Prescott, AZ 330

75th Anniversary of Prescott Elks Lodge

On September 25th, 1971 Prescott Lodge celebrated the 75th Anniversary of Elks in Arizona.
The Elks dedicated their new home at 2:00 P.M., Saturday, September 25.
The 6000 sq. ft. building situated on ten acres was of slump block and concrete construction
and housed the most up to date club room and kichen facilities available.
The 36'x50' lodge room was well arranged and could be used for any occasion.
The view from the club room facing south gave the viewers an excellent setting of the Bradshaw mountains.
There were plans in the making for a swimming pool, paved parking area, picnic area, and ball diamonds.

This is a souvenir program from that event.(Click image to view)75th Anniversary of Prescott Elks Lodge Souvenir Program