Riverside, CA 643

District No. 1160

Lodge 643 History 1980 - 2000

1980-1981 - Brother Fritz Fieber was installed as Exalted Ruler. It is interesting to note that during World War II, Fritz served in the German Navy. He came to America, was naturalized and became a dedicated member of the Elks. James Duncan served as State Vice President. Riverside again came in first in the Ritual Contest. 1981-1982 - Brother Jeffrey Cimino became Exalted Ruler. Brother Jeff continued our many social functions such as the Crab Crack and the Easter Bunny program. Sam Digati became secretary, replacing Brother Paul Pilliter. Brother David Byer from Yucaipa was elected State Vice President and John Gordon from San Bernardino was appointed D.D.G.E.R. 1982-1983 - Brother Tom Leslie became Exalted Ruler; his wife had an active year in promoting many functions in our Lodge. He reported that on May 10th, the Desert Hot Springs Lodge was instituted. Ken Moore became State President and Marvin Lewis from Brawley was installed as G.E.R. Brother Gerald Leibert was chosen to serve as D.D.G.E.R. A police dog was purchased by the Lodge and is being trained by Officer John LaRosa. 1983-1984 - Brother Harry Danko was installed as Exalted Ruler. He was very active in promoting projects to better our Lodge. The Riverside Lodge came in first in the District Ritual Contest. Bud Ketsdever, formerly from Riverside, became the State Vice President. The Lodge presented $18,300 to the Major Project and Brother James Duncan was appointed D.D.G.E.R. 1984-1985 - Brother Warner Vitille was elected Exalted Ruler. This was the year the roof of our building had to be replaced. Again, Riverside Lodge won the Ritual Contest. David Byer was appointed D.D.G.E.R. Our membership stood at 1,116. E.L. Yeager Company was awarded the contract to repair our parking lot. 1985-1986 - Brother Tom Rutherford was ushered in as Exalted Ruler. Tom reported that $1,081,000 was presented to aid in the restoration of the Statue of Liberty by the Elks. Riverside Lodge again won the Ritual Contest. Brother Frank Keller from Corona was appointed D.D.G.E.R. This was the year the barbecue was added to the outside of the building. Brother Wally Shaddnagle announced the first wedding had been booked for our Lodge room. 1986-1987 - Brother Randy Akes became our Exalted Ruler. The 2nd Chili Cookoff was held June 1st, and the 3rd annual bazaar was held November 8th & 9th. George Murray became State Vice President with Tim Martin selected as D.D.G.E.R. The Southeast District contributed $175,000 to the Major Project (or about $18.64 per member). 1987-1988 - Brother Dean McAfee was installed as Exalted Ruler. The 1st annual Swap Meet was held August 8th. Brother John Haldenwang was appointed D.D.G.E.R. and Ernie Tudor was selected to serve as State Vice President. On November 19th, the Past Exalted Rulers of the Lodge performed the Initiation Ritual. 1988-1989 - Brother Fred Farrell was installed as Exalted Ruler. He introduced the first "Forget Me Not" Dinner for the wives of our departed brothers. He was also responsible, along with Brother David Platt, in upgrading our bookkeeping system. Approval of our remodeling our office space in order to rent to outside business was enacted. A Rehabilitation Fund was approved to accept funds for repair of our Lodge. 1989-1990 - Brother Rick Nichols became our Exalted Ruler. On April 29th, our Ritual Team won first place in the Southeast District. The 5th Annual Chili Cookoff was held June 4th. Jerry Rucker from San Bernardino was appointed State Vice President and Brother George Murray was appointed D.D.G.E.R. Brother Lou Roffman was awarded Elk of the Month for setting up a Drug Awareness program at Jefferson Elementary School. 1990-1991 - The Riverside Elks Lodge celebrated its 90th birthday under the supervision of Exalted Ruler Brother Robert Krowel, Jr. with many visiting dignitaries helping to make it a success. Brother Jerry Rucker was designated as D.D.G.E.R. and Brother William Brinker was selected as the State Vice President. Russell Waite, a Past Exalted Ruler was P.D.D.G.E.R., passed away August 10th. 1991-1992 - Brother Lee Lanham ruled as our Exalted Ruler. It was Lee's job to see that our heating and cooling system was modernized. 1992-1993 - Brother Jon Scharb was selected as Exalted Ruler and supervised the 8th annual Chili Cookoff. Jon reported from the Grand Lodge Convention that life membership can be awarded to an applicant who has been a member 40 years, not less that 20 years at this Lodge, and over 70 years in age. Brother Charles White from Moreno Valley was appointed State Vice President and William Brinker was chosen as D.D.G.E.R. 1993-1994 - Brother Philip Tobrock became Exalted Ruler. A large rummage sale was held to add to the general fund on July 10th & 11th. Billy Barty came to entertain at our Lodge. It was decided to change our meetings from Monday to Thursday night. 1994-1995 - Brother Jim Hoogerwerf was to wear the mantle of Exalted Ruler. Members took it upon themselves to refurbish the lounge with $578 collected in order to paint the room and rewire some of the lighting. On March 6th, the 5th annual "Forget Me Not" dinner was held and 40 widows were served, (the oldest being Myrtle Eagle at the age of 98). Our Lodge provided $10,500 for scholarships to deserving students in Riverside area schools. Brother Ken Moore from Corona was elected G.E.R. Brother Fred Farrell was installed as State Vice President and Brother Charles White became D.D.G.E.R. 1995-1996 - Brother C.R. "Jim" Beem was to fill the office of Exalted Ruler this year.  This was the year the Grand Lodge eliminated the word male and gender in our constitution.  A new entrance to our Lodge was installed.  On August 19th, 200 handicapped children were taken to a California Angel baseball game.  Brother David Williford was appointed D.D.G.E.R. and Brother Gene Baxter became State Vice President.

