Riverside, CA 643

District No. 1160




Terri Perez, 13 year member, November 18th.;  Karl Buehler, 36 year member, October 31st.;  Louis Ruyle, 12 year member, October 9th.;  Hal Hunt, 23 year member, August 17th.;  James "Jim" Martin, 35 year life member, July 28th.;  Blair Belden, 24 year member, March 20th.;  Franklin Gile, 63 year life member, March 5th.;  Gary Seymour, 1 year member, February 8th.;  Cecil Green,  36 year member, February 2nd.;  Cleo Hamilton, 16 year member, January 14th.


Ralph Stone, 31 year member, January 25th.;  George J. Persing, 55 year life member, October 4th.;  Jack Bresson, 38 year member, October 4th.;  Harold D. Benner, 16 year member, June 20th.;  Robert E. Schweitzer, 34 year member, June 9th.; Nick Beers, 11 year member, May 14th.;  Howard Nolan, 36 year member, March 12th.;


Harley Waldron, 14 year member, December 25th.; Lewis Smith, 41 year member, December 25yth.; Milton Rasmussen, 21 year member, December 2nd.; Harry Weiss, 49 year member, December 2nd.; Maudine Carpenter, 78, 9 Year Member, November 19thRobert Goold, 86, 48 Year Life Member, September 20thBruce Byington, 8 year member, September 9th.; Louis Roffman, 94, 65 Year Member, August 10th; James McNall, 90, 65 Year Life Member, August 1st;  Si Ober, 88, 36 Year Member, June 8thCarl R. Ginter, 92, Life Member, April 21st.; Ronald Miller, 19 year member, April 1st.; Frank Morton, 21 year member, February 16th.


Chuck Grano, 41 year life member, December 16th.; Jack Shoemaker, 34 year member, December 5th.; Ken Kido, 69, 33 year member, August 14th.; Charles McCall, 63 year Life Member, May 19th.; Lawrence Castagna, 87, 38 year Life Member, May 19th.; Mary Madril, 3 year member, August 14, 2011; George Coffman, 81, 43 year Life Member, June 21st.; William Colacino, 77, PER, 42 year Life Member, May 23rd.; Clyde Reay, 88, 20 year member, April 18th.; Sybil Trimble, 85 2 year member, April 9th.; Douglas M. Denton, 92, 39 year Life Member, February 19th.; Gene Eversen, 88, 8 year member, February 8th.; John "Jack" White, PER, 65, 13 year member, February 1st.


Emmett Singletary, 90, 53 year member, October 6th.; John Crites, 87, 40 year Life Member, July 25th.; Robert "Bob" Budel, 63, 17 year member, July 6th.; Elzie Pettis, 85, 33 year Life Member, May 30th.;  Ralph T. Brown, 84, 52 year Life Member, March 2nd.; Leonardo Erickson, 79, 9 year member, February 15th.; William Difani, 81, 50 year life member, January 14th.; MajGen John Hinton, 90, 23 year member, January 5th.


Joan A. Slaick, 75, 2 year member, December 1st.;  Steve Monahan, 56, 3 year member, October 18th.;  William Vejchar, 74, 42 year Life member, September 27th.;  Don Charlebois, 67, 45 year member, September 6th.;  Edward Minasi, 86, 2 year member, September 4th.;  John Bruyneel, 91, 56 year Life member, August 18th.;  Leota Jarvis, 72, 6 year member, August 3rd.; Timothy W. Helms, 60, 16 year member, June 6th.; Jack Maynor, 79, 53 year member, June 16th.; Todd Sanders, 79, 42 year Life Member , June 16th.; Sam Marrocco, 88, 41 year member, March 31st.; Robert Bowen, 80, 40 year Life Member, January 9th.; Robert J. Mitchell, 79, 42 year Life Member, Unknown Day in 2009.


Clarence W. Minor, 86, 21 year member, December 25th.; James Kealy, 87, 26 year member, December 2nd.; Charles M. Stewart, 86, November 20th.; Albert Bottel, 87, 57 year Life Member, November 17th.; David MacKay Ramsay, 86, Past Elk of the Year, 42 year Life Member, November 11th.; Elmer O. Nelson, 90, 44 year Life Member, October 27th.; Norbert Lewandowski, 78m, 15 year member, October 11th.; John "Jack" Coogan, 79, 52 year Life Member, September 28th.; John Murray, 60, September 11th.; Robert J. "Uncle Bobby" Castillo, 86, 38 year Life Member, August 17th.; James Duncan, P.E.R., P.D.D.G.E.R., 90, Life Member, 52 year member, August 4th.; Joe Dunbar, 85, Life Member, 55 year member, July 27th.; Richard Thornton, 89, 44 year Life Member, July 13th.; Dorthy McAffee, 87, Elks & Emblem Club, June 2nd.;  James Decker, May 21st.; Don W. Sherwood, 76, 32 year Life Member, May 18th.; Thomas J. Cribbs, 85, 38 year Life Member, May 17th.; Philip E. Naucler, 76, 51 year Life Member, April 17th.; Jacob Bowser, 51 year Life Member, March 25th.; Edward King Sr., 79, Life Member, February 16th.; Donald Chenault, 34 year member, February 2nd.; Delbert Murphy, 76, 20 year member, January 8th.


