Riverside, CA 643

District No. 1160

Lodge 643 History 2000 - 2010

   April 2000 – March 2001   Brother C.R. "Jim" Beem was our 99th Exalted Ruler. Lodge 643 celebrated its’ 100th year anniversary.  Elks Major Project screened 212 children for vision problems.  Our own Ron Robinson was inducted into the Southern California PGA Hall of Fame. Lodge 643 donated a dog to the Riverside Police Department K-9 unit.  ENF reported the California – Hawaii Elks raised a total of $550,639.32. Mel “Tuxie” Tuxhorn was awarded the “Paul Glab” Lifetime Achievement Award.


  April 2001 – March 2002   Brother Jack White was our 100th Exalted Ruler.  Our own Jim Beem served as the State Vice President for the Southeast District. E.R. Jack White brought back the old Lodge tradition for “Elk of the Month”.  $10,500 was awarded in college scholarships.  The “Chip Chuckers” donated $2,000.00 to the Lodge.  We helped to sponsor Christopher Abalo, 14 years old, to the 2004 Olympics in Greece by raising $2,009.00.  The large screen T.V. was added to the lounge.  Our beloved brother, Fred Farrell, a PER, PSVP, & PDDGER, served as the Tiler for the California – Hawaii Elks Association.  Harry Palmer was this year’s recipient of the “Paul Glab” Lifetime Achievement Award.


  April 2002 – March 2003   Brother Mike Umbarger was our 101st Exalted Ruler.  Riverside Elks Lodge 643 was 6th in California for donations to ENF with a total of $11,490.00, (which ranked #1 nationally for Lodges between 500 – 700 members).  Elks Major Project supplied Joshua Walker, (14 years old with vision disability), with contacts for 2 years and a new pair of eyeglasses. Clarence Voll was honored for his 64 years membership in the Elks.  The “Chip Chuckers” donated $1,500.00 to the Lodge.  Our own Jim Beem served as the State Vice President for the Southeast District. Ingrid Hernandez, (daughter of our member Otto Hernandez), was the first Elks Lodge 643 recipient of the “Legacy Scholarship Award”.  The Veterans committee delivered 25 Christmas baskets to the Jerry Pettis Memorial Hospital.  Scholarship committee gave out $10,000.00 in scholarships to High School seniors.  Bob Schweitzer received the “Paul Glab” Lifetime Achievement Award.


  April 2003 – March 2004   Brother Tony Conover was our 102nd Exalted Ruler.  The Lodge meetings were changed from weekly to the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month.  Fred Farrell, PDDGER, PSVP and PER celebrated his 85th Birthday May 33rd, 2003.  PER Mike Umbarger served as District Public Relations Chairman.  Our Lodge took 3rd place in the Ritual contest, Leading Knight Jessica McDonald, 2nd place, Lecturing Knight John Koop, 3rd place and Inner Guard, Vivian Tate 2nd place.  Riverside Elks & Friends bowling awarded in excess of $2,800.00 back to our bowlers in prize monies.  Chuck Grano donated a new gate, ($1040.00) and the labor to install it.  The parking lot was re-striped. Charles “Sam” McCall, PDDGER received his 55 year pin, PER James St. Clair, John Morrison, John Bruyner and George Paulin received their 50 year pins.  Proposed for Life Memberships were: Carl Ginter, Robert Castillo, John R. Bruyneel, and Thomas J. Brady.  Our route 66 Booth netted $5,000.00.  CA-HA Elks Association reported that they offered over $40,000.00 in college scholarships.  Our Lodge passed out 34 Christmas baskets to needy families.  Chuck Grano was the recipient of the “Paul Glab” Lifetime Achievement Award.


