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Make a Difference in 2018

Is your New Years Resolution to volunteer more? You’re in luck! Check out these 10 ways to do more for veterans and military members in 2018.

  1. Stuck inside in the cold? Knit or crochet a blanket for veteran residents at a state veterans home or local nursing home. Or, have your kids make Valentines for veterans to receive during the VA’s National Salute to Veteran Patients week, aka the week of February 14.

  2. Order free playing cards to be delivered to a local veterans facility. Then, head over to play a game of cards with the residents once the cards arrive. Or, organize a poker tournament!

  3. Adopt a veteran. Contact a local nursing home, State Veterans Home or VA facility to see if there are any veterans who could use visitors. You’d be surprised what a few visits and phone calls can mean to someone who’s far away from family and friends.

  4. Use a Community Investments Program Grant to start a project for local veterans. Need ideas? Check out these veterans-focused Insta-Grants.

  5. Are you a hunter? Consider donating hides to the Veterans Leather Program!

  6. Want to help military families? Contact your local Family Assistance Center to be put in touch with local military families in need. Invite them to dinner at the Lodge, include military children in activities like the Hoop Shoot or Antlers groups, and ask about other needs.

  7. Consider volunteering at your local VA. You’d be surprised which skills may be helpful to recovering veterans. Like to fish? Organize a trip for veterans. Artistic? Teach art classes. Play an instrument? Put on a concert. Just like to chat? Visit with long-term residents.

  8. Put together a Welcome Home Kit for a veteran moving into new housing. Contact a local VA facility or veterans shelter to connect with a veteran in need.

  9. Support military families staying at a Fisher House while a veteran is receiving treatment. Help make dinner for the families, play games with the kids, or work with your Lodge to collect needed supplies. Visit their website to find out more.

  10. Do you know of a local State Veterans Home or independent veterans' facility? Order craft kits for veterans to help with rehabilitation and recovery! Partner with your Lodge Veterans Chair or VAVS Rep to do this. Not sure who that is? Email us and we’ll put you in touch!


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