Michael A. Garcia, 68, December 16th.; James Shipley, 51, October 26th.; John "Red" Kerr, 83, 51 year member, & Life Member, September 20th.; Ray Whiting, 82, 34 year member, September 17th.; Harry E. Danko, P.E.R., 79, August 5th.; Felix Wicker, 82, June 17th.; Wilford Skylar, 90, May 14th.; Paul Ogilvie, 83, March 18th.; Paul Booher, 78, Life Member, March 14th.; Loren Weatherwax, 85, Life Member, February 22nd.; Charles "Chuck" W. Barnes, 89, February 12th.; Glenn Waterman, 69, January 16th.; Vincent Martorella, E.o.Y. , 91, January 8th.; Ruppert "Rupe" C. Pitman, P.E.R., 71, January 1st.


Ryan Carroll, 33, December 10th.; Ron Thornton, 53, November 28th.; Dale Dee Zentner, 69, September 17th.; James R. Curtis, 68, August 1st.; Gene Porter, 78, July 1st.; John M. Loper, 80, June 26th.; Dale E. Haynes, 90, June 2nd.; James J. Tighe, 85, June 1st.; Harry C. Palmer, 89, May 1st.; Gerald G. Robinson, 90, April 4th.; Lloyd B. Sellin, 92, March 23rd.; Calvin R. MacGillivray, 84, March 5th.; Earl J. Topham, P.E.R., 73, February 1st.; William Shipman, 74, January 26th.; Thomas G. Hayes, 71, January 22nd.; James W. Hargrove, 60, January 4th.; William G. Skotty, 83, January 4th.


Thaddeus J. Roszkowicz, 71, December 29th.; Walter E. Shaidnagle, 92, December 9th.; Roy Schinhofen, 73, November  4th.; Michael L. McCaulley, 59, October 31st.; William H. Hughes, 86, September 29th.; Roy J. Robertson, 43, September 9th.; Dale Kraemer, 65, August 19th.; Edward Sadler, 90, July 22nd.; Robert L. Moon, 87, July 19th.; Leo J. Giroir, 64, July 5th.; Elwood L. Sebelius, 74, April 28th.; Bernard J. Clark, 78, March 4th.; Anthony W. Perrone, 84, February 12th.; James C. McKellips, 67, February 11th.; Arthur L. Keesling, 84, February 8th.; Harvey A. Rife, 88, January 8th.;Coleman Curry, 79, January 7th.


George E. Paulin, 91, December 5th.; Robert Diaz, 67, November 13th.; Al Morrison, 86, November 13th.; Susan L. Ruh, 47, September 2nd.; Joseph E. Syms, 79, August 8th.; J. Rory O'Rourke, 79, August 5th.; Edgar W. Madsen, 73, August 4th.; James J. Schmitt, 82, July 29th.; James J. Pelissero, 81, June 30th.; Joseph L. Dunkel, 91, May 31st.; Guy A. Trifone, 88, May 3rd.; George E. Petrie, PDDGER, 77, April 10th.; Al Christie, 79, April 2nd.; James E. Taylor, 86, March 28th.; Marvin Olson, 89, March 13th.


Lloyd C. Rose, 81, December 24th.; Christopher R. Grove, 75, November 1st.; Joseph E. McNamara, 82, October 26th.; William R. Dunivin, 79, September 23rd.; William “Bill” Carr, September 14th.; Roland Hentzschel, September 5th.; Frank Cochran, August 30th.; Robert Hoge, August 25th.; John Casseday, August 19th.; Ronald Trapp, August 2nd.; Edward Aubry, July 31st.; George Grosso Jr., July 10th.; Robert Showalter, June 25th.; Roy Whitehead, June 5th.; Charles Davis, June 1st.; Eugene Pekarske, May 28th.; David Gossard, May 18th.; Leroy Greisch, May 7th.; George Shepard, April 10th.; Frank Ricker, April 8th.; Earl Wilson, ,January 29th.; William “Bill” Harris, Jr., January 21st.; Carl Nelsen, January 18th.


