Susan Markle
Hesperia, Calif., Lodge No. 2646

Markle Makes Her Mark

Soon after Susan Markle joined Hesperia, Calif., Lodge No. 2646, she was nominated as Grants Coordinator to plan community service projects using Community Investments Program grants. The projects helped Markle see how donations to the ENF serve those in need, motivating her to take over as ENF Chair to ensure her Lodge contributes to the ENF.

A CIP Expert

Local youth meet with the Hesperia Elks
for an anti-bullying program
funded by an ENF Promise Grant.

With a passion for helping youth in need, Markle’s first task as Grants Coordinator was to put together an anti-bullying program funded by a CIP Promise Grant. Throughout the year, the Hesperia Lodge also uses Beacon and Gratitude Grants to provide clothes, supplies and support for veterans in need and homeless community members.

“It’s my job to bring awareness to our members about the importance of the CIP,” says Markle. “Letting them see what their donations are doing is more than enough for me.”

Giving for Growth

The Hesperia Lodge’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed by the community or its membership. Since Markle has increased the visibility of the Lodge’s successes, donations have also increased.

“I believe that members donate more when they see how ENF programs help the community,” explains Markle. “I make sure our members know where we stand and how much we are putting back into the community.”

Markle’s involvement with the ENF goes beyond pins and acknowledgments. As ENF Chair, Markle recognizes donors and lets them know their support is appreciated, but knows donors are truly rewarded when they see the positive effects their donations have on the community.

“As Elks, we make a difference in the lives of those in need in our community, as well as bring awareness to our community about the good work the Elks do,” says Markle.

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