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  • Online Newsletter Access

    According to Grand Lodge Statute, Lodge Bulletins and Newsletters may not be posted online for public access. You must now log-in to access our online newsletter. If you have not already done so, follow this link to register.

  • Impact Grant Facebook Page

    Want to know what's going on with the Impact Grant? "Like" our new facebook page and keep up with our great activities.

  • BPOE Sung by Nat M Wills

    Here's a long lost song some of you might enjoy (from YouTube). I found it posted on Grand Lodge News page recently.

  • Elk Clothing and Accessories

    Shopping Made Easier. Get all your Elk clothing needs here!

  • What Is CBO?

    Have you heard the talk about CBO? Wonder what it is? By taking just a few minutes to review this fact sheet, you will be better armed to serve your community through our benevolent endeavors.

  • Veteran Programs - A Concise History

    How did we start and what have we done? It's all right here.

  • Why Support The Elks National Foundation?



    For a quick and easy ENF donation form please click this link.

  • Elks National Foundation Video

    The influence of a good deed will continue forever. You invest. You give back. You help Elks build stronger communities. To learn more about the Elks National Foundation, our grants and giving options check out this video!

  • My Membership Card

    My Membership Card in the Elks By Robert S. Barrett Chairman of the Good of the Order Committee of the Grand Lodge

  • Membership: A Recipe for Success

    From Elks Magazine Online - March 1998 Staff Report

  • The Elks Alphabet

    (Written on the Elks' Fiftieth Anniversary) By Bro. Raymond A. Browne New York Lodge No. 1 BPOE

  • What's Up With The Goat?

    The most widespread practice a century ago, was for each candidate to ride a live goat around the Lodge room. A 1901 poem, "When Father Rode The Goat" should give some idea of the former initiation's arduous nature.