News to Use

Lodge Newsletter Ads

Include this ad in your Lodge newsletter to promote online donations to the Elks National Foundation.

ENF Logos

Use these logos in your communications about the ENF.

Click here to download the My Lodge ad in color.

Click here to download the My Lodge ad in black and white.

Fidelity Club Graphics

Use these graphics on social media, put them in your Lodge's newsletter, or print them out as flyers to be hung in your Lodge to encourage members to join the Fidelity Club! Click the image to open a larger, usable version.

Lodge Newsletter Articles

Personalize this article and include it in your Lodge newsletter to show members how the ENF is helping you build stronger communities.

News to Use: Meet the MVS
Share this article about the class of 2023 Top 2 Most Valuable Student scholars. (MS Word File)

News to Use: It's No CIP-Rise
Share this year's CIP milestones with your Lodge. (MS Word File)

News to Use: Service that Inspires
Share this article about the Winter Elks Scholar Service Trip to Tampa. (MS Word File)

Speaking Points

Spread the word about the ENF and the Elks to Lodge members and your community.

Lodge Meeting Speaking Points
Use these speaking points at Lodge meetings or events to share the latest ENF news. The table will be updated once a month with the latest ENF news.

Tips and Resources to Become Social Media Savvy

Virtual engagement through social media platforms is critical to stay relevant and maintain a relationship with your fellow members. Utilize these resources to spread information and stay in touch with fellow Elks—regardless of whether or not you can meet in person.

Facebook Basics:
Learn the basics of Facebook, and best practices for sharing and utilizing this tool as Chair.
Virtual engagement tips:
Use this guide to effectively post and engage on social media.
Sample Social Media Posts:
It's as easy as cutting and pasting to share these posts and images.

Static Articles

When you need to include more information about an ENF program, like the Hoop Shoot, or giving program, like the Fidelity Club, just use these taglines!

Taglines about ENF Programs
The taglines included on this document can be used to give a concise explanation of: the ENF and how to get connected on social media; the Hoop Shoot and Drug Awareness programs; the Elks National Veterans Service Commission; Lodge and State Grants; and scholarships.

Taglines about Giving Programs
The taglines included on this document can be used to give a concise explanation of: the Fidelity Club, the Loyalty Club, the cumulative recognition program, the John F. Malley Society, and the Foundation Fellowship; and what ENF does in your state.

News Release Generator

Write your own news release to share your Lodge's good work with your community. Click here to use our online News Release Generator to create a news release or view and edit saved releases. For tips on creating a release that will get your story in the news, click here.

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