when he took it with him to that place. It was from that office that the chair was taken to the Elks Lodge by presentation from Dr. Hartzell. John Lawler, when alive, knew that Dr. Hartzell had had same repaired and taken to his office, and was not disposed to take it back from Dr. Hartzell, and, in fact, later O.K.ed, its presentation to the Elks Lodge."

(this article is signed)
R. Wood