Rees “Bill” Mack, December 24th.; James Bright, December 19th.; James Totman, December 15th.; Theron Bursell, December 12th.; George Osborne, December 7th.; James Corselli, December 6th.; Leon Bowls, December 6th.; Gail Berge, November 7th.; George Bagley, October 19th.; Ernest Berchtold, September 17th.; Willard “Bill” Niedens, August 13th.; Dan Cauffiel, July 23rd.; Leo Rogers, July 19th.; Robert Walsh, May 19th.; Robert Perry, May 17th.; Kenneth Smith, May 8th.; Donald Hagen, May 5th.; John Woodhead, April 16th.; Cecil Martin, April 10th.; Clarence Voll, February 22nd.; Lucian Croteau, February 22nd.; John Lacey, February 18th.; Donald Wilson, February 2nd.; Daniel Benner, January 15th.


Bernard Stiengon, December 20th.; Joseph Cagliostro, December 12th.; Earl Gulbertson, November 16th.; Gene Knott, October 29th.; Elmo Schott, September 10th.; Donald Kischell, August 20th.; Edward Seifke, July 15th.; Richard Holzer, June 30th.; Bill Berndt, June 19th.; Calvin Sessions, May 15th.; Lawrence Pickett, May 6th.; Edmund Cluke, April 2nd.; Melvin Puxhorn, March 19th.; Ray Bishop, March 17th.; Sam DiGati, January 31st.; Jack H. Hammer, January 5th.


Joe Qualls, December 29th.; Edward McConnell, December 25th.; Melvin W. Flodine, December 18th.; Robert A. Steingone, December 1st.; Howard Connelly, November 15th.; George W. Jackman, October 9th.;  George J. Heffley, August 9th.; Carlos DeLlamas, July 31st.; Edward F. Gould, July 25th.; Raymond S. Lindefel, July 9th.; Roy P. Denney, July 11th.; Harold J. Rookey, March 1st.; Cecil C. Bird, February 28th.; John J. McQuire, January 16th.; John Ackles, January 15th.


Ernest Kelly; James Rush; Cataldo Bevacqa; Edward Cronan; John Schoppe; Harry Roquet; Richard Fritts; Robert Watson; Darrel Thomas; John Gulizia; Wendell Kyseth; Art Swarner, P.E.R.; Richard Shyer; Donald Bucher; Ward Engsley; Donovan Bacon; Robert Wright; Charles Robertson; Robert Phillips; Paul Glab; John H. Lehne; Robert Phillips; Robert James; Fred Hageman.


Edwin R. Wells;  Paul A. Litherland;  David E. Cornwell;  Louis E. Terflinger;  Charles F. Mullen;  Charles J. Powell;  Frank Sallaro;  Joseph A. Williams; James Richardson;  Robert J. Preciado;  R. J. Hawkins;  Charles Staup;  Norman E. Geib;  Albert Sheldon, Jr.;  Grover C. Cox;  Homer J. Stroud;  Tom Rutherford, P.E.R.; Ray Evans;  Frank Markley;  Paul Everhart;  William Griffith


Jack Packwood;  Bud Densmore;  Herman Witt;  George Hallaran; Clyde McElroy;  James Matthews, Jr.;  William Bailey;  Vince Rea;  Lawrence Hopcroft;  Duane Aamodt;  Richard Newton;  Robert Algren;  Fletcher Morris;  George Engelauf;  Norman F. Hoff;  Robert D. Lynch;  Marion Waldron;  Harold Larson;  Chuck Quinette;  John E. Cote


Robert Jarvis;  Edward Paul;  Stephen Sells;  Joseph Misfield;  David Wells;  Clifford Wilson;  Raymon Fowler;  Marvin Groffman;  Skip Fordyce, P.E.R.; Robert Ross;  Willis Spell;  Elmer Morey;  Houston Smith, P.E.R.;  Ronald Bisatt; Evart Jacobs;  Clarence Shaw;  Glen Kohrell;  Sherman Strife;  Michael Barrile


Glenn Webb;  John Collins;  Phil Wright;  Alpheus Jennings; Raymond Ghathom;  Keith Small;  George O’Rourke;  Sam Gaines;  Vincent Fallon;  Bruce Enyart;  George Hendricksen;  Hank Munksgaard;  William Meyers; Albert Brown;  George MacGillivray;  Robert Weeks;  Charles Haines


Duthrey Johnson;  Charles Bailey;  William R. Morrison, Sr.; Earle F. Klimback;  Lloyd V. Mattson;  Donald C. Coutts;  Emil R. Vecchio; R. Warner Vitelle, P.E.R.;  Orrin Rife;  Francis Beuche;  Charles Edward; John Sanders;  Melbourne Davis;  Edgar Gates;  George Riddle;  Bob Austin


Edward Campbell;  John Robb;  George “Eddie” Larue;  Roy J. Mitchell; Leo A. Deegan;  Gerhard W. Enge;  Hole L. Hundter;  Coleman J. French; Robert J. Carpenter;  Bill Ray Dockery;  Alfred H. Logan;  H. Lee Dunn, P.E.R.; Iver Berg;  John Hammer;  Edward O’Keefe;  Vernon L. Schwab;  Willis Horton; John V. Boud;  William C. Schultz;  Phillip Modica;  Michael G. Ervin; Johnny W. Miller;  Francis “Father”O’Donnell;  Walter H. Brittman;  Richard D. Cartier;  Newton Goedert;  Howard W. Jones;  Charles L. Traugott