  April 2004 – March 2005   Sister Jessica McDonald our 103rd Exalted Ruler and also our first female Exalted Ruler.  The Emblem Club reported that they donated $1,550 in monies, 9,931 hours to the community and $2,002 in monies and 4,519 hours to the Lodge.  Our Ritual team came home with 2nd Place, Jessica McDonald 3rd Place for Exalted Ruler, Bonnie Collins 1st Place for Leading Knight, Vivian Tate 2nd Place for Lecturing Knight, Cliff Wadley 1st Place for Esquire and Jim Ackel 3rd Place for Chaplain.  The “Chip Chuckers” donated $1,000.00 to the Lodge for ENF.  Our ENF donations per capita were $6.66.  Our Major Project theme child was Brady Dennington, 5 years old, for CA-HA Elks Major Project Exalted Ruler’s March during their annual convention in Ontario. E.R. Jessica McDonald presented a check for $9,330.89 to Oren Richardson, Chairman of the Major Project Board of Trustees.  Our own C.R. “Jim” Beem served as DDGER for the Southeast District and Jim Lenon served as Esquire.  50 year pins were awarded to PER Lloyd Sellin and Jim Duncan.  James C. Henshaw, Ralph T. Brown, Loren Weatherwax, Walter Shaidnagle, Scotty Hill, Paul Bell, Lawrence Castagna, Ralph Jones, and Douglas Denton were nominated for Life Memberships.  Dale Haynes was this year’s recipient of the “Paul Glab” Lifetime Achievement Award.


  April 2005 – March 2006   Sister Bonnie Collins was our 104th Exalted Ruler.  The Veteran’s committee distributed 26 valentine gift bags to veteran’s at the Jerry Pettis Memorial Hospital. The Scholarship Committee report over $58,000 in college scholarships were awarded from local, district and State lodges and $10,000.00 from Lodge 643.  After 16 years, our Ritual Team brought to our Lodge, the 1st Place Trophy for the Ritual competition in the District.  Our own PER James E. Lenon, III served as the State Vice President for the Southeast District.  50 year pins were awarded to PER’s Emerson Pann, Housty Smith and James Duncan, and to F. Don Berry, Jacob Bowser Sr., John Coogan, Alvin Curtis and James Duncan, PDDGER.  55 year pins were awarded to PER’s Russell Waite, Skip Fordyce and Jim Beem, PDDGER.  60 year pins were awarded to PER’s Ludie Britsch and Harold Tiernan, and to Steven Dirani, Dale Haynes, Calvin MacGillnary and Emmett Singletary Jr.  Our Lodge increased its “Purple Pig” donations by 47%. Tom “The Blade” Hall was inducted into the Riverside Hall of Fame on May 9th and was the first Riverside Native to wear a World Series Ring.  Carlos Vasquez was the theme child for Major Project.  State Vice President Jim Lenon reported that he reached his goal of $40,000.00 to the “Purple Pig”. The Veteran’s Committee adopted the Veteran’s section of the Evergreen Cemetery for restoration.  25 needy families were given Christmas baskets.  PER Bill Colacino received a special citation from the Southeast District who’s personal work over the past year has displayed that “Elks Deliver”.  The Southeast District reported that $20,500 was received for Major Project. ENF per capita was $5.66.  Ray Carbajal was this year’s recipient of the “Paul Glab” Lifetime Achievement Award.


  April 2006 – March 2007   Brother John Koop was the 105th Exalted Ruler.  Our Ritual team took 1st Place in District competition.  Brother Cliff Wadley took 1st Place in the “Leading Knight” division.  The “Chip Chuckers” donated $1,000.00 to the Lodge.  The Southeast District was reported to be 1st within the California – Hawaii Elks Association with over $188,000 in donations.  ENF per capita from our Lodge was $4.88.  $2,200 was collected for Major Project during the State Vice President visitation.  Elzie Pettis was nominated for Life Membership.  Sarah Riccio of Hidden Valley was the theme child at the CA-HA Elks Association Major Project Exalted Ruler’s march on May 20th.  ER John Koop presented a check for $1,409.00.  The project of placing personalized mirrors over the lounge to raise money for lounge improvements was begun.  A mural of the United States flag, completely funded by the “Elks of the Year”, was added to the lounge.  Additionally, a mural of an Elk watching over its family, were added to the lounge. Our WEB page was brought up to date and steps were taken to maintain it.  George Blandon received a 50 year pin.  The Veteran’s Committee continued its support to refurbishing the Veteran’s area at Evergreen Cemetery.  The Veteran’s Committee donated $500.00 to U. S. Vets and Christmas baskets were distributed to Veteran’s at Jerry Pettis Memorial Hospital.  PER C.R. “Jim” Beem was nominated for Life membership.  Don Sherwood is this year’s recipient of the “Paul Glab” Lifetime Achievement Award.


