Featured Director - Randy Gragg

A Passion from the Start

For Hoop Shoot Regional Director Randy Gragg, reaching out to youth through the Hoop Shoot has been a passion since his initiation to the Elks. Since then, he continues to find innovative ways to connect youth to Elks’ programs.

Gragg, pictured here with MVS Scholar Macy Warburton, joined the Elks to become part of an organization that invests in youth. After becoming a member of Atchison, Kan., Lodge No. 647, he immediately began helping coordinate his Lodge’s Hoop Shoot contest. Nearly 30 years later, he’s not slowing down.

A Scholarly Resource

Between coordinating his Regional Hoop Shoot contest and taking long motorcycle trips with his wife, Gragg finds time to reach out to another important part of the Elks family – Elks scholars. Not only retrieving balls and keeping score for Gragg, Elks scholars are a pleasure to have on board and also provide a positive role model for Hoop Shoot contestants.

“I’ve used as many as six scholars at our regional contest,” explains Gragg. “It’s great to showcase young kids who are doing well in life.”

Gragg strongly encourages other Hoop Shoot Directors to engage Elks scholars through their contests, because of their desire to serve and help others.

“If you give them the opportunity to give back, they will,” says Gragg. “Scholars are the future of Elkdom.”

Staying Connected

In addition to engaging Elks scholars, Gragg uses social media like Facebook and a Regional Hoop Shoot website to promote his contest. Facebook and other resources help him to connect with contestants and parents, and increase awareness of the Elks and their programs.

“You have to change with the times,” says Gragg. “You have to roll with it. Go in with the enthusiasm of an 18-year-old and it will pay off.”

Through the Elks National Hoop Shoot Free Throw Program, the Elks National Foundation offers youth the opportunity to engage in healthy competition, connect with their families and community, and succeed both on and off the court. In 2013-14, the ENF allocated $692,750 to fund this program. For more information on the Hoop Shoot, visit www.elks.org/hoopshoot.

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