Roy B. Jester;  Raymond L. Coate;  Garland D. Anderson;  Frank Szegedy;  Orville Salak;  Kenneth A. Hedrick;  Herschel Barnes;  Roy C. Adair;  Bert O. England;  John “Jack” Casey;  Richard V. Brockman;  Patrick McGill;  James Simpson; Bob Barnhart;  William G. Holly;  Fritz Fieber, P.E.R.;  Ralph L. Cimino; Brooks Dickey;  Wallace S. Muir;  Harry L. Kincade;  Stephen Nagy;  Bernard Savage;  Len Thompson;  Chester B. Filkin;  Russel C. Stevens;  Kyle Mullins; Lawrence B. Valen;  Anthony Verani;  Ted Heisig;  John Dahl;  Bobby Wallace; Gordon Wurst;  Leo Vargason


P. Collins;  Walter F. Sullivan;  Frank Mankin;  H.J. Green;  Kenneth O. Brown;  Robert L. O’Keefe;  Marvin B. Shapiro; Sel M. Chaffee;  James J. Farrell;  Jim E. Topham;  Dennis J. Toulouse; Russell S. Waite, P.E.R.;  Robert Parks;  Edward J. Boss;  Frank M. Conser; Gordon Johnson;  Dominic Tavaglione;  Richard W. Englehorn


Del D. Smith, P.E.R.;  James Pringle;  Robert B. Saucke, P.E.R.; Forrest S. Christensen;  Homer G. Wilson;  John P. Nelson;  Elmer J. Wood; Leonard D. Moore;  Charles Munson;  Charles S. Zuppardo;  Morris M. Robinson; Paul Bentley;  Ernest Drake;  Robert W. Weeks;  Jerome A. Benoit;  Harold Blackely;  Phillip J. Florio;  James W. McAnolly;  Joseph Sandertto, Jr.


Luther F. Holman;  Robert T. Grant;  Stanley B. Belton;  Lyle W. Lammon;  William J. Steffy;  James J. Gunn;  Robert D. Yunag;  William D. Nemer; Johnston R. Staples;  William C. Trombley;  Donald Hatch;  J. Lee Johnson; Myron L. Payne;  Howard C. Lechner;  Lowell O. Orr;  John F. Lamb;  A. A. Kilday;  Theodore Brainard;  Joseph F. Nagy;  Robert J. Radice;  William J. Mays; Marcus W. Meairs;  Dean Abbe;  Robert C. Barrett;  Robert F. Clark


Jack E. Barth;  Leonard K. Brown;  Stanley Czarnecki;  Elton Jack Neel;  Ralph F. Couste;  Roy W. Henry;  Seth M. Norman;  Stephen M. Singletary; James McFall;  James M. Hastead;  Leonard J. DiFani, P.E.R.;  Francis D. Peters;  Ronald D. Cook;  M. B. Walton;  Joe L. Robinson;  Jack E. Borth;  Jack B. Mansfield;  James A. McKeen


Richard Connolly;  Earl D. Reed, Sr.;  Gus Rinella;  George Kriss; Edward B. Costo;  Charles F. Pettit;  Harry H. Iverson;  Harry B. Wells; Ernest M. Adams;  Chester B. Anthony;  Donald Elston Smith;  George D. Mansion;  Archie Dashburn;  George Leroy Schniep;  J.B. “Bud” Stevens;  Robin J. Cheuer; Martin B. Peterson, Sr.;  Claude A. MuLanae;  Frank W. Fagerlund;  Fane H. Flickinger;  Harold H. Sheldon;  Thomas J. Keaney;  James F. Ireland;  Frank C. Mannino; Kenneth C. Benter;  Harry Quillman;  Joseph R. Fabion;  Richard Murray;  Dale Doty


Frank D. Bowers;  Erhard F. Muir;  T. Coleman Bangs;  Floyd E. Jorgerson;  Robert L. Bickford;  Edward Pernett;  Lewis Edward Phelps;  Arthur O. Thayer; Pete Richards;  John A. Rodgers;  Harold M. O’Brien;  Thomas S. Huddleston; Charles Walsh, Sr.;  Dr. L. R. Sattler;  Richard Stearns;  Robert M. Metzel; Robert T. Topham;  Bernie B. Cole;  Harold C. Banks;  Elroy M. Erickson; Fran Koluzak;  J. M. Floyd Dell;  Elmer J. Lawrence;  Bruce Arnold;  John F. Tuso;  Thomis J. Keedes.