  April 2007 – March 2008   Brother Cliff Wadley was our 106th Exalted Ruler.  Our Ritual Team won 1st place for the Third Year in a row, which allows us to keep the trophy forever!  Peggy Brauner took 1st place as Leading Knight and Steve Monahan also took 1st place in the Inner Guard position.  Our membership grew by 41 members during this time.  Camy Samuelson, 5 years old from Coarsegold, California, was this year’s theme child at the California – Hawaii Elks Major Project march at their convention in Fresno, California on May 19, 2007.  Our own PER Jim Lenon served as District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler of the Southeast District.  Under E.R. Cliff Wadley’s leadership, our Major Project per capita donation totaled $12,275.13 and averaged $23.79 per member.  The donations to the National Foundation totaled $7,554.71, or $14.64 per member.  Our Lodge was first place in the District of 12 Lodges, and placed 14th in the State of California’s 185 Lodges.  $10,000.00 in scholarship monies was given out to deserving students. The Riverside Police Department received a new dog for their K-9 unit because of our donation of $5,500.00.  $1,800.00 was collected and used for Christmas Food Baskets for the needy.  44 gift bags were distributed to veterans at Jerry Pettis memorial hospital.  The Veterans committee contributed over $3,000.00 to various veteran groups, sent 150 pillow cases to troops in Iraq, 40 boxes of clothing and 100 comfort kits to homeless veterans and filled an additional 200 comfort kits to patients at Jerry Pettis Memorial hospital.  $8,500.00 and donated labor was used to make improvements to our Dining area.  All of this was accomplished while our budget came in as projected and remained “in the black.” Joe Walsh was this year’s recipient of the “Paul Glab” Lifetime Achievement Award.


  April 2008 – March 2009   Sister Peggy Brauner was our 107th Exalted Ruler.  Our Ritual Team won 1st place for the 4th year in a row!  We took five out of seven 1st Place awards, one 2nd Place award and one 3rd Place award.  Tom Leslie was elected President of the PER Association.  The 94th Annual California Hawaii Elks Association State Convention was held in San Diego in May of 2008, and the Annual Grand Lodge Convention was held in Anaheim, Ca. July 6-10, 2008.  Our Lady of Perpetual Help Elementary School was selected as our Lodges “Adopt-A-School.”  $10,000 in College Scholarships was awarded to area students.  Two of our local scholarship winners, (Maria Mercado of Arlington High School, and Phu Nuynh of Norte Vista High School), went on to win an additional $1,000 for 4 years from the Grand Lodge.  CHEA State Vice President Manny Rodriguez’ visitation subsequently netted $3,500 for Major Project.  The Kamper Klub donated $500 to our Rehabilitation Account.  Lodge Bus Trip to Del Mar netted $400 for charity.  The Veteran’s Committee donated $300 to Pettis Hospital and delivered 100 Comfort Kits.  The Vet Committee also donated 125 Comfort Kits, 2 comforters and 7 boxes of clothing to the “US Vets.” The Poker Run netted $1,700.00 for Major Project.  Labor Day Bash and Halloween netted $1,000 for ENF.  Riverside Lodge donation per capita to ENF as of 3-31-2009 was $8.11.  Bus trips netted $947 for the “Building Fund.”  375 children from 22 area schools attended “Youth Fest 2008.”  Lodge membership was approximately 517 members strong.  Dixie Brenner was the recipient of the “Nita Green Lifetime Achievement Award”.  Jim Henshaw was this year’s recipient of the “Paul Glab Lifetime Achievement Award.”


  April 2009 – March 2010 Brother Gerald Troxel was our 108th Exalted Ruler.

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