Spread the Word!

Hear that swish? It’s the sound of kids perfecting their free throw shot in gyms and driveways across the country in anticipation of the 2014-15 Hoop Shoot season! The first stop on the road to Springfield is at a Lodge contest, and Lodges from Oregon to Florida are ready for the next potential National Champion to toe the line.

Don’t keep the Hoop Shoot a secret—spread the word! Get kids, parents, coaches and fans excited for your upcoming contest by using our brand-new Hoop Shoot public service announcement. This 60 second spot succinctly highlights the benefits of participating in a Hoop Shoot contest. Share the link below with your public access station, local schools and all of your friends on social media to guarantee everyone knows the opportunity all 8-to 13-year-olds have to compete, connect and succeed through the Hoop Shoot!

Through the Elks National Hoop Shoot Free Throw Program, the Elks National Foundation offers youth the opportunity to engage in healthy competition, connect with their families and community, and succeed both on and off the court. In 2014-15, the ENF allocated $825,160 to fund this program. For more information on the Hoop Shoot, visit www.elks.org/hoopshoot.