Ramon A. Alcantoro;  James F. Freschauf;  William B. Cornell;  Edgar Koughtby;  Herbert M. Robertson;  Albert W. Harris, Jr.;  Fred H. Conard;  Edgar R. Kargo;  Frank Ciminski;  Ernest J. Oberschmidt;  John B. Moran;  Delmer Don Rinehart;  Gene Norrison;  Edwin J. McEntire;  John Slodky;  Thomas F. Spalding;  Jack Schnorr;  William J. Shawler;  Arthur B. Montmini;  Benny Diaz


S. L. Barr;  Chester B. Franklin;  Lester O. Hoffman;  Charles S. Barnes;  Harold J. Rookey, Sr.;  Howard H. Rahmlow;  Earl W. Porter;  Charles R. Derr;  Milton H. Rudolph;  Louis Getlin;  Dudley B. Wheelock;  Otto S. Metzker;  Herbert C. McCollum;  Edward J. Devlin;  J. Carl Stafford;  Kenneth P. Smith;  Rollo Larson;  Jack J. Kovely;  Charles Butz;  Harold R. File;  Carter H. Waugh;  Don H. Pell;  Henry Clark Smith;  Harlan E. Hardison;  B. Schweger;  Alfred Quereau


Thomas J. Bauch;  John B. Guilfoy;  Lee Davis;  Emmet C. Smith; Stephen H. Guttman;  Allan W. Johnson;  Fred P. Huber;  Christian N. Hager; Rex E. Martin;  Harry G. Eggert;  Donald L. Bergstedt;  Grover H. Traphagen; George W. Evans;  Lyle D. Shufflebanger;  Henry J. Jefferson;  Raymond Lee Neff;  Frank W. Banfield;  Edwin H. Prescott;  Maurice Johnson;  Ernest E. Evans; Marion E. Horton;  R. L. Christenson;  Emerson J. Pann, P.E.R.;  Norman M. Kischel;  Robert H. Anstett;  Joseph E. Kazmierski;  Anthony F. Kennedy, Sr.;  Byron C. Morton;  Harry D. Lamarr


William Preciado;  Darrell G. Hendricks;  Curtis D. Riley;  Howard C. Simons;  Thomas E. Kasterko;  George L. Bell;  Alvin E. Partlow;  Uli Jack Bauman;  James N. Sappington, Sr.;  Clarence E. Andrew;  Robert I. Tansey;  Roy I. Bussee;  C. Fred Pettit, P.E.R.;  Vince S. Del Rio;  Stephen Mowry;  B. A. Kristofferson;  Paul W. Holmes;  John A. Flannagan;  Fred A. Ross;  Albert A. Webb;  Walter D. Berlin;  John J. Mahoney


Olin H. Little;  Kermit H. Mitchell;  Lawrance W. Cross;  Edward A. Walker;  Roland Wilson;  W. J. Bradley;  C. T. Ferry;  Cabray Wortley;  Harold L. Giffin; Robert D. Strong;  Louis Engel;  Miguel J. Garat;  Romaine C. Christie;  Robert Schickel;  William O. Laanden;  Samuel Freedman;  W. G. Gunnison;  James R. Bell; Forest H. Banks;  Muriel C. Haines;  Millard H. Orcutt;  William D. Mackey, P.E.R.;  Robert J. Moorehead;  Daniel Klug;  Mark Paul;  Martin E. Guhin;  O. C. Harvey; Roy John Shettel;  Gaylord M. Wintringham;  Read Easton;  R. B. Edmonson, P.E.R.;  William V. Potter;  Earl Phaneuf


Clarence C. Lockwood;  F. E. Nadeau;  Joseph B. Dowp;  Richard F. Gough;  W. Phil Josephson;  Andrew J. Evensen;  Vincent W. Grubbs;  Hack A. Davis; Benjamin C. Done;  Howard I. Pike;  Robert Winfield;  Mark C. Thomas; Ralph L. Renolds;  J. C. Post;  David E. Copeland;  Lloyd E. Polen;  Ralph E. Hughes;  Albert F. Heyde;  Arthur Rendall;  William F. Holmes, P.E.R;  John C. Higgins; Harvey R. Specht;  Raleigh A. Raylor;  E. A. Topping;  Scott J. Cross;  Ernest L. Yeager;  Calvin F. Baker;  Edward DeGennaro;  William R. Hamilton;  James E. Hutchins;  Harvey A. Lynn;  Ivel R. Thompson;  Edward J. Herbert;  Clifton N. Bruderer; Jess H. Kuykendall


John Curry Norton;  Libro Leo A. Oliveri;  B. J. Starkweather; Collin W. Lovesee;  Harold McHendry;  William H. Douglas;  Brainard T. Campbell;  Harry Nelson;  Roy E. Evans;  Robert F. Lynn;  Harlan E. Jones;  John B. Logan;  Marion Abild;  Leonard L. Lesnikowski;  Maurice O. Nordstrom;  Brank Bresson;  Whitney C. Hodges;  Otto R. Graser;  Virgil Roy;  Langdon Maxwell;  George E. Camp;  Frank J. Kapple;  Arthur J. Schmidt;  Lewis F. Crosby;  Allen J. Oliver; Maxwell L. Conaway


