City of Chicago Public Health Order: COVID-19 Vaccination

On January 3, the City of Chicago began requiring proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 for individuals five years of age or older attending public indoor spaces where food and beverages are served, including dining establishments, hotel ballrooms and sports arenas.

The Elks Hoop Shoot National Finals weekend is not a vaccinated-only event. However, in accordance with local regulations, we are compelled to require proof of vaccination to attend the majority of the weekend’s events. The City of Chicago’s Public Health Order remains in effect until further notice and is based on current conditions.

Under the current mandate, proof of full vaccination would be required to attend:

  • The Volunteer Kick-off on Thursday
  • The practice gym at the Goodman Center
  • The dinner buffet at Friday’s Fun Fest
  • Saturday’s pre-contest breakfast
  • The concessions area at Wintrust Arena
  • The Awards Banquet


What does full vaccination mean?

Individuals are considered fully vaccinated against COVID-19:

  • Two weeks after the second dose of a two-dose vaccine series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna shots
  • Two weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine

In accordance with the Public Health Order, to be fully vaccinated for the National Finals weekend, you must receive your second dose of a two-dose series or the single-dose vaccine on or by Wednesday, April 13. Full vaccination does not require a booster shot at this time.

What do I need to provide for proof?

All persons aged 5 and older will be required to show proof of vaccination via:

  • Vaccination card
  • Photocopy of vaccination card
  • Digital record or
  • Printed record from vaccine provider

All persons aged 16 and older will also need to show proof of identity with a state or government issued ID.

What about kids younger than 5?

Children under the age of 5 are not required to provide proof of vaccination. Children ages 3 to 4 must wear a face mask, except when actively eating or drinking. Children aged 2 and under are not required to wear a mask.

What if my child turns 5 days before the National Finals?

There is a six-week grace period from a child’s 5th birthday to become fully vaccinated. During this grace period, they must show proof of at least one vaccine dose.

Can I provide proof of negative test instead of vaccine?

No. Currently, there is no option to provide proof of negative test unless the attendee has a valid medical or religious exemption. A valid exemption requires proof of exemption from an employer, school, or other official source, or a doctor’s note. Essentially, they must show that an exemption has been accepted elsewhere.

If they have an exemption, they can provide proof of a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours before the event.

Does this mean the entire weekend is vaccine-only?

No. The Hoop Shoot National Finals weekend is not a vaccinated-only event. The vaccine requirement does not apply to stay in the hotel, attend the outdoor portion of Friday’s Fun Fest, and participate in and attend the National Finals Contest.

So, can I participate in/attend the Finals on Saturday, April 30, if I'm unvaccinated?

As of right now, yes, but unvaccinated competitors and spectators are prohibited from dining in Wintrust Arena.

Is there a mask mandate?

Yes. The City of Chicago mask mandate remains in effect for all public indoor settings. Masks must be worn at all events except outdoors or while actively eating or drinking.

All information is subject to change and is pursuant to the City of Chicago's health order. Visit for the most current information.

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