1996-1997 - Brother Ruppert Pittman became Exalted Ruler.  Brother Rupp reported the Riverside Lodge contributed $11,092 to the Major Project and that the Southeast District contributed $167,724.28.  He also reported California and Hawaii had contributed $624,552 to the Elks National Foundation.  Brother Tim Martin was elected State Vice President.  Brother Fred Farrell was appointed D.D.G.E.F.  The Lodge took 261 handicapped children to an Angels baseball game.

1997-1998 - Brother James Lennon was to become Exalted Ruler.  The Third Annual Crayfish Cookoff was held June 13th & 14th. The Kamper Club continued to hold their weekend trips.  The Southeast District donated the highest amount to our major Project in the state in the amount of $168,631.  Riverside's contribution was $8,538.  Temecula has received dispensation for a new lodge.  Riverside Lodge hosted over 350 handicapped children to a day at the Circus in Anaheim. Monte Carlo Night was held February 7th.  On January 29th, Northrop Grumman Aircraft Corporation presented their program on the Stealth Bomber.

1998-1999 - Brother David Brown was installed as Exalted Ruler.  The mid-term conference was held in Riverside for the first time.  The bylaws were changed to having the Board of Trustees the Governing body of the Lodge.  It was recommended that a non-Elk manager be hired and no Elk could be hired to perform work in the club or dining room.

1999-2000 - This is to be change of the Century and Brother Mike Boone is selected to be the Exalted Ruler.  On January 6th, Riverside Lodge received $75,000 from the sale of a $15,000,000 lottery ticket.  A program called Elks Care for Kids collected $3,500 to take terminally ill children to Disneyland.  Riverside Lodge made a $1,000 contribution to the World War II Memorial Wall. P.D.D.G.E.R. Arthur Swarner passed away.  Linda Madison became the first lady Elk to start through the chairs.  She placed 3rd in her station at the Ritual Contest.  On June 3rd, Vice President Dick Roberts was presented to the Lodge.  The dedication of the Smoking Room was held on July 18th.  On July 22nd, four new Trustees were installed. D.D.G.E.R. Dutch Brandau made his official visit to our Lodge on August 26th.

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