William R. Kilgore;  George B. Littlefield;  Rich Prokop;  Victor H. Lussier;  Robert D. Hall;  Max Scheer;  Harry E. Snyder;  Elzie Davidson;  Edward J. Devener;  Joseph C. Nonemake;  Floyd I. Kimbell;  William Darryl Porter;  William McKee Henry;  Frank O. Witbeck;  Lester K. Solberg;  William G. McCoy;  Clarence H. Huffman;  A


Gus Chambon;  Fred C. Rohlfing;  C. L. Briggs;  Max Kilcher;  John J. Orlando, P.E.R.;  A. V. Jester;  Paul A. Loizeaux;  Douglas D. Paterson; Carl L. Elber; Meyer Shifress;  Frank M. Allen;  Chandler W. Rydin;  John Frech;  Howard G. Kraus;  Elvin E. Larson;  Harvey C. Cooke;  Raymond A. Drew;  Kenneth A. Johnson;  William B. Plockman;  F. O. Stoakes;  John I. Martin;  Donald G. Metcalf;  George Hickey;  Adam J. Beno;  Norris W. Houser


Martin J. Kaplan;  Jackson G. Hemstead;  Charles R. Flood;  John G. Greenan;  Cecil Watson;  Thomas G. Evans;  Stanley M. Briggs;  George J. Lohnes;  Thomas J. Maley;  A.B. Bonnett;  J. R. Walker, Jr.;  John C. McGrath;  Harmon C. Brown, P.E.R.;  Charles E. Stearns, Jr.;  John H. Lindt;  Clarence R. McKinlev;  Laurian Charlesworth;  Arthur M. Bunnell;  Earl M. Nordlund;  Leslie M. Jensen;  Harry E. Smith;  Herman Helbush, Jr.;  Edgar A. Turner


F. L. “Les” Magnuson;  Fred S. Miller;  Robert E. Dauber;  Paul C. Plue; Carl Charles Roman;  Anthony Elmo;  Paul R. Seematter;  Constatine L. Metz;  William F. Jenkins;  James A. Hamner;  Nevelle McFarlane;  James A. Ennis;  Leon R. Goodman, P.E.R.;  William Miller;  Carl Grein;  Eugene E. Brooks; L. Clay Freeman;  Thomas B. Vinson;  Roy Helgeson;  Van W. Kave.


James G. Lowey; Samuel Rushall; M. S. Slaughter; Kenneth C. Torkelson; Harry E. Burkey; Friel Frost; Merle J. Leach; Kenneth A. Farris; Kermit P. Jones; Arthur P. Courtney; James A. Taylor; Hugh Butler; Horace C. Warren; L. Donald St. Clair; Hal H. Ewalt; Francis S. Scudder; Don Gilkerson; Laurence Carty; Paul J. Anderson; Chester A. Vaught; J. A. Spavin; H. Clay Begloe; Edwin A. Mortenson; Richard J. Welch; William W. Shaw; George Atkins; Allan Fineman; Harry Haun, Sr.; Don D. Parkhill; Jim McDowell; Lloyd D. McKenzie


Lyman D. Hasen; Henry B. Rainwater; Robert J. Lennon; George S. Childs; George Reade, Sr.; John O. Harvey; Everett L. Bennett; George Lewis; Garnett B. MacDonald; Kenneth L. Reynolds; Stephen F. Lynch; Basil Creager; Edward C. Burrows; W. J. Mazzetti; Stanley V. Fisher; Harry Kauffman; Sherman L. Holmes; Robert Eagle; Ed Martin; John A. Barber; Palmer Robinson; Frank Baxter; W. E. Dickerson; John M. Devers; George B. Bartlett; William C. Coryell; Clarence G. Fox; Theodore Hartpence; Lester De Chene; Carl C. Cress, P.E.R.; Thomas E. Seddon


Kenneth J. Poth; Homer G. Best; Hennig Nasman; William W. Augustin; Jacob A. Richman; John H. Gray; John T. “Chief” Meyers; Glen E. Finney; Don Casaletti; Carl A. Peel; Irwin L. Welch; Waling De Kiewit; R. L. Hopkins; Clarence Maine; C. M. Folger; Maurice Kustner; Fred Smith; J. D. Montgomery; Richard L. Heinemann; Erasmus Burt; Ben F. Snider; Willard McBride; C. A. Miller-Jones


M. C. Bellah; Eric L. Waite; William E. Little; Le Roy Bucknell; William H. Bonnett; Edward Malana; Roy D. Lay; Sebastian Giuliano; Raymond K. Fairfield; Bill L. Reid; Alfred J. Pearse; Charles M. Cane; Edward A. Dvorak; D.S. Gilmore; Ed F. Lingo; Na Dell E. Jensen, P.E.R.; Ivan P. Chappell


