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The History of the Copper Elk of Prescott Lodge

The Copper Elk was given to Lodge #330 by Charlie Clark, son of Senator Tom Clark, at a special celebration in 1905. J.C. Forrestwas exalted ruler and among the many Elks who attended the ceremony. JuliusJacoby, a prominent Prescott business man, who also remembers the occasion. Smelter Supt. Taylor of United Verde Mine made the presentation, and then the one- ton graceful copper elk was hoisted to its proud perch atop the Elks Temple. The Copper Elk was appraised at $1,200 in 1905. Cast from copper mined in Jerome and cast in a bronze foundry in the east. It has long been a landmark in Prescott and a true symbol of the stability of its Brother Elks on the ground.

On Friday, December 9, 2006 "Bill", the much beloved elk made of Arizona copper which adorned the top of the Elks Opera House from June 5, 1905 to 1971 was returned to the top of the Elks Opera House following its restoration and rehabilitation. "Bill" had been moved in 1971 and taken to the Elks Lodge location in Prescott Valley when they moved to their new building.

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