Lew W. Evans;  Thomas Webster;  Clay C. Runyan;  George W. Phillips;  Armand Gross;  Harvey Anthony;  Alfred B. Parsons;  Gus Schmidt;  Clifford A. Brown;  Russell Guibault;  John H. Garven;  Randall H. Wightman;  John Dozier; ; Peter J. O’Malley;  Cecil H. Miller;  Gerald W. King;  B. E. Taber;  Morris Johnson; ; A. J. Vetro;  Richard Bartholomew;  Carl H. Thomas;  Donald L. Hammer; ; Joseph L. Golden;  Gordon A. Pequegnat;  George W. Scott;  Robert W. Bush; Karl H. Adams;  Tracy C. Prichard;  George C. Lawson


Joseph A. Beaven;  John D. McGrew;  Matt De Kiewit;  C. P. McCullough;  William L. McDonald;  Paul A. Marlar;  Paul L. Garzee;  George R. King; Arthur B. Shepard;  John A Cantarini;  Brad Dayton;  Charles G. Sease;  James W. Davis;  Benjamin Antoyan;  E. D. Dorris;  George C. Cowles;  Montgomery Ellott; Benjamin F. Doss;  George L. Paul;  Richmond L. Buck;  Carl C. Cress, Jr.; Harry Cherrington;  Rex Estudillo;  John W. Farrell;  George J. Sherman


John E. Andres;  Harold J. Hess;  Charles E. Frost, Sr.;  Caryl J. Post; Norman Dent;  Cecil H. Thomas;  Arthur W. Reynolds;  Robert E. Chauveau, Jr.; Lester J. Carnahan;  James A. Merrick;  Guv R. Graham;  Charles Fredenburgh; Charles B. McPhee;  Alvin W. Owen;  Jack Critchlow;  Merle W. Harris; Clarence L. Ritzau;  Robert E. Bouer;  Charles H. Dittman;  Hyman Bernstein; William T. Rafferty;  William K. Powell;  Harry A. Stevens


Harold F. Hoffer;  Frank J. Shea;  J. A. Bennett;  Frank J. Salfer; Leonard G. Littell;  Dr. S. H. Keller;  Gordon Berg;  Alfred B. Hill;  Carlton W. Hodges;  Coleman C. Collins;  L. H. Heineman;  Victor E. Harris;  Leon S. Heseman, P.E.R.;  Louis L. Shephard;  Jack K. Sherwood;  Dale Kilday, P.E.R.;  Guy E. Stephenson;  Theodore Bradford;  Ronald P. Shumway;  Phil M. Lutin;  C. A. Emond;  G. F. Cooper;  Vernon R. Dent;  Herschel Daniels


Maurice O. Graves;  Edward Johnston;  Edward L. Begun;  Samuel B. Resh;  James H. St. Clair, P.E.R.;  Wes W. Walrath;  Ernest J. Lowe;  William E. Towers; John P. Laivell;  Larry Papini;  Leon M. Mattson;  J. B. Stringfellow;  Will Cunnison; M. H. Simons;  Irving E. Howard;  Fred Tune;  Leo H. Wood;  Philip E. Huber; Roy O. Huffman;  Kenneth M. Buck;  John F. Kennedy;  Thomas McCrory; George W. Graham;  Roy Yoder;  E. H. Mathews;  James J. Murphy; Kenneth R. Dittman;  Charles Ferchaud


A. E. Peay;  A. R. Ables;  Hal B. Harlow;  John B. Rosenkranz; James A. Reid;  Albeno J. Fedri;  Burgess H. Henry;  Nicholas M. Heeres; Carl A. Strandberg;  Vincent Jester;  T. L. Wallace;  Paul Scharringhausen; L. M. Backstrand;  William Over;  Miles C. Sheehan;  J. J. Fleisch;  Jack Pearson;  Walter L. Schauer;  William G. Carter;  E. L. Singletary;  Gugo Guenthe; Percy Robinson;  Edward A. Olsson;  Jerald R. Lambert;  Elvin C. Cloninger; Oliver Patterson;  Doyle Pressnall


J. M. Johnson;  E. J. Waugh;  Murray Deverich;  Milton F. McGahee; Ivan E. McKinley;  Val Staley;  W. V. Pittman;  Clarence Burgess;  George L. Shields;  Ben Bitter;  C. Lee Dryden;  Joe Rice;  Cecil Snodgrass;  George S. Eisen; Roy E. Simser;  Claude L. Patterson;  John Zuppardo

*********** THE RECORDS BETWEEN 1945 AND 1962 WERE LOST ***********


Glenn W. Gurtner;  George A. Hackett;  Carl A. Wurth;  Archie L. Casteel;  William S. Purdy;  H. L. Thompson;  Orrie S. Norstad;  Ralph O. Butcher; F. F. Oosterbeek;  O. R. Vanderhoff, P.E.R.;  E. B. Criddle, P.E.R., P.D.D.


Frank B. Wolcott;  Frank A. Gardner, P.E.R.;  Myron P. Bland;  S. H. Goodin;  William Farr;  H. K. Stahl;  George Robertson


R. P. Schultz, P.E.R.;  R. D. Brough;  John A. Newcomer;  V. N. Dupuy; C. R. Stibbens;  James Lynwood Kellam


A. H. Schultz, P.E.R.;  F. L. Hamblin, P.E.R.;  C. N. Funk, P.E.R.; R. E. Bourell;  M. M. Millice, P.E.R.


B. F. Larabee;  W. F. Gouty;  Arthur L. Brown;  L. E. Bower;  Edward Hagen, P.E.R.;  Edward Bertino


S. R. McDougall;  R. F. Randell;  A. H. Isbell;  Harry Brainard;  Mart Mummy;  P. W. Greenleaf;  J. R. Bowden;  L. F. Reinke;  George E. Manzel


Fred W. Stalder;  Francis L. Bonner;  R. L. Loucks


C. L. Pequegnat;  Philip Lucius;  J. H. W. Warren;  J. E. McGregor; J. T. Garner;  M. J. Twogood


W. B. Wells;  Ray Jessup;  C. Van Zwalenburg


H. W. McDougall;  Joseph Schneider


George H. Morton, Sr.;  R. H. Rubidoux;  M. C. Dotten


Lyman Evans;  P. T. Evans;  G. C. Conklin;  C. S. Dickerson;  George F. Mott;  F. S. Trump


David McClure;  H. B. Slater;  C. P. Hancock;  C. C. Brinkman;  A. N. Sweet;  J. E. Shaw;  Harry Volk


S. F. Cain;  Charles Wimperis;  C. W. Curtis;  G. D. Parker;  J. W. Arnold;  E. B. Howe;  A. A. Gamble;  F. A. Noyes;  O. L. Hitchock


E. H. Jefferson;  R. B. Sheldon;  W. B. Clancy;  C. A. Newcomb;  M. E. Lee;  H. R. Martin


E. E. Guy;  James Borden;  C. O. Tribou;  George A. Herdeg; William H. Ellis;  Frank T. Morrison;  J. H. Holland;  Wirt P. Boggs;  Charles A. Ables


F. E. Middleton;  Frank P. Wilson;  Alfred C. Murray


A. L. Huddleston;  W. U. Sharp;  P. J. Murphy;  Albert Braunschweiger; 

R. T. Shea;  O. J. Palmer;  A. J. Stalder;  D. G. Mitchell;  F. K. Josly;  J. V. Bird


Fred D. Smith


G. C. Spencer;  W. J. Newman;  T. J. Leeds;  J. C. Deagan, Jr.;  Fred Peter


William Kitchen;  James McDougall;  J. S. Castleman;  Gaylor House; Fred H. Speich, P.E.R.;  Alvin C. Donovan;  John R. Westfall


John A. Stockman;  Hugh H. Craig, P.E.R.;  Hiram Butts;  J. E. Schweng; L. V. W. Brown, P.E.R.;  Louis J. Baty


Theodore Crossley;  Joseph F. Daniels;  John F. Megginson;  John B. Hannah;  Samuel A. Mosgrove;  Ira A. Woy;  Clarence B. Rome


Wesley W. Wilson;  Karl T. Amstutz;  George F. Ward


S. A. White;  C. W. Hickok;  Andrew S. Milice;  William B. Sawyer; Charles P. Hebert;  Hansen F. Gilliland;  Orange C. Darling;  J. Boyd McDougall


Henry B. Hamner;  Nathan O. Winship;  Frank H. Serry;  Allen C. Wilson;  John A. Woodman


Charles M. Craig;  Clarence J. Hicks;  James W. Carroll;  Ozro K. Dunham; J. Archibald Merrill


W. Guy Smith;  George H. Brown;  Frank E. Densmore;  George Boyle; Ernest S. Moulton


Charles E. Gyger


Edwin J. Stewart;  William W. Poole


August W. Boggs;  Fred M. Dunbar


Philip M. Colburn;  Corliss A. Stewart;  Howard P. Gray;  Frank W. Forsythe;  Sidney D. Pelton


Thomas W. Laidlaw;  George N. Reynolds;  Andrew W. Cochran; Alfred A. Woods, P.E.R.


Frank C. Butler;  William S. Gilmore


Charles E. Kennedy;  Charles N. Gardner


D. Albert Newcomb;  John R. Cuttle;  Isaac A. Witherspoon


Howard T. Hayes, P.E.R.


James A. Blandy


Emerson H. Gruwell


Elwood Lilly

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